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Edit: Misaki and Johanna (Johan's proxy) added! Post #15

Edit: alternative Gunslinger finished! Post #11

Edit: Lady Hammerstrike finished! Post #8

Hi folks!

Here is the painting log of my Viktorias' Crew.

Some three months ago I started painting my 3 Ronin, and it was supposed to just be the starting of the whole crew, but other proyects drew my attention and nothing more was done.

Now I've retaken them and I'm focused. I hope I can finish the whole Crew by the end of January (or at least that's my intention!!).

Ok, enough chatting. Here I will update this same post with the finished models as I keep painting them.

These are my finished Ronin:


Hope you like them. Comments and critism always welcomed!!

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Here it's Taelor, a gorgeous model that I'm really enjoying painting. As with everything lately, I'm working with NMM (Non Metalic Metal) technics on her. The plan is to paint the Relic Hammer on bronze, although I don't know how will it end.

Still a WIP, but I'm liking what I'm seeing so far:





And here is my female version of the Convict Gunslinger. She doesn't really look too much Convict, but she's a Gunslinger for sure. I plan on painting her with a much more desertical scheme, with ochres and browns all around, but still ahve not decided it 100%.



That's it for now, waiting for your suggestions and critics

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Here's my finished version of Taelor:





Got to say I've loved painting this one. I've done the metallic areas on NMM, and I'm pretty satisfied with the results, even while I'm really not good on it.

I've just noticed a few details that need to be fixed, and got to varnish the model, but I call it done. Now for the next one, the Convict Gunslinger.

Hope you like her.

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It's Valeria Alvaro from Privateer Press' Iron Kingdoms.

Awesome model, I wanted it for my gunslinger aswell, as I'm not really that fond of the fatty skull-guy from Wyrd.

I used her as the gunslinger in my Viktoria crew, as well. It keeps the all-female theme going, and really fits in well with the rest of the Outcast ladies. I'm planning on using a PP "Black Widow" sniper as a Freikorp trapper and some Black Scorpion Pirate Girls as desperate Mercs. I'm looking forward to seeing what else you come up with. Great work so far!

FWIW, I also like the Wyrd Convict Gunslinger - I use the original model as a merc in my Res crews.

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Hi there again!!

These last days I've been working on my femenine version of the Convict Gunslinger. This is Valeria Alvaro from Privateer Press and I really like the model.

I had to remove all the paintjob I had been doing on her because I changed my mind and wanted to get a more indian feel on it. Overall I like how it finished, but I know the result is not as clean as I would have liked, as while "indianizing" her I commited many mistakes that I had troubles fixing. I could not get the right mix for her skin, so in the end I went back to a more standard look.

Anyway, I'm happy with it, and while thanks to the pictures I've seen some minor things to fix, this is how she will stay.





Hope you like her!

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Hello again folks!

It's been a while since I updated this, but I wanted to show you my two latest girls into the Crew: Misaki and Johanna.












Johanna is of course my female proxy for Johan. It's Dirty Meg from Warmachine.

Some parts of them look specially glossy cause the barnish had not still fully dried, I couldn't wait to take some pictures of them.

Hope you like them!!

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I like your very bright colours. Makes for really striking minis!

Hi there, i will add to the nice look of the cartoony colour. I particularly like the distressed denim look on Taelor.

Quick tip on your eyes, to stop them looking quite so bulgy, take the pupil to the top and bottom of the eye. A great guide is here


Aye, this works, but it takes quite a bit of practice (and Werner Klocke minis tend to have huge eyes, so the tutorial makes it look easier than it is). A simpler way to do it is to paint the whole eye black and then two white dots on both sides. It's faster and easier than painting the eye white and doing a black dot. Plus you get the darklining for the eye "for free".

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Hey, this is some good stuff here. I especially like the green coat on that Ronin, it really makes the mini pop.

Have to second on the eyes, though. Misaki looks like somebody just scared the crap out of her. That tutorial is pretty good, but, again, Werner Klocke minis have ginormous eyes compared to some of the Wyrd stuff.

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