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Gav's Girls (colette)


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so, having played against Newbie_from_hell after the UK GT he gave me a hammering with Colettes' crew.

having bought them when they were released i've been trying to decide if i wanted to paint 'em up or sell 'em on.

tat made me decide; i'd paint 'em up in a Sin City style to match My NPC City Guard :)

i made some exceptions; Colette would be painted properly, as benefits a Master and also to pay homage to Mad Moxxi from Borderlands (my fav character!) ... so i ended up with;


this was followed with reworking a Steamborg conversion i had planned for the Days Of Som'er contest ... inspired by "Showgirl" Mitchs' conversion, i've got a Bouncer for my girls :D


now, i've seen a few Showgirl crews and each has stuck the two Coryphee onto a single base (either glued or magnetised) for their Duet... i've taken a different path; i'm not including showgirls / Mannikin's in my crew and so with some arm swaps have a more close and sensual duet going on :)


this also means i can use the mannikin's for Coryphee :)

and finally, i also don't plan on including Cassandra, so she's being converted into a drinks waitress :angel:


so, i've got the two NPC Showgirls and Microarts' Granny Weatherwax (in the posh frock!) undercoating for a proper Sin City style paintjob :)

See you next time!

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