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Miss Pack?


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Hey everyone

I recently bought the Dreamer / LCBs box, and in it came an extra surprise. Its a model i have never seen and not in the book. She is a sexy nurse called Miss Pack (i think that name is amazing by the way and not lost on me). She has no type, but her card is Res green, and she has the exact same abilities of the Undead Nurses, just no undead only specifiers.

If anyone knows anything about this model please let me know. I am assuming she is legal to use, cause she has a full on stat card. I just wanna know whats up with it. Besides being amazing

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It's a play on words. Back when Malifaux was first launching I believe they got a lot of complaints about boxes with miss packs in them. Which means something was missing from the box, be it an arm, a weapon or even entire model in some cases. So as an apology of sorts they made this alternate Nurse model (she's just a normal Nurse in game) and named her Miss Pack and now they place her in random boxes. So now it's a good thing when people come on the forums and start hollering about how they got a Miss Pack! =P

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