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Bad Dreams Box Set - WIP

Shadeau Gorgon

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I am not a completionist. I never seem to really get around to finishing anything, unless... I start posting it.

So here are the first shots of my Bad Dreams box set.

I'm starting with the stitched togethers, and trying to make all the bases as dynamic as I can.

Here is a "fit" shot that I took so I can see where the model will sit on the emergency telephone box.


More to follow over the next few weeks...


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I want a "Gremlins" (a la the 80's movie not the bayou gobliny ones) feel for the army, so I have a few little surprises setup... one may or may not involve a mini pop corn machine I found... ;)

As far as the dangling arm: This was just a Fit shot to make sure he fits. I've already altered the leg and the hand to make it work a bit better.

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Here is stitched #2, what I plan on doing is have his lantern lighting him very eerily and the wall, which will have some propaganda like posters overlaid with some Neverborn graffiti.


I wanted him to have the impression that he was holding the lantern very still so that some unsuspecting passerby would be lured in... kind of like one of these...



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I'm liking it so far.. I so hope you are going to be going for a bluish scheme lit up by yellow flames as they will look so sweet with directional lighting.

There will be surprises on these. It's hard to explain but I am HUGE on actual lighting. I will get pics of a Warhammer Giant I'm working on tonight and set them up. He's kinda of been my experiment piece for all these, and I've finally figured out how to black light reactive paints in a way that they do not show unless they are in the light. Pics tonight on the Giant WIP.

Blue/Greens and Yellow/Oranges are the intention, but you know how it works... I won't know for sure until I pick up the brush on the first model... and before I do that I have to get creative with the 3 other models in the box...

Coppelius is stumping me... but I'm playing around with him today...

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Lord Chompy Bits... what good are ten inch claws if they aren't gonna tear something up.


This is just the test positioning, more a proof of concept than anything. I am going to have him leaping from something victorian behind him, I've cut away a good portion of the cloth that was the loincloth, and freed his legs, which I need to do a little green stuff work on tonight after I pin him to the base, or at least drill the holes...


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I've got the Dreamer all figured out. I am using the sculpt from the Nightmare Version and little floating technique that will hopefully make him look a little ethereal/otherworldly.

I'm still stumped on what to do with Coppelius. I know that he was a "sandman" type figure in Teutonic myth, but I'm not sure how I can really alter him to make him "different". The others are all about movement, stillness and poise. But I can't think of a way to magnify it on the sculpt even with modifications. I'm sure something will hit me tonight as I work through it. I really want to get these guys primed, but I'm not going to until all are set and ready...

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FINALLY! Coppelius is sorted out.



I ended up cutting off his legs, and arms and repositioning everything. I still have a smidge of greenstuff work to do on him, but by and large his pose came out very well.

I based him as if he were adding to, and protecting, his precious collection of eyes. They are in all different sizes, as I thought he would collect them from anything he could. So there are some killjoy sized ones, all the way down to some Dreamer sized ones...

C/C always welcome...



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