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My Viktoria crew - base models all done


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Hi all

I thought I would share some pictures of my Viktoria crew, it’s taken a while to get this far due to an injury in my right arm but so far so good

1) the crew arrive at their holiday villa


2) Vik 1 searches for the bar


3) Vik 2 heads for the night club


4) Taelor spots a shoe shop


5) Johan tries to attract the waiters attention


6) Bishop gets the waiters attention and calls him over


7) Gunslinger wants to know why he is left with all the luggage, but at least he's made a new freind


Currently I’m working on the Hans figure which should be finished by tomorrow, then I’m going to start on a Witch Hunters crew.

Although I’ll probably add a few more figures to this crew to bulk it out a bit

Hope you like them sorry for the awful pictures, comments (both good and bad) always welcome



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Rock-solid painting and excellent terrain (and an amusing narrative for them, too!). Looking forward to seeing your Hans and your Witch Hunters.

Are those shacks from Antenociti? (Whoops, Pardulon - Just looked at your other Mining Town thread...:embarasse)

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It's official - you can't show anymore pictures unless they come with a caption or narrative.


oh god what have I started now :o:

anyway, all thank you for all the comments, I'm glad you like the mins, they are going to be used in a game for the first time on Thursday so wish me luck.


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