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New in Chicago Area


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Hello there,

I'm Chris, and I'm addicted to miniature games."pauses for the Hi Chris"

I've been gaming since 1986 and have quite a collection of miniatures. I just recently picked up some of the Malifaux stuff and am impressed with the sculpts. So far I've played 2 games and am impressed with the system and how smooth it plays.

I'm looking forward to seeing the full extent of the game and to chatting with you all about painting and modeling. I'm a decent painter and as soon as I get my first Malifaux model painted I'll be sure to share with you all.


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Hey Chris!

Where in the Chicago area do you shop for your games?

If you go to Games Plus in Mt. Prospect, you can contact Nilus here on the forums. He's the local Henchman.

There is play that goes on there on Mondays after 5PM. There is also open play that goes on Saturdays.

If Black Sun is closer for your shopping needs, there will be a demo day there on Saturday, June 19th.

Welcome to Wyrd!


We also have a Chicago area Malifaux Google Group.

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Howdy chris. I'm at Black Sun Games on tuesdays after 6 usually. If you're on the forums there, I'm Shadowopal there as well. I'm just starting as well and would love to get a bunch of games in so I can apply to be a henchman for the store. I think the game has awesome potential and I'm started on collecting the set.

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Thanks for the welcome. I live southwest of Chicago, so play with a group in my home. I have several tables that we can set up on the weekend. One is 4x8 the other 2 are 4x4. I dont have the terrain but have the tables. Another of my friends brings the terrain.

As for gaming during the week. I work till midnight so I only get the weekends to screw around.


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Eric, I think they are pretending. I lived in Glenview and do not recall any Chicagoian saying "Howdy" :)

Some of us also have family from the south and it rubs off ;)

Anyway, hiya Chris, sounds like you're out by my neck of the woods with the SW of Chicago. Leisure Hours Hobbies is my home store, I know they've been selling a lot of Malifaux, but I haven't seen any being played yet (I've just started painting mine - I had a unit of saurus that had dibs on the painting table).

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