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  1. I got mine yesterday and it was short the Deep Sleep box. I guess that’s two of the items that were short in stock.
  2. So, when should folks that ordered models that were “unexpectedly “out of stock, look forward to seeing them shipped out? I’m talking models and not books. For example; the Deep Sleep box.
  3. I guess the update we in pre-shipment limbo need is whether USPS picked up their packages last week or not. ❤️
  4. I saw that the alts are up now, but I also noticed that some other regular cards have shown up. i know the High River Monks were errata’d, but I’m curious about the Tengu, Ten Thunder Brothers, Sorrow C, Marlena Webster, etc. Were those cards changed? Thanks!
  5. GTS, CMoN, Alliance and Golden (US distributors) never got theirs. E-Figures (AKA Warstore) did.
  6. CMoN doesn't seem to have them either.
  7. GTS and Golden don't have them in stock yet (as we have them on pre-order/open order still at the store). E-Figures has some and I can't tell if Southern Hobby has it, as their website is weird. Alliance is listing it as not yet available either.
  8. Never gone for good. Cookies were always for me!
  9. Morning all. I'm greatly amused that this thread is still going!
  10. It was a typaux and has been fixed.
  11. It ignores cover. Thus it's treated like it's not there.
  12. That's incorrect. The Winner of the Duel performs the Damage Flip and any cheating.
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