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Bayou Bandit's gremlins

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You did an absolutely wonderful job on the sculpt, its the gremlins that got me wanting to try this game out :)

Yeah he has got darker toned snout. I tried to make him look unkept, didn't think hygiene or cleanliness would be a priority

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What does the sign say? I must say what I admire even more than the paintjob on this model is the nice basing. That's a fantastic base on that figure, I love the texture of the ground, the personality and setting it adds to the sculpt and the way it doesn't distract from the figure, it adds to it.

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Hey guys,

been slowly chipping away at another one



I'm still contemplating on his base. I was thinking something along the lines of a tree with one of the jugs hanging from a branch just out of his reach. Though I'm a little concerned about transport. If anyone has some other thoughts on a basing idea which plays of his pose that'd be awesome. Thanks guys

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