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  1. Yes! I'm intrigued by the concept, and I'm intrigued by the idea that this is going to lead to a new TTB book being released sometime soon?
  2. What size card protectors fit Malifaux cards? I bought a pack, but they are just barely too small, and the cards bend.
  3. Yeah, I don't even play Arcanists, and I'm buying a box of these. They will pop up in my TTB game. "Who's a cute little icon of science gone amok? You are! Yes you are! No, no there's nothing wrong with my voice, that was just an affectation. You can un-clamp my throat! Guuhhh! "
  4. Some say she was horribly scarred in a fight with Resurectionisits, others that she used to be an Archanist who hides her same behind a mask until all of her ex-compatriots are destroyed. A very cautious few whisper that she wears the mask in homage to her unrequited crush, Lucius Mattherson. whatever the reason, the porcelain baby doll mask just adds to the intimidation one feels when face to face with Sgt. Snow. Also, she nets me 6 points for May.
  5. O.K, so I think I found a way around my feeling that some the face detail was gone...baby doll mask! Now that I have the color scheme down I have to do some clean up and some shade/highlighting...
  6. We're all pulling for you. I know what it's like to have a hectic schedule.
  7. This month, I'm offering up a Guild Sargent. I ran out of my usual primer, and I think the new stuff I tried ate up some of the detail on her face. Or is she naturally baby faced? Either way, as soon as May is over, the school year will be over for me, and I hope to offer up more models per month!
  8. It looks like April is my Mulligan Month. I knew this was going to be a tough month for me, but i thought I could maybe squeak something out in the end, bu no dice. I haven't even had time to check the thread! Well at least now that may is here and my school schedule has some openings in it, not only will I be able to paint, but it looks like I will have a lot of awesome inspiration from this month's thread. I want to go back at look at stuff more closely, but there is some really nice work went down this month!
  9. Gah! Sorry about that. i was so excite about getting them in on time. Those 3 are worth 12 SS.
  10. Getting in under the line. March turned out to be a busier month than I thought it would be. sorry about the poor photography. Here are my Guild Autopsies.
  11. I'm gonna start off with these Guild Autopsies. they should put me at 12 SS, just a scoonch over my Enforcer level
  12. I guess I better jump on the merry-go-round this time 'round. Put me down for Enforcer, please.
  13. Thanks for the advice guys! I got my Belles painted last night, just have to get some finish coats on them today, so they'll be ready to go tomorrow. I also go a hold of a scanned copy of the Belle's card, so I can use that. ( My Belles are 1st ed, and I never got the cards because at the time I wasn't playing) I'm very excited because my FLGS that runs Malifaux on a regular basis is actually about an hour and a half drive for me, so between that and a demanding work schedule, I don't get there very often (which is why I don't play) This has been a big help to me. As I said earlier, I don't expect to win. but if I can have fun, and be challenging enough to be fun to play against, it will be worth it. thanks again guys.
  14. Thanks, Jolly Green! The idea of dropping my autopsies and working on the belles is just the kind of advice I am looking for. The crew list is helpful too, since i don't have the kind of optimal set-up that the guides assume. I have been buying models based on what i think looks cool or might be flavorful to my Through the Breach games, not necessarily for Malifaux play, so my collection is wonky.
  15. Hey all! I've been painting and collecting Malifaux on and off for awhile, but I've only played the game once or twice (with the starter set, and I entered a tourney with Sonia and gang) This weekend, I'm going to a 50ss tourney at my FLGs, and I'd like to play a resser crew (the obvious best faction in the game.) I'm looking for advice on crew build and play tactics for a newbie. I've thumbed through the guides, but I don't have the table experience to picture it all in my head, and apply it to my situation. I figure I will lose a few games, and I'm fine with that, but I want to be able to put up a fight. These are the models I have at my disposal: Nicodem set Transmortis set Grave Spirit Crooked Men Mindless Zombies Guild Autopsies Bette Noir I also have a set of three Rotten Belles and three extra Punk Zombies, but I don't know if I'll have them painted in time. (I'm currently working on the Guild Autopsies)
  16. I was planning on splurging a bit this spring and picking up some stuff in the big Easter sale. Looks like if I pick up a gift card now, I can spend it then.
  17. My order came today. Everything was in great shape. Thanks for the packaging Shelley!
  18. Now that everyone's had their chance to use Into the Bayou, I 'm wondering how Fatemasters are handling player who want to play gremlins mixing in with normal society. In August, I ran In Defense of Innocence with a gremlin PC, and played up the town's origins. Being founded by ex-convicts. The town's official slogan was "Innocence: Your New Life Starts Here." Every citizen's point of pride was that once you added your name to the town's charter and agreed to live there, whatever you used to do outside the town boundaries was forgiven. This meant that while people were still a little leery of his presence, no one was trying to hunt the little green fella.
  19. If it helps, I'm 6'8". most people are small to me. Also, my order shipped today! (13616, for those keeping track) it is supposed to arrive Monday. Now the question is, will I be strong enough to keep myself from working on my new minis until after school lets out for winter break (Thursday)?
  20. Yeah, Wyrd is HUGE in our hearts, but small in personnel, so I expect to wait a bit. As long as the order status thing on the web store is accurate, so I know when to start getting excited....
  21. There are some general description in the Fated Almanac on page 179. My group's feelings are that a took kit is kind of a metaphorical "magic bag" that contains whatever might be needed for the skill it was designed for at any given moment. Playing an Academic should never have to get bogged down because you have to stop and make sure you've bought enough slips of paper, or you have a slide rule marked down on your sheet. When you have the Academic Kit, it means you have all of the basic portable tools of you trade at hand.
  22. I have a player in my current game who is playing a Bokor out of the Into the Bayou book. He's a little stymied because he feels that the class is set up to force him spread himself too thin. I told him I would look over the pursuit and see if I could come up with a way to ret-con his character to help streamline things. He wants to focus on craftables, like the hex bag and the voo-doo dolls. I was hoping someone out there would have some tips.
  23. Thanks Nathan, I wanted to see if anyone else had the problem, So I knew if it was a software issue or a file issue before I stater bother your people while they were busy with the GenCon rush. I guess it's time to take the next step though.
  24. Plus, the guild is not just an iron fist, they have other tools. How many agents did they manage to plant in El Cero's organization? You can't be a criminal insurrectionist who get's the governor's travel plans without attracting a little attention.
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