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Mattimao's Terrain


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Hey everyone!

Well, my first western town is done! Well done enough for now. I can always modify or add more detail later.

I made 6 buildings.





x2 Generic buildings

When it came to painting them, I really wanted to capture the eerie feel of Malifaux. I settled on a dark paint palate.

The buildings were primed black and them brushed a "darker" black.

The buildings were then dry brushed in a very particular matter to give them an aged feel. I used a light blue followed by a carmel color.

The signs were made by running a cut of grocery bag through a color printer and then affixing the paper to cardboard and framing with balsa. I then painted the wood and applied several washes.


What is an easy way to post my pics?

I do have GIMP 2, but I am still not really familiar with how to use it.

Any suggestions would be great!

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Thanks for the kind words!

A hint to anyone looking to build a western town-

I used a lot of bamboo. If you check wal-mart they should have a section of outside picnic themed place settings. Among all the bright colors you can find bamboo place mats. The ones I bought were $1 each and were a orange and yellow pattern. The "sticks" the mats are made of are about the same width as popsicle sticks. Buy the mat, cut the strings holding it together and you have a lot of wood! It cuts very easy with an old pair of scissors.

I also used popsicle sticks,balsa,and white board. The pillars came from Hobby Lobby.

If you want to know how I did any particular thing, just ask!:itsme:

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Very nice. I really like the paint job and the signs. I've made some western style buildings and those were the two areas of concern for me.

What area did the columns come from in Hobby Lobby or what is the product called? I think I'm going to steal that idea. Great job!

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Thanks again for all the nice comments.

There are a few things I will try to get pics of.

The interior of the Sheriff building has a cell.

The Bank has a hinged counter top and a safe. ( to steal loot )

The saloon also has a bar and a stage.

If you want a great how-to for this type of city,go to the blog "The Lower Crypt". This blog is run by Maniple, one of the members here. He did a very good write up with pictures and all.

I changed a few things as compared to what he did.

My Hotel took the most work. I made the top level removable for game play reasons and put two rooms upstairs. I added a balcony and hallway upstairs so we could have some good old fashioned shootouts!

All of my doors measure at 2" and my windows varied based on the building.

I purposely set some of the window frames where they were not at right angles so that the buildings would look older.

Yes, the stairs as I made them took a lot of work. BUT, it is will worth it! I spaced the stairs so that a mini could get the edge of their base under each step and stay in place. Once again , I am going for the shoot-outs!

My Saloon and Hotel do not have roofs. This was done for ease of game play with them being more likely to have several minis in them at once.

The other buildings all have removable roofs. I will put up pics of how I did this later. In a nutshell... I cut strips of oatmeal boxes that were a few inches longer than my peaked roofs. I then cut a notch at semi regular intervals along each strip. It took 17 of these strips per side! Starting at the bottom of the roof and using white glue ( spread it with your finger )

attach the strips. Make sure the bottom strip overhangs the white board a little bit. Using the notches as a guide, place strip after strip always placing your notches were ever you want. You should have extra overhanging the edges of the roof.

Make sure to spread glue over the previous strip as well as the white board for each new strip.

IMPORTANT! Only do one side at a time. This is so you can place the freshly glued side face down on a hard surface and put weight on the roof.You may want to use wax paper. This must be done so it drys properly. DO NOT cut the excess off until the roof is totally dry!

Oh yeah, I used oatmeal boxes because they were thinner cardboard than cereal boxes.

For painting get ahold of some "sponge" brushes. They make it very easy to get thinned black paint into all the cracks between the boards!

My order of painting.

1.Black spray "primer". 2 cans at .96 cents each

2.Thinned black paint. .69 cents - Sponge brush then use a regular brush to get any spots the other missed.

3.A "dark" light blue color. Drybrush with a 2" painters brush. These are under a dollar but you will find it a great brush!

4.Carmel color was drybrushed on using the 2" brush.

A note on the drybrushing. I went for spooky. However you want your town to look, keep it in mind as you paint.

Now go to "The Lower Crypt" , read up and get cracking!

Remember that it is your town. Make it how you see fit!

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An additional note:

Any time you use whiteboard or foam of any type- Prime it before you spraypaint. I did not have very much showing by the time I had all the wood on the buildings. Watch for the edges of your roofs,overhangs,walls etc.

Get a variety of sizes of rubber bands. You will find them very useful to secure individual boards while the glue dries. They are also great for holding the signs on the buildings while they dry.

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Hello again everyone!

Well, here are some more detailed pics of my town.

Some interior shots as well as a shot of the way I made my roofs.

First the roof shot.


If you look at the very top roof strip you will get a good idea of how they were all cut.

Next my jail cell. I decided to go for ease of game play so it does not open. You fit the mini in from the top.



Now the bank. I went with a corner safe and a flip up counter.




The Saloon!

Lots of area to fight. A long wide bar and a stage.




I hope these pics well inspire or help you all as you build your own towns!

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