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Here's my attempt to paint the new Peacekeeper model. Took me ages to assemble as I had to pin every joint, but after spraying it black it was painted very quickly.

Basically drybrushing various metallic colours, plus some 'normal' colours for the head and 'eye'. Still needs a little more work, such as the 2 pistons I forgot to paint!

The strange thing is that I've been taking so much longer to paint the smaller models!


More pics by link



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I like the metallic finish you got on that. Did you make the base yourself?

The tip of the harpoon is bent. You should be able to bend it back straight again.

It's a terrific model, although for some reason it now reminds of a GW genestealer ;)

My own peacekeeper is on the way from Maelstrom - can't wait to get to work on it.


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Base is a resin one - actually a free 'miscast' sample I got with some others! Painted separately from the model which was then pinned on. Model was origianlly going to face the other way, but it looked better with a claw up on the kerb.

@Pankake - assembly isn't too bad, as there's plenty of metal to enable pinning with 1mm pins, though I had to replace the piston rod on the harpoon arm to get enough metal to drill into. So, overall just patience - which is why it took 2 weeks to build at 1 joint per night!

@blakeh1 - main body is Citadel Tin Bitz drybrushed on - other metallics were Brass (pistons), Boltgun (piston rods, etc.) and P3 Runic Gold for the claws.

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