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At What Point Does a Game Become a Dangerous Obsession?


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Very Nice! I currently have only 1 crew (painted) but I'm about to get another three. I don't think I'll ever get the point of having the entire range, but it's likely that I'll end up with a good chunk of it. :D

By the way - you seem to be missing Zoraida. Was that intentional, or an oversight?

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So I often find myself taking a Pokemon approach to games (Gotta catch 'em all...). However, I notice that I end up never really getting around to giving each their fair share. To stick with the Pokemon reference, there's always a Pikachu out.

Do you actually play them all fairly evenly? It's awesome to have the option -- I'm 100% with you on that, but my final decisions on what to play so rarely includes each option.

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Ugh! That makes me want to take a picture of my crews and terrain. I have 4 full crews (can field 35-40 points at least per crews), all fully painted by me plus a bunch of terrain. I fully understand the whole obsession thing. About the time I'm finishing up my last model, and I'm saying "Ok, I'm all done now. Not going to buy any more", then I decide that I need something else.

Just trying to finish up some of my neverborn (Lilith focused although I have some Pandora as well) and I have the enslaved Nephilim and Doppleganger on the way. God help me when book 2 comes out.

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i can see myself collecting something of similar size if i really get into this game. i like to go overboard with games i like. i own over 20,000 points of 40k orks, and a huge warmachine khador force.

Awesome! I have around 20,000 points in 40K Chaos, but it took me over a decade to get there.

I plan on something similar, but Lack of money stops me :(

Just have a little bit of patience and you will get there. I bought a lot of it in one order, but I had to wait for annual bonus to come in so i could hide it from my fiance. :peep:

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