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Greetings from Down Under

Dr D

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Hello everyone, I'm a bit of a nut when it comes to collecting sweet looking minis, e.g. I have a wardrobe full of Rackham pewter crack.

It seemed predestined that I fall across these fantastic miniatures you are producing, and not be able to play with them as Australia has such a small gamer base.

I'm waiting for my first box set to arrive from the US and can't wait to get painting.

I will look forward to the release of more once GenCon has been.


Dr D.

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hi and welcome to Wyrd! Glad the minis have caught your eye, and hopefully we'll find a way to get enough of them down there to help you find some people to game with. The fact you only need to spend a little to get a playable crew also means you'll have an easier time talking others into it as well :D

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There seems like a real Aussie invasion here on Wyrd, if you ask me. There seems like a batch of you guys. Maybe you're all just hiding in the basement, or something.

Maybe if you all decided to get out to a store on one day you'd all be like, "Holy tamale! There's a million Aussie gamers" and you can go around saying things like, "G'day" and "Put another shrimp on the barby" and "Watch out for the dingos and the joeys if yer going in the bush" and "That's not a knife...that's a knife" and stuff like that.

Oh, and welcome to Wyrd!

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