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Come on in, we have pork products and hootch!


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So you've checked out what the other factions have to offer, and found them...well...lacking. Too rigid, too native, too zombie... ;)

Whether you're a backwoods pig farmer, merc-for-hire twins, or a City dwelling necro-steam-o-mancing-whatsit, the best category for you is 'none of the above'. Isn't there something cool about being an Outcast? About being the square peg in the round hole? About being so reviled or annoying no faction would want you full-time.

But, when the chips are down and they need a specialist or extra firepower, who do they go to? The mercenaries. Yup, not every Outcast is one, but the ones who bring their talents to the table for a bit of scrip and Soulstone are sure to keep the bogeyman away...well, unless the one you hire is the bogeyman. ;)

So set a spell and kick up your boots, there's a jar of hootch on the bar for you and some pork cracklin's on their way out, always happy to have another misfit come in for a visit.

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There's no choice when it comes to working for Zoraida, if She wants you, you are hers!

I agree Kel, the Hog whispere is a fantastic skulpt! I'm doing a minor converwsion on mine that I think will make an A+ skulpt just that much better. Wish I could paint A+ but thats a whole nother story...

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Keltheos paints them as The Breakfast Club, but some Outcasts cannot be categorized with the other factions because they are much more pragmatic. Almost everyone in Malifaux knows Levi's a man you want to keep on your side and Viktoria's reputation as a woman who can be in two places at once is quickly building steam.

And then, you know, Gremlins. Spin them around till they're dizzy and then kick them in the ass. They'll kill whatever they run into or kill themselves. Either way, nobody's going to miss a gremlin.

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Well, you've caught me. I'm really an Outcast. I fell in love with Wyrd when I bought Taelor and Seamus back in '06, and Taelor was my only painted Wyrd model for a long time.

Watch out, boys. I've got a femme fatale list just waiting to start racking up the victories. That's right, Johan's not a model I like, so I've got Johanna.

And what's not to love about the Gremlins? Oh yeah, they're sexist bastards. At least for now. ;)

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Box sets are getting printed right now for Viktoria and Gremlins. Unfortunately Leveticus doesn't have his minis ready and will be the only master without a box

Viktoriasx2, Bishop, Taelor, Johann

Som'er Teeth, Bayou Gremlin x4, Warpig

two Viktorias? I hope that's a typo.

Very neat that Leveticus is a master.

Woot for gremlin master's name.

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yep yep, 2 Viktorias, in fact I think you'd be very disappointed if the box only came with one or the other once you saw the rules for them...they like playing together :)



Lets see, what is their list of tricks? Share spells, share wounds, switch places...and so on :)

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Unfortunately Leveticus doesn't have his minis ready and will be the only master without a box

And this makes me really really sad.

I have Leveticus and Rusty Alyce already. Just waiting on the "toys"

I do have my Brawl list all figured out though. Ramos and Leveticus are such a NASTY pair!

And about as steampunk as a steampunkophyle could dream about.

(See there folks? I'm influenced by looks over tournament potential... Something is wrong here)

I just can't wait to see the little abominations that Leveticus brings to the table.

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