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Kirai1 opinions and thoughts


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Hello everyone,  I have had a metal Kirai crew for like 10 years now and have played her maybe twice.  I am a big fan of the aesthetics of the crew, which is why I bought them but for whatever reason I never really ended up putting her on the table.  Over the last couple of weeks or so I have been trying to get the miniatures painted as perhaps that has been part of my reluctance to play her.  I am guessing within the next week I should have it all painted up and then be truly left with no excuses to not give the crew a spin in M3.  I have been reading over the rules for the crew and have felt that Urami are in a good spot and have some solid individual models.  I am by no means a hyper competitive player but do enjoy playing crews well and using synergy with mostly in keyword options.  So fellow forum users- 1) What aspects of Kirai/Urami have you enjoyed? 2) What experiences have you had that showed some fun interactions in keyword? 3) What deficiencies have you seen?  4)  What made you play Kirai to begin with? and 5) What Urami model do you think gets the least love but has over preformed for you?  Thanks for the replies, also trying to help get some discussions here on the Ressers side of the forum

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I've just started using Kirai after being a long time McMourning player. My initial thoughts are really positive. I'm liking being able to summon much easier without corpse markers.


I've only played 1 games against a nasty von shill list. i managed a close win but i struggled to cause damage. Goryo's were excellent as was Datsu Ba. Jaakuna didn't do a great do nor did lost love.


To answers your questions


1) I like the easier summoning. I'm used to having to work with McMourining to summon 1 flesh construct every few turns. I felt like i had more options with Kirai. Also I like the look and feel of the crew, the whole J-horror creepiness'.

2) Key word wise I've struggled to properly pull of any of the adversary tricks yet. Datsu Ba's movement action was really good though. I'm finding the whole crew very mobile which is unlike ressers.

3) Kirai is the soft core to the whole party. Def 4 is weak, her ability to gain 1 health from enemies activating is a bit of a trap. I think you want her out the way. summoning.

4) I've played McMourning alot and wanted a new master. I play ressers and didn't want an entirely separate faction Von schtook seemed like too much of a crazy professor to be too different to Mc. I didn't like the look of the other so wen Kirai. Also as above i like the who J-Horror aspect 

5) everyone rightly raves about Drowned. They're absolute units and can happily sit and soak up damage for a low cost. Gwisin get my vote for best urami. Cheap and all there abilities are great. Massively under costed and i wouldn't be surprised if they get toned down in the errata.




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Also worth noting that summoning drowned has two major upsides:

  • They start in a good position, overcoming their weakness of low movement.
  • They get a built in crow for their melee from the summon upgrade. For them, that means a built in daze trigger, which is a super strong trigger.

So drowned just really lock down the game long enough to get your overwhelming numbers advantage going as you summon more and more :D

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I'll say that lost love is very suit specific in what he wants to see. If you have the crow for the burn out trigger that's great, if not then you can just attempt to top deck it. He's also a fantastic scheme runner combined with Ikiryo and Datsu ba. He can by your side near them to end up dropping a scheme marker or being and extra body near something. Nihilism doesn't come up often but it's nice when it matters. 

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On 3/20/2023 at 3:15 PM, MarshallT said:

3) Kirai is the soft core to the whole party. Def 4 is weak, her ability to gain 1 health from enemies activating is a bit of a trap. I think you want her out the way. summoning.

Her defense is indeed garbage.  If you find yourself in a match where you suspect she's going to get assaulted, consider bringing a few Seishin along.  They do pretty good support work in the early turns, then can be used for protected fodder when the time comes.  Since they have "Expendable" the interaction is almost entirely up side for you, ignoring the hit and cycling a card in return for a 2ss model.

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I've played only with kirai 1 so far, so I'm basing my comment on that:

1) regardless of the game a couple of seishin are fundamental. 

2) connected to the first point: since kirai can do only 1 summon a turn (with the exception of the totem) don't waste time summoning small. Summon goryo, drowned. shikome and gwisin.

3) datsue ba and jaakuma are quite situational, so hire them based on the game or the enemy crew if you happen to know it. (for example datsue ba works well against ulix thanks to lantern of souls, while jakuma is good against mobile crews.)

4) is a summoner, so you'll need at least 4/5 ss in reserve to get the crows you need.

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Way Way later than expected, I will finally have that game with Kirai next week. I'll have to refresh myself on the rules of the crew it's been so long.  So the deployment will be standard and the Strategy will be Guard the Stash.  Scheme pool is: Assassinate, Spread them out, Set the trap, Breakthrough, and Vendetta.  My opponent will probably play outcasts, I'm guessing Parker or Viks.  So with that in mind what are some thoughts on this game.  I'm looking to probably choose:

Kirai ss 9


Datsu Ba



Onryo ( or x2 if against Parker in place of drowned)


Dead Rider


So thinking will probably summon Shikome as early as possible and go after their Master (Assassinate) and send Ikiryo in to finish the job.  Second scheme choice not sure on.  I think Dead Rider will probably be targeted for Vendetta but if I can bait it out and then swing him around to either go for breakthrough or he can pile on attacks on their master. Any ideas or thoughts are appreciated.  


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