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Get ready... For Malifaux World Series 2022!!!!!


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Hope everyone is having a nice break, for soon... We return to the Malifaux World Series for the 2022 games!!!!

The Malifaux World Series is not affiliated with Wyrd, but is run by volunteers to deliver the BIGGEST malifaux event in the world. It is played on vassal, so you get to play with people from all over the world. It lasts most of the year, and culminates in a championship. Will you be the one to be crowned world champion of Malifaux for 2022?


  • Big event 1: 17th Jan -> 27th Feb
  • 11 weeks
  • Big event 2: 16th May -> 26th June
  • 11 weeks
  • Big event 3: 12th Sep -> 23th Oct

Details: still to come.

This year, the committee is only organising three events, which will be six weeks. Throughout the year, there will be a process for community run events that can also count towards the final results (as long as they meet the guidelines).

The committee is working hard to get together the full information, updated FAQ, etc. But for now we wanted to give everyone the dates so people can start planning - especially for that first one, coming up in mid January!

Will be touching base to give more updates, but keep in mind it is the holiday season so the committee may be a bit slow. After all, they've all worked hard this year and deserve a bit of a break!

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So the first big event (New year retribution) is in the book. Congratulations to Radek for his well deserved win.

If you played in the event, I would like to know your personal perception on your game.

Please answer this quick survey (less than 5 minutes) https://forms.gle/QHoSWJkGWpLNCAmi7


if you didn't play in the event but still want to answer, it's possible (just skip the few questions that are specific to NYR2).


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