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What the flock?


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So I've been painting my collection and really need to start to finish the bases. I picked up some grit and fine flock (though I could grind it down more if needed). 

What is the best way to get it to stick and stay stuck? 

I also, stupidly, glued a fair number of models on to their bases before I thought about it. Any tips to work around this? 

Thanks in advance 

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For what it's worth, I always glue my figures down first. and only then add grit and paint it. Helps sink the model into the base just a little bit. Looks better than if they're levitating on rocks I'd say. Granted I prime and paint my base & figure at the same time and usually do base early in the paintjob. So you need to be extra neat or risk having to do some touch ups.

You can do it afterwards just fine. Just be careful working around the feet and such. I did this to my Marcus crew at some point. Painting black ground while my Rattler had a bright yellow underbelly... ugh. It can be done.

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If you are happy with the colour of your grit, you can place it on the base dry, then use an eye dropper or pipette to add a mixture of PVA glue and water with a dash of washing up liquid. It is best to practice first.

I too tend to stick the figures to the base before painting (sometimes I undercoat overhanging cloaks etc before attaching the figure).

For most non Malifaux figures, I glue the figure to the base and use Milliput to blend the join (especially if they have integral bases). I then put a coat of PVA glue down (trying, but not always succeeding) to not get any on the figure itself. I then use Woodland Scenics Fine Cinder Ballast as the base surface (adding larger bits as required). This is then primed with the rest of the figure. Once the figure has been primed (generally Great Womble spray), the base is painted with Vallejo Burnt Umber (watered down to begin with, then slightly thicker). This fixes the ballast (the PVA is water soluble) and then I can clean up the primer colour as required.

I glue (more PVA) a mixture of static grass and ground foam with the occasional ready made Tufts.

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For flocking/gritting I'd recommend using putting PVA down with a fine nozzle into the large areas, then pushing it into smaller areas with a damp, cheap brush.

If you get any PVA onto the figs feet or whatever use a clean, wet brush to take it off before flocking. You might still get a bit of stuff sticking to the residual PVA, but it's usually easy to pick off then.

Alternatively you can use watered down PVA and brush it on from the start. I find you often need two applications to get the right thickness that way, but it tends to give you more control.

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