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  1. I'm having troubles figuring out how to base 2 particular minis from the Witches and Woes set. Both are Sorrows, one is the scarecrow with the scythe, kind of floating off to a side; their little tendrils simply aren't enough to support them. The other is the hooded scarecrow with it's arms spread wide, sickles in each hand; their base is HUGE and has roots flowing over it's seemingly meager 30mm base, and the roots themselves don't seem to touch anywhere but the raised edge of the bases provided. Help please!
  2. So I've been painting my collection and really need to start to finish the bases. I picked up some grit and fine flock (though I could grind it down more if needed). What is the best way to get it to stick and stay stuck? I also, stupidly, glued a fair number of models on to their bases before I thought about it. Any tips to work around this? Thanks in advance
  3. I've been trying to think of a good way to do the bases for Titania's box set, I keep coming up with A Midsummer Night's Dream and/or Alice Descent into Madness with the large mushrooms and aethereal mix of autumn colors with colors that I think are very 'Malifaux' the purples and reds, etc. I'm just not really sure how to go about creating mushroom type effects/forest bases. The models all very much have a fairy tale feel to them, and being that Titania is Queen of the Fae/Queen of the Neverborn, I really want to convey that into the bases.
  4. Ground Zero Comics and Games. 15139 Pearl Road, Strongsville, Ohio. 440-572-9599 I'll be doing a terrain and basing workshop on March 18th from 12-2 with demos and open gaming from 3-5. Materials will be provided and everyone attending can walk away with a terrain piece ready for painting. I have a large quantity of water effect material which can be used on any painted terrain or bases you bring.
  5. Hi all! My wife and I are just getting back into Malifaux after a long hiatus. After diving through our collection we discovered quite a few of the new plastic kits we never really got around to doing anything with. In particular, one set had a certain brilliance that called to me from it's foam tray... Dark Debts! After a glut of terrain bashing, it's time to finally get Mr Lynch ready to rock! I've always been a bit nutty about painting for skirmish games- especially Malifaux! In particular, I feel like it's so important to really make the rich background of the characters shine through! Dark Debts is a fantastic opportunity to get back into the swing of storytelling with models. Mr Lynch and crew have a dark (heh) background that really gets told through each piece. I started with basing the models, and after a *lot* of reading felt pretty comfortable with the story of Lynch and the Hungering Darkness. Below you'll find pics of the crew standing proud on their new bases. I'm hoping to have everything painted up over the next couple weeks, and I'll drop in new photos as we go along. *****As a note, the ideas aren't entirely original! Google Image Search was incredibly helpful in providing inspiration. Something I've always loved about the miniatures community over "fine art" is everyone's willingness to share and teach!
  6. I am wondering if there is a gameplay reason that we could not cut the models off the plug bases and model them on 80mm or 120mm dioramas (as a fire team). We could use wound trackers to mark remaining wounds, couldn't we?
  7. I've just built my first three Malifaux sets (Vengeful Spirits, Claw and Fang, and The Plague Commeth) and I've hit a dilemma. I'm not partial to the "DS" or "chamfer" style bases and prefer less height and more top surface area so I'm going with Proxie Models bases. I anticipate playing with my models inside buildings and other interior spaces and with a game style leaning more toward roleplaying, and from my experience with Dwarven Forge and similar terrain I know figures on large bases can be hard to maneuver in the environment, and all bases no matter what the size take up an unnaturally large footprint. For example a dozen or more people could comfortably stand in an empty 10 x 10' room in real life but you couldn't fit more than 4 30mm bases in a scale model room. In addition to the 30, 40 and 50mm bases sizes common to Malifaux, Proxie Models offer 20 and 25mm sizes among others, and the dliemma is nearly all the figures aside from the large monsters in these sets could do fine, and arguably look better, on smaller bases. Most humans on 25mm figures, small creatures like the jackalope and rats on 20mm bases, Nix the dog on a 30mm base, etc. I tend to play with a group of old friends and have a pretty relaxed style where we like to incorporate narrative elements, make house rules and generally do things our way, but at conventions and at local game shops I've encountered a more rigid style and takes its queues from the tournament style of gaming. I'm going to be moving to a new town and making new gaming friends. So what do you folks think? My main question is, how important to the game is base size in your opinion? What is your sense of people using smaller bases? What would you do if we were playing a game? Any others here disregard the designated base sizes? Should I just go with the flow and use the designated base sizes, and just deal with any tight fit situations in interior terrain as they come? If the other player thought base size was important I'd have a couple options. One, we could just eyeball the space the figure "should" take up. Two, I would have blank bases of the "right" size handy to put under the figures before the game if someone insisted or I played in a tournament. This would negate the advantage of the visual appeal (for me) of the slimmer bases but allow me to fully "play by the rules."
  8. I have some bases that I really like and can't wait to paint and use: three boxes of MicroArts Studios bases (which are really great), and a half dozen green stuff bases made by pressing into Basius tiles (which are really great). I came up with this way to store them all in a small space, but keep them visible at the same time. I bought a $4.99 frame from a hardware store, cut a piece of galvanized sheet metal to match the frame backing, and put this between the glass and backing. The bases have magnets in them, so just hold to the frame on the wall, and they sit there waiting for use. BTW: the MicroArts studios basing system allows you to put thin magnets inside the bases, so they won't pull off the base. Hope this is useful to someone else.
  9. From the album: prof_bycid's materials randomizer experiment, entry #42

    A cheap and easy way to store your selection of bases so that you can see them at a glance. The grey bases are MicroArts Studios (love these). The green ones are green stuff pressed onto a Basius tile (love these too).
  10. Hey everyone, I'm working on my wife's Neverborn crew and I had the idea of an autumn/stone scape basing. I remember on these forums years ago there was a guy selling tiny little leaves, looked like maple leaves, in all shades of autumn colors for scattering on bases. They looked great. If I remember right he was dying seeds from some other plant that were just about the right size/shape. So I spent a couple hours looking for the post I originally saw, but that thread seems to have been archived and I cannot find it. I did try making my own by cutting up paper and that did not work out very well. they were too flat and didn't look quite right to me. I have seen them pop up (or something similar at least) in various places on the interwebs, but I have never been able to find where people are getting them now. Do any of you have something along the lines of scatter leaves for bases or any idea where I can get them? Any help would be appreciated!!! An example of what I'm talking about is on the old metal sculpt of the black blood shaman. EDIT: Okay, I found a DIY article that says Birch seeds are what I was thinking of. They look amazing... still not sure how to go about getting them though. lol.
  11. Has anyone found a good way of making your own miniature leaves for use on bases? Preferably a technique that doesn't use those scrapbook punches because 1. The scale is usually too large and 2. They are hard to get where I live. I am looking for realistic DIY approaches.
  12. I've had a few people ask me how I did the wood flooring on my Iron Painter entry, so I figured I would share a cool method for getting some wood floor basing without having to find woodgrained plasticard (which always seems to be sold out). I hope you all like it! Hobby Tutorial: Wood Floor Basing
  13. I have been trying to find a method to base some of my miniatures with long grass for a while, but anything I could find either looked too artificial or wasn't long enough. I finally stumbled up this method that turned out great that ends up being not only great looking, but ridiculously cheap to do. Check out the Tutorial! I hope this tutorial helps you all out!
  14. Malifaux hobby afternoon at The Sage's Shoppe, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA Sunday, Aug. 10, noon -- 3 PM Painting, basing, assembling, terrain Will have some materials to use, just bring some minis or terrain starts Send questions, or just show up and join in
  15. So I'm making some badlands themed bases for my first ever crew and think that some sagebrush or tumbleweed would make a great accent. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make these items or even recommend some ready made scenics that would match up?
  16. Hello, I am using Alice Madness Returns as a theme for my Leveticus crew and I am looking for some basing help. I have decided on a 'Vale of Tears' look for the bases and have in mind little mushrooms and autumn leaves but overall I need suggestions on how to make each mini appear as if they are standing on a little curved hill. Any help would be great. P.S. If you don't know the Vale of Tears, here are some links http://farm5.staticflickr.com/4141/4815331277_a68966b85c_z.jpg http://www.electricblueskies.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/American-McGees-Alice-Madness-Returns-1080p-Wallpaper-47-Vale_of_Tears-Royal_Suit-Dress.png http://farm5.staticflickr.com/4142/4815355091_f4d7855b1a_z.jpg
  17. I'm sure this has been asked a million times but here goes... I really like the "wooden boards" for basing. Do you buy the basing inserts or do them yourself If you do them yourself what materials are you using? I know this is probably a newbie question. Any help would be appreciated Trent
  18. Hi all. I was cleaning the hobby area yeasterday and rolled all the rogue bits of Sculpey and Fimo clays I found into one bit ball, flattened, and made some swirly bases. The pic below is in its full-sized glory at goawayskips.tumblr.com. Best side is showing, and some have neat patterns on both faces. The problem is that I have literally no one I can think of to use them for. So the first people/persons who want these unique bases (13x 30 mm, 11x 40mm) get them. Willing to drop a quick pass of glossy finish or dullcote on them if need be. They're light and as long as it's not going crazy far internationally, it's on me for shipping. Comment or PM what you'd like/how many. PS: the wee little one off to the far right was just some leftover. Also, I realized later that I had the ability to do some minor (MINOR) stamping into new, unbaked bases: 0-9, A-Z, some smaller gears, Chinese characters, etc. A $2 block of clay will get quite a few nice bases out of it, so always willing to attempt some commission work. I'll put some pics up when I do a batch.
  19. I wouldn't normally plug a kickstarter, but, well, this one has already reached its funding goal, and I figure the folks around here would appreciate the product being offered. It's a stamp for molding your own basing terrain. They are a bit on the pricy side to back (particularly since this is based in the UK) but a very cool concept! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2023606288/bake-your-own-basius-base-pads-for-wargames-and-mi?ref=live
  20. A few quick tricks to make things better! I will add more over time. 1. Tired of slotted bases? Super glue some electrical tape over the slot them spread a layer of glue over it. Fills the gap and makes basing cleaner! 2. Use small rocks from a driveway or something to give your rocky land bases better texture. Also mix a thicker grit sand with a thinner grit sand to get a better texture as well. 3. Scuff up the top of the base before you glue with some low grit sandpaper. Makes your bases hold up better over time when using white glue. Doesn't really matter if you base with superglue though. 4. Prime a model black, then either do another coat of primer in white from a 45 degree angle down or airbrush white down to make natural highlighting easier. Like pictured below. 5. Use elmers glue and super glue to create stringy gross looking nonsense for monsters and other similar models like pictured below.
  21. So I'm eagerly awaiting the release of the Rail Crew box set, and I absolutely love Mei Feng's sculpt. I know I want to include the splintered wood bits, but I have no idea what to do about basing... Just what is she bursting out of? I plan on doing the rest of the bases with fine grey gravel and the occasional bit of train track, to give the impression that they're still at they're work site, I guess. I have it all worked out: I'm just caught up on how to base Mei Feng. Anyone else have any cool ideas that I can draw on/flat-out steal?
  22. Hey there, I am about to start painting on my resurrectionst crew (Nicodemus) but I am no idea what kind of basing I would like to have. Perhaps you guys (and girls) can help me out? I am thinking about something victorian urban with cobblestones but only cobblestones are so boring. I would like to add some detail but I have no idea how to make it myself or where to get the details from. Do you have some links to tutorials or inspirational bases? Thanks in advance.
  23. Hey guys, new to these forums, thought I might pick your brains for something not involving the walking dead (well in a way I guess.) So I decided I wanted to shift to using the base inserts for my crews to give a nice uniform theme to them. So since my main focus has been Ramos and his friends I decided I might kit them out with the Victorian bases. They fit so nicely with all the gleaming metal. I'm planning to get some of the graveyard bases for Nicrodem and friends, as well as Orphanage for the Dreamer and his pals. This leads me to an issue. While I want to keep the Arcanists looking like they fit together, I was gifted Marcus and friends for my birthday this month. He just doesn't seem to work with the Victorian style. While I could go Bayou that also doesn't seem right. Should I work on custom forest style? Are there any companies that provide a forest style base insert? Suggestions? ideas?
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