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Broken Promises - Cyborg Upgrade


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We made a mistake with the Broken Promises Upgrade deck. Only 1 copy of the Cyborg Upgrade (attachable by Hoffman) was included in the deck. We apologize for this oversight, and to remedy things we are offering the card as a free download to anyone. You are welcome to print it out and use it in any game where you need more than one copy of the Upgrade.

You can find a copy below. We sincerely apologize to anyone affected by this!



Or as a pdf: Cyborg.pdf

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7 minutes ago, Stonewall78 said:

Would it be possible to get the back of the card too so I can print it on card stock and just fold it to make it thicker. By the time you sleeve it. it wouldn't even be noticeable.

Eh, just double-sleeve it with one of those wastes of ink Wave 1 Guild general upgrades (whichever you feel qualifies--I'm chucking Expert Sleuth in there but some people in my meta would break out in hives at the prospect).

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