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Hello everyone, it's a pleasure to meet everyone. 

I am completely new to the game(only have the mini rule book), and decide to start with Resurectionist faction. I have read this guide(godswearhats' Beginner's Guide to Ressers), but still need advice.  I have not choose a crew yet because The answer is not simple.  I am tore between 4 master I have fallen for.  I will get all the models eventually, but need a place to start.  They are the following:

Kirai: The master that drew me into malifaux in the first place.  She has a great lore and model are simply amazing.  She is also very powerful from what i read. The issue I have with her is that she is rough for new players, and you need to buy a lot of models because she summons a lot.  Not a bad thing, i love playing hordes. 

Tara:  I am just saying this now, I love the void wretch and nothing beast models.  The crew seems fun, and the lore is interesting.  The issue is from my reading is she better in outcast(not a bad thing but you probably will try to keep me into ressie faction).  Thoughts, how does she play? 

Mcmourning: Dr. Frankenstein made manifest.  Lore great, easy to play, but models wise I prefer the others(just barely).  Possibly the best way to start. 

Reva:  Wow, just wow.  The crew looks amazing, lore is ok, and she is the range ressie needs.  One of the issue, She is release in july.  That is a long time to wait(probably pick her up as a second master). 


The rest:  Yan lo and Nicodem I will get one day, but the four above I really like.  Molly and seamus, i just have no interest in those two.  


Thanks for reading, please help a new necromancer out?   

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5 hours ago, Fetid Strumpet said:

Welcome! I'd love to be able to assist but I'm not exactly clear on what you are asking.

Basically, I m complete new, and can not decide who with be my first crew.  I need help deciding between Kirai, Tara, Mcmourning, and Reva. 

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Well, kirai will require a big pool of models to play properly. In my opinion begin with mcmourning and get an extra or two extra flesh construct, some canine remains and rafkin. With this you should be ready to go and play any scheme. Tara could also work buying a couple more of models like scion of the void and rogue necromancy but its more difficult to play so Mcmourning would be better to beggin with. 

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At first glance McMourning and Kirai are polar opposites in terms of aesthetic and playstyle, but I think there is some overlap between them in hiring pool. If these are two that appeal to you, go for it. 

Kirai-wise, Sebastian (and his upgrade) is integral to some of her builds, while the humble Flesh Construct is a cheap platform for her to summon off of. Nurses are always helpful in your pool, and there will be scenarios where even Kirai (notorious for have extremely tight lists as she wants to hire lots of expensive models), you might want to hire one. Even the Canine Remains is good in that specific Kirai build where she hires Sebastian, as he essentially recycles it endlessly to give you an activation, a new card and a soulstone.

For McMourning's part, there will be some games where he may like to hire in some Shikome (a close fit with Kirai) as they naturally adore the poison that he and his crew administers. This type of crew would be very strong against Armour reliant crews - not only does poison ignore armour, but both McMourning and Shikome have ways of ignoring Armour on their attacks. If you were playing against an opponent that you know favours Armour, this is a good way to nullify their greatest defensive asset. The Onryo from Kirai's set could also be used as a means to give out poison at range, and also happens to have options to ignore Armour.

I can't comment on Tara except to say that she's very... unique... She has very efficient ways of maximising AP. She's the only master in Ressers that can actually use the contents of her box set though, so from a new player perspective, that's really not a good place to start the faction.

Reva is Reva. She's likely to be a feature in every Ressers' collection when she's released. If you like the look of her stuff, just go for it.

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Hello everyone.  I was lucky enough to buy the following lot for $200.  What should I add(thinking a box of canine remains)?  I am so happy I got Reva and Kirai in the lot.

  • Molly

Necrotic Machine

Phillip and the nanny

3 crooligans

  • Seamus

Copycat Killer

3 Rotten Belles

Madame Sybelle

  • McMourning


Zombie Chihuahua

3 nurses

Flesh construct

2 guild guard

Canine remains

  • Yan Lo

Soul Porter


3 Punk Zombies

3 Ashigaru

1 onyro (Metal)

  • Kirai

Lost love


5 seshin

Detsue Ba

2 onryo

  • Reva

2 soul candles

2 Shield Bearers

Vincent st. Clair

  • Rest/non crew

Rogue Necromancy

Bete Noire

Forgotten Marshal



The valedictorian

Student of Sinew

Student of Steel

Student of Viscera

3 Gaki

3 Drowned




2 Komainu metal proxy)

2 Shikome

2 avatars(use as emissary as I heard)

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So can someone help me with a 25 to 30 ss list to start with?  I will be facing Zoraida a lot.  Thinking of going with Reva or Kirai first.  I am still new, but i have read the rulebook, started listening to podcast as well.  Finally where do I buy a fate date?  Buy list: necropunks, Tara box, Nicodem box, Carrion effincy/emissary, box of zombies and canine remains(Am i forgetting anything?) 

@mojopinThank you for your advice.  I think I need to get some zombies as well. 

@Lord Malkom  Read it multiple time, but thank you

@hydranixxThank you for the advice. 


I am just trying to rap my head around this game, but I know i need to try it/play it.  Try to go contact my local henchmen.  Finally, I do not want to think how much this will cost to get the whole faction professional painted.   Probably $5000 :/  and need to get the display board for each crew(I love terrain building). 

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On 3/22/2017 at 10:07 PM, Freman said:

Don't get your models professionally painted. Paint them yourself.

No doubt the professional will do them better, but the other way they're yours.

I disagree. Time equals money. If you don't have time to paint your miniatures, then paying someone to do so is better than spending weeks or months playing with unpainted plastic as well as blaming yourself for "not painting like I should." It's doubly intimidating when staring a whole bunch of models in the mouth, too.

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Hello everyone

About the professional painter topic, its up to the owner.  I personally paint about 2 hrs a night on my sigmar and 40k armies.  I do love to paint, but terrain building is what I love to do. For malifaux, I want to go into tournaments, and love to have amazing crews painted.  My painter is amazing(regular adepticon and other shows winner), but expansive(their a reason why I don't get 20 more models painted).  I am content to get then done professional.  Also my hobby time wrap up in working on other projects at the moment(atm 200 savage orcs need painting for a GT in 4 months).  Malifaux for me will be about the gaming aspect not hobby(a first for me). 

Secondly, been reading and listening to more podcast lately.  Think I will give Reva a shot as my first master.  Anyone has a decent 35ss list for starters? Thank you all for reading. 

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Pick up her box when you can find it, all of the models are great and useful everywhere.

My base 50SS list is (right now anyway)
-Blood Mark, Guise of Death
Vincent St Clair
-Deal with Death
Carrion Emissary
- Carrion Conflux
2x Shieldbearer
Dead Doxy (prefer over Rotten belles, but thats my preference)

I mix it up depending on the schemes and strategy but thats the overall list and it hits pretty hard. Keep the Nurse and Doxy/Rotten within 4inches of the Emissary so you can double flip for your Take the Lead or Drug them (choose which of the two options you want).  Then the Emissary can fly over to the shield bearers to provide + attack flips if needed and he gives you an extra forward zombie to use for Reva/St Clair.

Necropunk is required in pretty much all lists to scheme run. Can solo claim jump each turn by himself if left alone. If not, he can do any of the other scheme running pretty easily.

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