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  1. I've been playing him pretty consistently in GG2 and have been doing pretty good with him. He definitely has been brought into line with everyone else and is no longer the best master in faction for all scenarios. I've been playing him exclusively this month for the VWS and i'm 3-1 with him. I lost to Asami, I tried a bad audible into Vincent to try out the counter summoning and it blew up in my face. Didn't help that it was into a pretty good opponent ontop of that :). The fast vale is practically dead which I'm perfectly fine with, it forces you to play a more tactical match up rather than throwing mini nekima into your opponents face T1 and hoping for a summon. Sure, you can bring sloth for fast if you want to keep doing it but the investment bothers me. If you really need to use a quick fast model, you can still give fast to the visceras but that isn't a scenario you do all the time, rather more situational which feels good. Schook has changed from full blown support to somewhat support and blaster. The goal is to either shoot stuff to weaken it for your upgraded models to kill OR give himself the upgrade, shoot something weak, summon a model and then remove the slow and give the summon fast. It requires a bit more setup and forethought but its good for the game as a whole. The card draw is still really good and this is the key to schtook. You have to learn how to cycle your cards out properly to take full advantage of this ability because schtook with no cards is a dead engine. In that referenced Asami game, I drew a total of 3 cards that game and I was rocked. My theory is, if you can't draw cards... your crew is going to be dead in the water. Losing surge on Schtook and forcing the Masks on the necropunks means cards are in higher demand. Overall, my opponents are MUCH less salty than they were pre nerf when they lose and that makes me feel better about brining him to the table. I think other masters may have better options in certain match ups/pools now and he isn't an all comers master which is always good for the game as a whole.
  2. I'm onboard the train of liking Philip and the Nanny, it's a solid support piece to your games. Boring conversation can provide some rough situations to your opponent, chatty can be harsh and handing out slow is great. P&N does die fairly quickly but they typically aren't a high value target right out the gate unlock the other henchmen. To help with mobility, they do have deadly pursuit which can help get the the positions needed. In my last WS game, I was able to run P&N into my opponents deployment zone to try to deny Bait and Switch, unfortunately, their target was P&N so he was able to walk/charge Mah just oustide of 1 but close enough to drop the scheme marker under P&N so deadly pursuit couldn't move far enough.
  3. Also I'll likely not be doing double masters :D. No issues with anyone else running them but I don't find it to be effective enough for me. I'm curious how you felt with only having 4 stones and 2 masters. That just doesn't sound safe enough for me! @Maniacal_cackle
  4. 7-3 into Tara Schtook feels much more different because it requires alot more of a cagey and tactical playstyle. Before I could throw the vale across the table and confidently assume to get a big summon on t2. That's not a thing now so it requires more careful planning which suits me fine.
  5. X, Y and Z are gonna be happy, so I'm going to go with option A I'm into Guild but I don't know what is happening yet on my side but its between three options. Probably going to wait until Thursday to decided incase errata drops finally.
  6. Easy fix for that. Threaten Claim Jump with Anna, they have to respond! I do understand your pain though. In my Rd2 game, I brought an undergrad and used lead the way to get extra movement on her and schtook. Along with the research assistant to +1 move, they were flying up the board and in position T2
  7. Armor and stones makes the viks sad with their 3/5/6. Just need to make sure they are on neg flips. I like aggressive vale if I can get 3+ attacks not counting shove aside. If it's only 2? Eh, you can do better
  8. I haven't played into the Viks as a keyword in a long time so I'm not sure what you can do into them that is specific to them. The last time I saw viks they were brought as a 2nd masters and I had no real issue with them. I would definitely not remove Anna from your list though. She prevents the vik's place shenanigans and keeps their sister from being able to heal them in her aura. Bring additional stones for forcing neg flips and stoning off damage. Their crew is squishy as a whole and should be able to be brought down. Choose your Vale target carefully and do whatever you can to prevent the viks from double teaming her. If they do get in close, Stunning them is going to be extremely helpful. Tips for this round: In corner deploy - DO NOT DIVE T1, I do not care how tempting it is, don't do it. You'll get wrecked by any melee focused crew especially as you'll likely only have 2 swings (3rd AP and flurry) which won't kill a model. Instead, activate Vale before schtook, move her up a little bit and focus. Then give her the upgrade, fast and a second focus for T2. This will set her up for a big T2 swing and should allow you to kill a model and convert it for the stone swing you're going to need. Then give Anna the upgrade and fast on T2 or do what you can to injure as many models as you can (except Taelor). Do not Stun Taelor, its a waste of an action since she can shrug off stunned and not count it as an action. Save your diving for later in the turn, you want them to try to waste AP with Viks or Taelor to move into you rather than the other way around. If both Viks and Taelor get full swings on a model you're going to be stone dead and the model is going to be dead anyway (again, bring at least 7 stones here and use them as needed - if your hand is extremely bad (IE more than 2 weaks or no severes). It is very common for me to burn through all my stones by T2 even when bringing 6-9). Make sure you have a plan for all your models along with how to accomplish your goals. Vendetta will be difficult as your beaters are cost 10 (he will likely have vendetta on vale), Let them bleed will be possible but difficult, Claim jump is doable but you're going to have to win the middle fight against all his beaters, take prisoner is doable if you know what model is going to be his leyline model, Spread them out is also doable with how many scheme markers you drop (not sure if viks have a way to remove). -------------------- Good luck and have fun
  9. Also, I'm a little annoyed that plaag and his buddy knocked me down to third...
  10. I'm doing it for you guys! I'm already set up so the more players I knock out of the top spots the more chances everyone has
  11. Yeah I'm guaranteed a top 16 spot at this point buuuut it would be nice to have all of my qualifying spots be 1st places lol.
  12. Welp, pulled 5-4 into ophelia. Primarily because he had some bad BJ damage flips. 3 BJs into valedictorian and 1 into a undergrad that was my vendetta model. Not taking 1st and maybe not even top 3 with my diff
  13. A 2 stone model that they can very easily summon 3 of a turn which is even worse but I think people ignoring these models is when Cadmus starts to feel too overwhelming. The cadmus keyword itself is fine, it's when people bring the non keywords and abuse the mechanics is when it becomes a NPE. Cryptologists bring extra husks, the emmissary provides additional healing and Toro obeys to let you give out more parasites. I would disagree on time limit though. If the cadmus player knows what they are doing and executing their game plan, people can get games in a timely manner. I think my last 5-7 games we were able to get it done within the time limit of a normal tournament. In the beginning though, I definitely had 4+ hour games into cadmus as we were both figuring out how to play and counter play. If they are bumbling with what to do with a husk or EE for 5 minutes then you're gonna have problems. This is true with any keyword and any crew, cadmus just has so many complex layers that it's taking more time.
  14. Terrorize would be good except its directly away and its very easy to position big based models to where they won't push off the idol whereas lure is a move towards you which as long as they don't go backwards, they have to make the move. Have not declared Reva yet and probably won't. I play pyre heavy and the emissary just ruins my day. It's guaranteed to see the table too. I think its doable to get a marker up to the enemy model but it requires way too much setup for my liking lol. Shieldbearer shield bashes Emissary forward with mask, emissary double walks, drops 2 coffins markers - turns 1 into a zombie. Anna then uses her bonus to push the zombie 3 inches to explode. (6 + 12 +8 (6 inch and 2 for the marker drop) + 3 + 1 (corpse marker drop) + 2 inch for Reva) I can get a corpse marker 36 inches away from my deployment line. Is it worth it? Probably not but its doable You and I play severely different Revas! I just can't get behind bone piles, I used them in GG0 but I don't think i've put a single one on the table in GG1. Its good though, i'm glad there are multiple successful Reva playstyles!
  15. Part of why VS is good into shen long is because he turns off upgrades :). As for diving to remove the ball carrier t1, the best option is to bring a rotten belle, move her forward with something and lure them off the market. It's gonna be difficult to do anything else in corner except seamus. I'm into Bayou which instantly kills my reva list making :(.
  16. I think manos provides some good options. He also has assassin so he has AP efficiency and when he leaps, he can attack so 4 potential attacks a turn which is huge into WAL. I think Anna is a better pick overall though. Card draw, +1 df means she will pass more duels, easy ability for scheme markers, prevents placements and hostile workplace is big. No will of cadmus in a 14 inch bubble can be change the game. Maybe run both and see how it goes?
  17. Good evening, Lately there has been a lot of flak aimed in the direction of Cadmus' keyword because it is a strong keyword which provides a unique challenge. I've spent alot of time thinking about the general match up and have played over a dozen games into the keyword (outside of beta in it's current form) against some of the best players in the world. This might be preliminary or even outright wrong but I thought I would try to provide another potential perspective on how to deal with this terrifying crew. There are many things which makes Cadmus strong: We Are Legion - Makes trying to kill their models difficult and allows them to pass around healing. This makes you have to be extra considerate to killing their models with trying to either overkill them by 1 wound or burning out their ability to pass out the wounds with AP efficient attacks (onslaught, flurry, rapid fire, fast, blast) Will of Cadmus - An extra activation for Nexus which allows them to have better efficiency with their crew for scoring. Parasite Tokens - Probably the worst part of the match up. If you dive into the crew and aren't careful, you'll end up with a parasite token and the model will be dead within a turn or two. There are 6 ways you can gain parasite tokens and you HAVE to constantly consider how the Cadmus player is considering giving you these tokens along with saving the right cards to stop this. Excessive healing - Meredith combined with the Intrepid (emissary or effigy, doesn't matter here) means their models are going to heal alot which forces focused fire in the hopes of killing something before it heals back to full. Shambling Nests - It's weird to list a totem as a strength but these models provide so much power to the crew it is hard not to mention them. They can place almost anywhere on the board, have a 2 inch reach to ruin AP efficiency and hand out parasites like candy. They also allow the rest of the crew to start their engine safely while your opponent has to deal with these. All of the above has been discussed over and over again along with how to counter them or work with them so nothing above should be new for people who have played the match up or spent some time watching the videos Plaag has been posting about Nexus being OP. I've been featured in two of those videos, one where I got rolled and the other where it was extremely close which could have gone either way. I believe the thing that has not been discussed and is extremely important is the Eyes and Ears. These models are essential for the Nexus player to overwhelm you and win the game. A strong game plan for how to deal with these models is going to be the key which will start helping people win games. You need to be constantly assessing when these are appearing, where they are appearing and timing your own activations to counter punch them when they deploy in order to prevent your opponent from abusing them. Now, why am I talking about a essentially free or even 2 point model if they are paid for model with Df 3 WP 3 and 3 wounds with no super noticeable actions? Here is a list of everything these freebies provide to the Cadmus player (in no particular order): Additional wounds for the WAL pool (9 free wounds can be crazy) Additional healing for the WAL pool Sets up WAL chains so the bubble can extend farther out while still being safe Can be upgraded for FREE from Meredith to become Berserker Husks, heals to 7 wounds and is now a threat If your opponent wants to abuse this, they can bring a cryptologist and upgrade two of them a turn for free Additional activation control Lures They can use this offensively to pull your models into their death bubble or they can use this to keep their bubble coherent if you're trying to use tricks to pick the bubble apart. Easy channels to be attacked through Nexus will use them to attack you or soul shock to pass out additional Parasite tokens or put card pressure on you Spell eaters will make them explode to pass out more tokens Increase the power of Will of Cadmus Extra Cadmus models means this ability is even easier to get off Potential scheme runners Will of Cadmus can let them interact to drop markers Attack your model's AP They can force your model to deal with them if they get engaged with you When they die, they force a Df 13 duel to pass out tokens Whats worse, is they can get into the middle of your crew and then THEIR models can pass WAL damage to them or spell eaters can make them pop to force these duels Bonus to attack your hand Aren't you glad you tried to save those cards to pass all the simple duels? The above list of possibilities is INSANE for a 2 point model that Cadmus can summon 3 of a turn fairly easily and I'm sure I missed a few options. What the above list tells me is these models need to be killed ASAP and not near my crew. They will die anyway but I would rather then die on the other side of the board. Yes, Meredith gets cards and if there are models with Flush with Cash near them, they get stones which I believe is why most people try to avoid these models when they are summoned. Not to mention, it feels bad using focus and a henchman to kill one of these free models. Regardless though, avoiding killing these models is the wrong play which then leads to games where Cadmus has 6-9 more models than you on the table while you are being overwhelmed with parasites. Spending 1 Hench/Master AP and 1 focus to guarantee a model dead is better than having to spent 2-3 Hench/Master AP to try to kill the husks. At the end of the day, playing into cadmus requires removing their efficiency and this is where it comes into play. Also killing the Eyes and Ears before they activate gives you those sweet pass tokens and activation control to counter Archivist's Ill Omens. I believe this is why he even HAS that dumb ability. I've realized the games where Nexus felt manageable were the ones that I was removing these trash models or they were unable to get them on the board. In those games, the Nexus player had to struggle to make his WAL chains or had to make harder choices on which models would suffer wounds. When building your crews, look at what your options are for dealing with these models at RANGE. Anything that can hit 4 damage (hopefully on moderate) is going to be your go to when trying to counter the Eyes and Ears. I can't provide answers to what every faction/crew can bring to this match up to consider this but hopefully the above helps provide something else for you to consider when you're going into this match up to reduce the amount of NPE you are experiencing. Again, there are a ton of factors when playing into Cadmus but it seems this is one that is constantly overlooked. TL;DR: Eyes and Ears are a major component to what makes Cadmus a keyword.
  18. @Maniacal_cackle 5-3 schtook into Nexus It was a close one and I started panicking when he RJ the Necropunk that I was going to use to score Sabotage and 2 of the idols, ended up getting one of those idols and only 1 from sabotage because undergrads to too good with their teleport. Anna's hostile workplace aura was MVP. Preventing Cadmus from using Will of Cadmus on his models to score points and preventing a doctor's orders. He made a pretty big mistake T4 by summoning 3 Eyes and Ears. He gave me 3 pass tokens and put them all in the middle of the board. The intent was to deny my scheme markers for the 2nd point of LYM but he just gave Von Schtook easy targets. He killed all three of them, dropped the markers anyway and drew 3 cards while reaping 3 pass tokens to guarantee denial for T5. Oddly, my necropunks only scored a single point that game. The one dying on T2 was highly detrimental to my plans. The only good thing the other one did was threaten a 2nd symbol which forced his Toro to move out of position and spend the last 2-3 turns defending the idol. Overall: I'm happy with the results. Made a few minor mistakes but the overall idea and planning worked out which I think is the key to beating nexus. I only got a single parasite token by choice (Vale had only 1 wound left and I didn't want to throw away my leap card or my 13) and focused the eyes and ears down.
  19. Yeah, it was pretty amusing. This was GG0 and he was trying to score Outflank with the matures but the necropunks just tanked them. He had to bring Nekima over to actually deal with these scheme runners
  20. It's a solid all around list for the round for sure. Gives alot of early game options
  21. Yeah, if nothing else, terrifying just adds another layer of annoyance when you're making targeting decisions. Do I bother punching the necropunk? I need a 6 to even try to hit them... maybe i'll target something else. Or if they do swing, its a nice bit of random protection they have. I've had 2 necropunks hold up 2 mature nephilims for multiple turns this way! Alot of my gameplay is about throwing extra hurdles and making my opponent's decision making harder which then opens them up to making more mistakes. Adding terrifying to a annoying scheme runner is right up my alley!
  22. We'll see about the Creeper, its a good model if it can survive or if the markers can be in good spots for the teleports. Thankfully, low WP means Schtook will gets shots off on it and Anna can also to hopefully put it in the ground. GST on necropunks is typically standard for me. It makes them 7 points but they are the best scheme runners in the game: Terrifying 11, armor 1, HtW, Regen 2 all makes them extremely difficult to put down while they are leaping around to score points. The low WP models is a bonus but I don't expect them to be taking shots from anyone other than Archivist. Maybe models defending points but the more models he has defending markers, the less are part of the bubble. Necropunks in general are the best scheme runner ressers have (I know you love your Crooligans) because they are hard to take down and are extremely mobile. OH, his spell eater has Flush wish Cash because that is super relevant. Free 4 cards in an important turn is nice.
  23. @Maniacal_cackle- Rescheduled to Sunday afternoon :). We'll see, we revealed crews. Schtook - Whisper Assistant Anna Lovelace Valley Student of Viscera 2x Necropunks with GST Vs Nexus 2x Nests Archivist Meredith Ngaatoro Spelleater Interpid Effigy Nightsilk Creeper Pretty standard list, haven't seen many people running creeper lately but we'll see. It's likely gonna be his mobile Symbols model.
  24. Why? Because of staggered on the melee?
  25. Interesting, what made you bring Philip and the Nanny here? I'm matched up Schtook V Cadmus but not declaring crews until Thurs/Fri to avoid errata.
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