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Gupps vs Terror Tots

Chris Rivers

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I would say it depends on the rest of your crew.

If you have mostly Nephilim then you'd go with Tots. If you were running Juju or McTavish then it'd be Gupps.

Tots are also good on boards where there are some nice open areas to run round. Gupps prefer lots of terrain to 'leap' over.

As with Armond, I personally prefer the leap as its a 0 action and can get the Gupp out of melee if needs be and their 'grow' ability is a trigger on their melee rather than having to rely on an upgrade or ability on something close by. So they could become silurids in any crew. Whereas Tots you really need other nephilim around them.

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18 hours ago, orkdork said:

Sorrows for scheme running? My mind is blown! Please explain!


in GG2016 schemes, straight line speed is at less of a premium. Let's go through a few:

convict labour - sorrows can drop markers turn one by using misery loves company to the far side of a friendly model who moved up. Even if you don't take this scheme, being able to bluff it is a great advantage.

take prisoner - sorrows can jump into position without telegraphing the intent.

hunting party - can stay away from opposing enforcers henchmen or tempt them into bad positions. With initiative, paralysing key models is doable too.

leave your mark - they can MLC to block this from scoring 

public demo - move one scoring minion into position and MLC two sorrows in, done.

set up - as easy as public demo 

occupy turf - takes an extra turn, but not hard with lots of jumps.

frame for murder - excellent choice as they can get into annoying positions near enemy masters/henchmen and are easyish to kill. Plus, you kinda have to deal with them as misery aura is nasty.

i could carry on, but you get the idea. 


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