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  1. Armond

    Gupps vs Terror Tots

    Gupps for me because the leap is a 0 action. So you can drop a scheme marker, leap, then drop another scheme marker.
  2. Been trying to contact you about our exchange back in May!

  3. Armond

    Seller/Buyer Warning

    Warning: worstgamer I worked a buy/sale deal with this guy back in May. We agreed to a deal on a Molly lot he was selling and I sent money via PayPal on 23 May. When the package was in the process of shipping he said he hd to do it over because he tried to ship but was missing a form, so he threw a little something extra in for my trouble. But I have not received a thing yet. I sent him PMs and even replied to the thread to trigger alerts to try and get a tracking number for the package or some typenofnpositive contact, but no contact was made.
  4. Armond

    Von Schill: A Real American Shopping List

    You are correct. Thanks, maybe it was because it was like 0100 and I was sleep deprived? Lol
  5. Armond

    Von Schill: A Real American Shopping List

    Are you sure, I think you are talking about Thunder Archers? But I could be mistaken, I don't have the card in front of me.
  6. You still around?! Sent you a PM
  7. Armond

    Core Crew

    If you had to build a Core Crew that works well with most if not all Outcast Masters, what would it be? I always hear/read impressive play from Freikorps Librarians and Trappers. But what else? Let's say you have a single Trapper and Librarian, what can you count on in a list that would see play in just about every scheme/strat, or at least for a majority of them? Or are those two the only real staples? I am looking at Von Schill and Tara as my main two masters. Von Schill in all his durability and bubble shenanigans. Tara with her resilience and heavy AP(reactivate) possibilities. I was considering Hannah as a staple as well, but am not entirely sure just how well she blends with Tara.
  8. Armond

    Pearls before swine, my gremlins

    Beautifully painted minis. So smooth and well done! But on a side note... How did you make that tree? It almost looks like a Banyan tree like here in Oki, but also looks like the tress I use to see while living in Louisiana. Got a technique for making it?
  9. Armond

    Malifaux City Board Build Diary

    Yessss, yesssss!!!! Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of their women!!! Uhhhh, I mean, wonderful job!
  10. So, I have a problem. I am looking at what faction to start out with for a Slow Grow to go along with my soon up and coming PLOG which will include terrain building and such. I have multiple options from multiple factions, so choices are abundant. It's odd how much you can collect and never play... But in any case, here is what I have to choose from: Guild - Lucius Crew, Lone Marshall, Witchling Stalkers, Guild Rifleman, Death Marshall Rezzers - Molly Crew, Yin, Punk Zombies, Arcanists - Rasputina Crew, SnowStorm, Joss Neverborn - Zoraida Crew, Doppleganger, Waldgeist, McTavish Outcasts - Von Schill Crew, Tara Crew, Aionus, Hannah, Hodgepodge Effigy, Killjoy, Johan, Lazarus, Sue, Vanessa Ten Thunders - Misaki Crew, Ama No Zaka, Yamaziko, Dawn Serpent, Katanaka Sniper, Thunder Archers, Ten Thunders Brothers I know a lot of these have some overlap, but I just divided them up. It seems my highest chance of variety and build would be Outcasts because I have three potential Masters in models. But I am a bit intrigued by Zoraida and Rasputina. What would be your line of thinking given the choices above?
  11. Armond

    Malifaux City Board Build Diary

    Awesome stuff!!! I cannot wait to see it all complete! Got me all amped! I just got informed that my buddy received my shipment of terrain(since I am not home to receive it). I will open up a PLOG or something once I get back to the island. Keep it up! I assume you are using an airbrush? Don't be surprised if I snatch some of your techniques/color choices!
  12. Armond

    Seller/Buyer Warning

    Got my cards from Rurouni Benshin! Great seller, would purchase from again!
  13. Armond

    Hannah Conversion Question

    Ah ok, I get it now. I will have to explore my options, the main problem I have is that Hannah looks slightly displaced to the left side of the construct/metal body. She isn't centered. I think I want to start the adjustment there. This is assuming I keep her on the exterior. I may put her inside, put together a book to be held in one of the hands.
  14. Armond

    Hannah Conversion Question

    "Give the good lady some support" piloting harness conversion? I don't see anything. Are you referencing something?
  15. Armond

    Hannah Conversion Question

    I wouldn't just leave it totally plain. I would do something to adorn it a bit more so it isn't so plain. Add some cables, maybe a cylinder like how the strongarm suit has on its back, but on the front like how Von Schill carries it? Shouldn't be all too difficult I don't think. I have some time to think about it before I head back to home from the desert. Just brainstorming. I am just not a fan of the model with her positioned the way she is.