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Selling: Neverborn, Rasputina, 10T and Gremlins including limited editions


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Having a bit of a clearout to focus on the factions I actually play!

All prices below can be negotiated if you're taking multiple bits off me. Postage isn't included but costs £3.30 to the UK and £5-10 internationally depending on how much and where. 

Everything includes bases and cards. Pictures available.  

Translucent red Witchling Stalker - £5

Translucent root beer Nightmare Whiskey Golem - £35

Sealed Nightmare Whiskey Golem - £30

Limited edition Bayou Gremlin - £10

Gremlin War Wabbit - £27.50

Metal Piglets blister - £5

Metal Warpig blister - £8

Metal Slop Hauler blister - £5

Plastic Warpig - £8

Plastic alternative Kaeris - £10

Metal Arcanists female Gunsmith - £5

Metal Ressers Lost Love - £5

Plastic Bad Juju, new on sprue - £7.50

Plastic Katanaka Snipers, new in sealed box - £8

Plastic Shadow Effigy, new in sealed box - £6 

Plastic Monks of Low River, new in sealed box - £10

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