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Soulstone Poole 2: Saturday 2nd of July 2016


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Hello everyone, with the success of Neverbourne I want to run Soulstone Poole 2:



Saturday 2nd of July 2016




361 Ashley Road



BH14 0AS



A four round, 28 man, 50ss Malifaux Event, using the Gaining Grounds 2016 tournament .

(Soulstone Poole pack available here Soulstone Poole.docx)


when tickets are available you an order them from the Entoyment website http://entoyment.co.uk/miniatures-and-wargames/event-tickets/soulstone-poole-2-malifaux-tournament-ticket.html


1. Alex Critchell

2. Kendell Hart

3.Ben Sime

4. Gareth Jones

5. Coner McNama

6. Nick Featherstone

7. George Hollingdale

8. James Varney

9. Mike Asquith

10. Marcus Rose

11.Ross Baker

12. Ben Leslie 

13. Matt lewin

14. Lukas Rozenski

15. Jamie Matthews

16. Tom Thorpe

17.Tim Brown

18. Josh Leak

19. Paul Butler

20.James Henley

21.David Brown

22.Troy Ashdown

23.John Burgess

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Here is the Pack!!


There are a few changes from last year:

  • All models used must be at least 3 colour minimum so no bare plastic please!!
  • as for the prize support and Tournament pack they will be available to win through a bidding sistem using tickets gained during the day, more info is available in the pack.

best regards


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Eek I'm looking forward...

but I also have a bunch of bare plastic and plain primed minis! gonna be a task to get them painted in time given my incredibly slow output :o


are two colour minis fine if it's justifiable (e.g. penelope is just brown and black because she's a doggy)?

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hello everyone you might have noticed but I have changed the date of the event. 

This is due to 2 reasons:

Firstly I recently discover that Soulstone Poole shares a weekend with the Bovington show (a local wargaming event at Bovington tank museum) so the shop was free Saturday.

Secondly I find that when it comes to traveling distances to go to a tournament (which used to happen alot to us) it's nicer to run it on a Saturday and let people have Sunday to rest.

I made sure to contact those with tickets to make sure they were fine with it and so I hope to see a few more people come to the event.

Just waiting on the updated pack to be uploaded and the website to be updated.


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Good morning all, this weekend was exciting as I received the best in faction trophies:


Hope you guys agree their looking good.

As for the second update after much discussion I have decided to change the way that raffle tickets will be dealt out.

All out of game raffle tickets will stay the same but I will be including a Objectives sheet, this will allow you to score each in game objective once through all your games and keep score.

after the last game all you have to do is give me the sheet and I'll give you your raffle tickets.

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