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  1. Plastic viktoria crew minus taelor plus, hans, vanessa and aionus. Vanessa is missing her right hand though and one ronin is missing her head, all figures are undercoated grey and assembled also includes black fate deck looking for £35 poste din the uk, will ship internationally though. can get pictures if needed also have tor gamings relics stuff, some deathwing terminators and some 10mm mongolians if there is any interest in them
  2. Could you pop down Team Push/Dodge as interested, will sort out monies asap. Oli Curant and Dustin Janatpour Cheers.
  3. nobby nobbs

    Southampton UK Demos April

    I really do need to get down at some point! I'm up in Andover and well known to the guild ball players as the mouthy mason
  4. nobby nobbs

    BiteFaux - Chessington - Saturday 2nd of April - 50ss Fixed Master

    dammit! I wonder if I can sort something out to make this my first tournament.
  5. nobby nobbs

    Soulstone Poole 2: Saturday 2nd of July 2016

    I shall try to make it down, bit new to the game though but by July I should be well versed in messing up my activations like everything I play competitively
  6. nobby nobbs

    Hey hey hey

    Hi all, new player from Hampshire Uk, I am a prolific Guildball player and just decided to finally start playing another system after selling off a load of my old bits and bobs I don't need or use now. Picked up the Viktorias as they were what attracted me to the game a couple of years ago plus a few others (Hans, Vanessa and Atioum or Chronos whatever he is called!) Been playing against another new player on Vassal while we learn the rules and such