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Resser McMourning vs Outcasts Tara


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Hello Again!

I'm here with my newest battle report! Another game down at Connections Gaming in Vancouver, BC, Canada. In this game, Rafkin spends some time contemplating the universe in the void and Tara gets to a strong prescription from the Doctor. 


Next week I'll be doing another master. It's been a while since I pulled out Nicodem, but I also need more time with Seamus. I guess we wait for next weeks strats and schemes. 

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Depends on the condition honestly. For example, I think they give you too many focus tokens by like 1000%. In very few cases will focus even stick around after your model's activation because it generally ends at the end of a turn so outside of niche situations you don't need to mark that you have focus because presumably you are going to spend it on your turn. Burning, and poison focused lists might have more issues, but they are a mom and pop business so you can always contact them and ask for the possibility of getting the quantities you need.

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Nice report, I like your format. Easy to follow.

A couple of points for your Tara playing opponent though:

I think he used Pull the Void to bury Bishop at the bottom of turn 1, but it can't be used if Tara is the last friendly model to activate. Also, Bishop could/should have attacked WP to get around Seb's def stance.

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