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  1. Manxfaux

    Unique Levi combos

    That looks pretty great to me! Looking at the Rougarou, I'm not even sure you even need 2 with the amount of damage that thing can put out, especially if they get a few pounces off. Maybe drop one for a Doxy for extra pushy goodness and extra cache/upgrades? Definitely worth a playtest.
  2. Manxfaux

    Unique Levi combos

    Flicking through the book I come to another model I haven't really considered - Toshiro. Hear me out 😁 Toshiro can give all minions in 6" Focus +1 for a scheme marker and any 8, and gives them to their attacks natively in a 6" aura Toshiro + Freikorpsmann spam (Up to 8 but probably something like 6 and Sue to be an extra anchor and help with Toshiro's survival). Solid, flexible minions in their own right, suddenly all those clockwork pistols become that bit scarier if you want to set up a gunline, or their melee becomes downright interesting. Also, I have loads of the models and have never used one. Other spam options: Guilty - slower but you can fit up to 10 in the list, that's up to 15 activations! No ranged attacks other than Levi but get him Tormented and he won't randomise into engagements. Df6 6 wounds and HtK - chew through that Mr Opponent. Being melee only (and not a bad one either with all those pluses, especially if you can hit the trigger), Toshiro might have to be put in harms way so some defensive tech and another anchor might be a good idea (Again Sue springs to mind). Ronin - 6 Armour ignoring, flurrying, HtK models you can't charge? Nice. And they're all anchors too. They have a shockingly low Sh but reasonable damage shooting attack to use up that focus too if needed and maybe drain your opponents hand at least. Abombs - Nowhere near as hardy as Guilty for the same cost now, but being able to grab a bunch of cards then go all Desolation Engine on their ass as the wave hits seems cool. If they can survive in numbers, just the sheer number of Df10 duels from their ability should make your opponents eyes fill with sweet, salty tears. I think you would want to drop at least 1 abomb for 'From Ash' and 'Desolate Soul' on Levi to keep the momentum up though. It's also a toss up as to whether you would stick with Toshiro or bring Rusty with her Summoning upgrade instead, but that's not the point here. Desp Mercs - Does someone have 13 of these? Something tells me they will still suck. Enough said. Bandidos - It will empty your hand but multiple Run and Guns with Focuses (Foci?) is double to both Attack and Damage. Not nearly as easy to keep alive as Freikorpsmenn, might be worth a mixture. Dead Outlaws - Really solid minions. Ml and Sh 6 means the value of those plus flips is higher and attacks should land more often (or at worst force more cheating from your opponent). Really good built in triggers, Df6 with HtW and healing, I'm really liking the idea of this! Could possibly replace 1 with a Guilty as a meat shield. Wokou Raiders - As souped-up Ronin go they're pretty decent, but you could only take 5 max so the activation control needed for you to really kick the snot out of something without too much return is leaking away. I so want these guys to be good though, so may have to try it out. Void wretches - Really not sure about these. If you can empty you hand in a meaningful way then ok, Df8 Incorporeal with all the slow they can hand out is pretty brutal. Ml4 is terrible but as you likely wouldn't cheat it anyway, the Focus and/or plus flips suddenly become quite valuable in getting hits through or forcing you opponent to cheat. Added to that they are Ht1 so Toshiro's Pulse and Aura will hit all in 6" rather than having to carefully position all the previously mentioned minions so that as many as possible are affected (not easy with 40mm Guilty). Maybe using Levi in Melee more so his discard for pluses to damage trigger can help protect them....
  3. Manxfaux

    Unique Levi combos

    So how does it actually win? Is it the sheer amount of pounce attacks killing the enemy models? I guess you only pick schemes not requiring any scheme marker dropping (except 'Dig Their Graves' I suppose)? What happens if the opponent has something like Yasanori?
  4. Manxfaux

    Unique Levi combos

    With lures still being quite powerful I'm looking at a Levi crew that utilises them. There's the 9 Belle spam Levi list I remember seeing but other than for laughs I really don't see how this would actually work in a real game. The problem with taking Belles is the requirement for PoBone so losing out on some of the funky Iron models. As a result I'm looking at a combo of an Oiran with Hannah (who can copy and guarantee the crow on the lure), and then using PoIron models to 'complete' the lure (such as Peacekeepers harpoon) and then finish the job as they tend to be a bit more smashy facey. Performers are another option but their lure is only 12" and Ca6 The whole idea is to put an 18" bubble around Hannah that the opponent has to risk entering or, best case, doesn't realise is there, pulling a key model out of position. I'm just not sure if the Oiran is worth it for the ability to bring (arguably) 'better' construct models rather than going down the Bone route.
  5. Manxfaux

    Unique Levi combos

    It's only a minion they can pass this to. You got me excited about passing this on to Hanimatsu, then I double checked the card. They are good scheme runner hunters though, definitely worth a look, especially in pairs (maybe with support from the Midnight Stalker who can keep up- Levi only!) It's almost a shame they went down to 5SS. A pair shepherding a waif down a flank for Levi to pop out from looks good, but at 12SS...... probably why they weren't seen
  6. Manxfaux

    Rider Levi after errata and in gg18

    Or bring an Engineer. If you can find that 5+ you can probably send in the Hooded Rider a turn earlier and the extra cards are really useful.
  7. Manxfaux

    How do you fix Aionus?

    I'm not sure he needs fixing does he? As an Outcast player I'm glad he's not a little bit better otherwise all the other factions would find a place for him. He has a master's stat line, a master's AP (kind of 😁), solid abilities that can have a big impact at the right time, great (0)s that, while often situational can win you a game and can't be countered by your opponent, a ranged cast that can heavily dent an opponents hand if they've bunched up, his attack ignores armour and it has some really powerful triggers. The only weak part of his entire card is his damage track, which incidentally jumps to a nice 3/4/6 if you hit them with the slow trigger first, and is hardly terrible at 2/4/6. Sure, it would be great if he was Ca 7 or the Slow trigger was built in. It would be great if his native damage track was better or that all enemies in 24" are immediately sacrificed unless they have the red joker but I think he's pretty well costed as he is. Burying an opponent is way too powerful to be done easily and yet its still pretty easy for him if you take 'I Pay Better' and have a couple of decent cards in hand. That alone can ruin a whole turn for your opponent. I would agree that if he doesn't get the opportunity to use any of his more interesting abilities then he's a 10SS model just as a mobile tank, but even the ability to make half your crew fast in turn 1 when you may not need the cards is super useful. I think he falls into a similar category as Parker in that he needs quite a lot of practice to get to know the real finesse in his powers. It's hard to know what the right thing to do is at one particular moment and you always have to second guess yourself as to what to do and when to do it. My first use with him was pretty poor. I ran him round making stuff slow, tanked a horseman (who eventually gave up and pushed away) and booted around a few markers. He was decent but not really 12SS, but in my next game he was a god and was worth 20SS. Admittedly it was due way more to good flips than my skill but it showed me that his potential, even in my hands, was massive, and I intend to use him often.
  8. Manxfaux

    Unique Levi combos

    I got a proxy Obsidian statue for Levi to play with but have never gotten around to using it yet. The randomising is a problem but the aura also extends from the statue marker too so it's actually a really decent range. More of an issue for me is the buff only lasts until end of turn so forces you to go earlier with it. I am going to try it with a metal gamin to buff its defence (Levi only Combo!!!) as it's cheap and can hide behind his big base. The gamin works better if its buff target doesn't move away and I expect the OS to pretty much set up camp in one area as table denial. I love the Guardian. I recently picked up a Rogue Necro and I think this pairing could be brutal (Levi only!!!) with the Guardian keeping the RN in its upper wound zone so it keeps it to attack and dmg for longer. I've only used the Guardian a few times but I've always been impressed by it and it works with any of the fragile big hitters that don't run off too far ahead. I also think the new Engineers will be fantastic for Levi especially, protecting those big constructs with +1 armour (and potentially putting all ranged and a good few Ml attacks against them on , mitigating those things that ignore armour). Peacekeeper with Armour +3 and negs to attack it? Yes please (and Levi only!!)
  9. Manxfaux

    Unique Levi combos

    You'd still probably have to focus to get over your own for shooting into cover though, at which point their becomes fairly unimportant. Now if you can remove cover with someone like Mad Dog..... but that's a lot of investment pinned to Levi's poor damage spread. EDIT: Just looked at Mad dog and his cover removal only works for Sh attacks, not Levi's Ca. Yin is interesting though, how about paring her with the Nothing Beast, that's a Levi only combo. EDIT: Scrub that, Resser Tara can do this too. Unless one of the Neverborn undeads from the Titania box can take advantage, you're just building something any resser crew can replicate.
  10. Manxfaux

    Unique Levi combos

    I have tried a variant of this without A&D (I can't think why), and it still scared the bejesus out of my opponent. The DE's damage output isn't given nearly enough credit. Unfortunately, I seem to remember my DE managed to Black joker one attack and was blocked by the Red on another, meaning it couldn't heal enough to survive the inevitable loss of initiative for the next turn. Having A&D would have given extra hammer to the crew. Good call. Could the crew fit in a terracotta instead of the abomb?
  11. Manxfaux

    Unique Levi combos

    Levi has so many options open to him when hiring that I'm sure there are plenty of strong model combos that I haven't come across yet. I don't expect there to be any that suddenly throw him into the 'top tier' but it's fun to spitball these things and I hope there will be people that have been thinking waaaaay out of the box 😁 To start things off I'd suggest: Use Lazarus in conjunction with a Watcher and a Mech toolkit. He throws out an insane amount of damage in his 12" range by ignoring cover and getting to damage. Bonus if you have 'I Pay Better' nearby too. Getting him and his helpers into position and not getting engaged is the difficulty. Use a Kentauroi in conjunction with A&D to turn that bad boy up to 11 (There are many targets for the Kentauroi including Rusty and Levi himself). If the Emissary wasn't so rubbish for Levi then handing out the Companion (Accomplice?) trinket would also be pretty brutal in that combo. Just to be clear, I just want combos that are completely unique to Levi using either Pariah upgrade.
  12. Manxfaux

    New Outcast Master upgrades?

    The beating Schill could give out now though without leaving the 'bubble' is great. Pop oathkeeper to charge anything in range, knife it, hopefully drop its Df, fling it back towards your own lines, shoot it, charge it again, knife it, fling it somewhere it won't be able to get back from, shoot it again. He shouldn't be too far ahead of his crew at this point (especially if you can hit the reposition trigger) and just did min 12 damage assuming all attacks hit (not to mention the attacks variable ignore armour, HtW and can crit too. Just make sure you don't fling it into engagement or shooting it might be a problem.
  13. Manxfaux

    New Outcast Master upgrades?

    Not if it's a tactical. She only copies (1) Ca actions. Also, how will vS keep up with his newly oathkeeper'd buddies if he's using all his actions on giving it out? I think a bit of finesse will be needed to use this well
  14. Manxfaux

    Using the Emissary

    He's okay with von Schill and Hannah as you can rip his shirt off twice in a turn and really shred your opponents hand and mass paralyse if you can catch a decent amount of models in the pulses. Just use him in a standard vS bubble crew: vS with upgrades and cache, Hannah, HpE, trunk, librarian/Sue/Johan/SaS/Laz/A&D to suit your taste. It's slow and obvious and not overly interesting to play. You'll get out-activated often which sucks and might mean you don't get the best use out of your strong models or get parts dragged out of the bubble, but against the right opponent you can roll that ball of death up to the middle and own it. I see no reason to use him in a Levi crew other than to run the 4 Horsemen list. A&D with Don't Mind Me is great but once the HpE has done that he is pretty weak and expensive compared to the options that a levi crew has access to.
  15. Manxfaux

    Tara/SotV Fastball Special v2

    That's pretty much what I have run before, yes. Personally I leave out Obliteration Symbiote and put in Dead of Winter to save a SS and allow you to dump some cards to prevent damage to your crew (win/win). Most of the unburying is via the SotV anyway. I can then drop Oathkeeper from the Scion for the Malifaux child as an extra cheap activation and an extra way to hand out slow/fast. I've had it alpha so hard the game was all but over half way through turn 2 - and the opposite; where my black joker screwed my first NB focussed attack and his red blocked my second. Lost 2nd turn initiative despite plus flips and SS. Once the NB goes down without taking out a few things it's a real struggle.