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klatschis Project log - Outcasts & Gremlins


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When I started Malifaux some time ago, I decided to buy von Schill and his comapny - it seems a fairly "fist-to-face"-style of playing, learning the rules and getting used to the game. I then forgot about Malifaux because I didn't want to give it that much thought as I should have done. Recently, I painted my company, giving the game another try. And I'm quite impressed how good it is. I realized, it's not the game's fault - it's my fault. I was a bit disappointed with the distribution of luck since I happened to get some really bad cheating hands. But I forgot about soul stones. It seemed frustrating when my opponent had better cards to cheat with. But I forgot about soulstones and bonus flips. There are multiple layers to this game and I am really hooked right now.

Anyways, here are pictures of my von Schill crew:




And one in-action foto:


Unfortunately, the rest of the Outcast Masters doesn't suit me that much, therefore I decided to switch faction and going to... gremlins (uuuh yeah!). I ordered Ophelia and Som_er and some pigs and in the meantime, von Schill's crew will get one or two additions.

I also started building a Malifaux-board, so have a look at the Terrain Talk, too :)

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Thanks for your nice replies ^_^

The razor wire is a product by Games Workshop, I think they don't sell that anymore, but you can get one at the Army Painter Store, too. I wrapped it around a pencil and glued it to the base. Then, I gave it a heavy was with a mixture of reddish brown pigments and Army Painter strong tone (=Devlan Mud) and finally, I drybrushed it softly with Mithril Silver.

I wanted to build some more models for my Outcasts but the table building project takes too much time at the moment...

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I started building my own Void Wretches, since I don't really like the original models and I've got a ton of Tyranid bits at home. What do you think about them?


Also, my starting order of Gremlins arrived today:


I have to build a lot this afternoon to field them this evening. Oh baby, I'm a bit excited.

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Thanks very much :-)


Yesterday, I worked on the bases and filled them with dirty resin (clear resin + green pigments + some yellow ink.





The beginnings of the Ophelia-Box


The rest


and the band I am starting our campaign with :-)



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Just a glimpse inbetween and just a WIP since the bases are not finished: I am painting the Ressers of my mate since he is injured at the moment. I'm trying to get a good mixture of speed and quality here - my Gremlins and von Schill are better painted but the Ressers will be finished quicker ;-)



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