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  1. I am going to paint some Gremlins again, with: 2 Young LaCroix (I do not know where the third one is) - 2 Soulstones each Raphael - 7 Soulstones Rami - 7 Soulstones Burt Jebsen - 7 Soulstones Piglet - 4 Soulstones and maybe something of that list: Lucky Emissary War Wabbit Aionus 1 Kroko so that's a minimum of 29 Soulstones :-)
  2. @RustAndTheCity Wow, you colours are so vibrant and I love your conversions! Really breathtaking picture. @prof_bycidSorry for being late with my pic for November! That's Mc Mourning, Sebastian, 2 Nurses, Seamus, the Copacatkiller and Bishop for a whooping total of 60 Soulstones :-)
  3. Hey, sorry if this topic came up already but a quick search did only answer some of my questions. So I would also be glad to get a link from a friendly helper :-) We have the following situation: Piglet Albert and Piglet Bertram are on their way to do some filthy Scheme Grabbing on a flank of the board. They are completely on their own, so not Gremlin nearby to safe them from "Set'er Off". Set'er Off "When this model has the opportunity to declare an action, if its not engaged or within 2" of a friendly Gremlin, it must take a Charge Action if there is a legal target available." and just because we will need it afterwards: Charge: Target a model within LoS. Move this model up to its Cg in a straight line. This model must end the move with the target model within its engagement range or this Action may not be taken. This model then takes two Range (claw) Attack Actions against the target model. Each of these Actions must have an AP cost of 1. A model may not declare this Action if it is engaged (see Engagement, pg. 48) or if it has a Cg of “—” So we imagine Piglet Albert activates first and now it has to charge Piglet B. For some reasons, the player decides to do the Pig Charge. Maybe he thinks he can kill Bertram, maybe he has misread it. But he does it. So Albert is charging Bertram, hitting him two times. Now comes the interesting part: The two are standing base to base but they are not engaged ("Models are never engaged with models that are friendly to them." p. 48). What can Albert do with his second Action? Let's break down Set'er Off: "When this model has the opportunity to declare an action, (it has one AP left - check) if its not engaged or within 2" of a friendly Gremlin, (Piglets are not Gremlins and it is not engaged since Bertram is friendly) it must take a Charge Action (it can charge Bertram) if there is a legal target available." (Bertram is so legal right now) So, basically, Albert charges Bertram a second time. And Bertram would do the same, although the Gremlin player would now decide to not use Pig-Charge in order to save two attacks. Is this correct? This would go on and on until one pig is dead or a Gremlin comes to say "order!"?
  4. THIS, please! I'm Spanish, and a lot of my game mates don't speak English. It saddens me that the rulebook is available in Spanish but only the Wave 1 stat cards are (and only in the book). With this app in my language, a lot of people that are interested in the game could play. I think it's difficult, but even if we had to pay extra for the language pack, I think we would do it gladly. PS: I've already downloaded the app and purchased the cards. Great work! Same here. Had a long talk yesterday and people said: I'd like to have it in German, makes things easier :-) If you could give us some insight whether this is planned at the current stage at all or whether you are not planning on doing that would be great Another thing about the app: maybe I am just too stupid but when looking at the Model List, I'd like to be able to access the updates available too. But maybe I just cannot find that function? Otherwise, the app is very intuitive and I really like it!
  5. Finally I'm settled and ready to jump back in :-) This month I'd like to finish my Ressers, so I have: Seamus (15) Copycat Killer (3) Mc Mourning (15) Sebastian (7) 2 Nurses (10) Bishop (10) --> 60 Soulstones
  6. Thanks a ton. I don't know, it seems as if real life actively works against hobby life :-D
  7. @prof_bycid It seems as if I have to take my second Mulligan this month :-/
  8. @prof_bycid I have to take my mulligan this month. Unfortunately it's not working doing a full-time job, building a house and moving at the same month ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. Thanks a ton, I think Malifaux is a wonderful miniature design made for comic style ;-) Looking forward to the new place. With big hobby room
  10. Oh boy, what a month. Next month my wife and me will move, so I hope I can finish my pledge by painting some masters and pricier models :-P I'd like to not take any mulligan this year but we'll see how it turns out :-D Izamu the Armor (10 Soulstones) Yin the Pentagalagonihavenoclue (8 Soulstones) 2* Hanged (je 9 Soulstones) 3* Drowned (je 6 Soulstones) 1 Crooligan (4 Soulstones)
  11. First models done this month... took me some time due to building our house That's Yin (8 SS), 3 Drowned (18 SS) and 2 Hanged (18 SS) and a Crooligan for yummy 48 SS. Let's see what I get done in the last days :-)
  12. Wow, this board is so fantastic, I love the barracks especially, with all the different small angles and the small niches and stuff. Two thumbs up for this work!
  13. Whoops, due to holiday preparation and working on our building site (we try to finish our house until the end of September), I completely forgot about the hobby :-/ Anyway, here's what's left of the Ressers: I will paint as much as I can, the total stuff is: Seamus and Mad Hatter McMourning and Undead Dogs Sebastian 2 Nurses 3 Drowned 2 Hanged this strange "I only consist of organs" crap miniature 1 Crooligan and Bishop Izamu the Armor let's see what I can finish :-)
  14. Thanks a lot, H4ml3t. I will do them the same way as the other Ressurectionists for my friend: I do my own Cobblestone Bases :-) http://imageshack.com/a/img922/7494/7Dd1sl.jpg
  15. Wow, managed to finish the stuff I wanted to do: Kirai (15SS), Lost Love (4SS), Datsue Ba (8 SS), 4 Seishin (I agreed with @prof_bycid how much summoned models would bring - peons will grant me 3SS each) and Ikyro (10 SS) makes for a total of 49 SS :-)
  16. @so_diogenes Very Good-looking Crew and a lot of models you have managed to do this month! @RikLok Yay, Pigs for the win very nice and subtle colours
  17. Thanks :-) I've finished 4 Seishins today, the Kirai Box is nearly finished. Should be do-able until the end of the month :-)
  18. @FranchuteThat's Iyanden Darksun - Army Painter Strong Tone - Iyanden Darksun - and then subsequent highlights with Bleached Bone; it's coming our yellowish due to the lighting but basically, you could easily make it more yellow by using one or two coats of lamenters yellow in the end :-)
  19. Puuh, private life is a harsh mistress this month but I managed to start painting the Kirai Box: Bases will be done when everything Resser-related is finished :-)
  20. My pledge this month: The Kirai Box set and Datsue Ba (not on the picture). Some miniatures are already started but I will repaint them wholly, so nothing to fear ;-)
  21. What a stressful month, but I managed to finish a lot of Ressurectionists, but of course, again, I had to change my goals mid-month due to work Madame Sybelle - 8 SS 3 Rotten Belles - 15 SS Flesh Construct - 6 SS Carrion Effigy - 4 SS Carrion Emissary - 10 SS 2 Crooligans - 8 SS summing up to a total of 51 SS
  22. Here's a picture of all the Ressers with self-designed bases
  23. Thanks a ton, @Butch The Ressurrectionist-Madness goes on and on :-) This time a Flesh Construct and two Crooligans!
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