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Hello! I'm really tempted to get into Gremlins as well. I like a lot of the models and they seem fun.

However, judging from just reading the books a little bit, I dont see how they are competitive at all. It seems they are mostly super-squishy and dont do anything too special compared to other factions.

What do they do? Do they stand a chance against some of the bigger players? Leveticus, Colette, those kind of masters?

What's the general idea?

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They take a lot of damage. That's true. However, between Lenny, Slop Haulers and to a lesser extent Old Cranky and Lightning Bugs, they have lots and lots of ways to mitigate or heal that damage.

Bayou Two Card is extremely powerful, it's like a :+fate that you can't cheat, and if you get straight damage flips it means dealing weak damage is much less likely without having to burn a card from your hand.

They also have access to a lot of charging as a (1) action, which on its own is good, but they also have two masters with Obey that can make even more use of it.

They're probably the strongest shooting faction, which is great for someone who likes shooting, and the various luck triggers are incredible (Rami getting 3 points turn 1 for vendetta because of a free ram from Lenny is something that has happened a lot in my experience... And then there'a Som'er)

Finally, they have moon shinobis. I love em.

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There is just so much to try and take with Gremlins that you simply can't get bored. They are competitive and now that all the masters are becoming available you don't have to proxy anything. Sling pigs/gremlins across the board with a catapult (pigapult) or toss them around with Lenny; outshoot the opponent (even Guild) because even with poor shooting you still get more bang for the buck.

the only real meh in Gremlins is the Wp, but that doesnt stop them (much).

And remember that slop haulers or lightning bugs for healing is a must with so much damage-to-self tactics.

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What I love abour gremlins is that fluff wise they try and copy everything they see from the other factions. Game mechanic wise it means that gremlins can do almost everything that other factions can, but with a fun twist (we even got robot gremlins in wave 3, so it is quite complete now).

The main mechanic in wave 1 was taking damage to generate more AP, but with a ton of options to heal back. Gremlin units have low hp, but if they can survive a turn you can often heal them back easily. In wave 3 things got a little crazy we got some really powerful options and gremlins can basically hard-counter anything if you know whats coming. Also once you get used to playing with 3 ap per unit you cant go back :D. (rampaging models get charge for 1 ap but its most of the time equal or more than 3ap).

After wave 2 I don't think we have any wp problem anymore. The crew I played in some of my last games have wp 7-8 with proper placement, it can make any caster cry (expect Sonnia, she is just evil). You only need liquid bravery and old cranky to buff your WP.

Gremlins are my favorite faction by far, since as I mentioned they can do almost everything in the game while having lots of fun. However they are a little hard to master at first. You will also need lots of models to play competetively, but the good news is that almost any master can use any models with great effect.

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