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Malifaux Architecture


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Thanks for posting this, I've been thinking the same myself. 


My first thought is whether the Malifaux side of the breach is a parallel, but alternate reality which is following the earthside timeline regarding civilization development. If so, the first breach was in the 1700's and the city already felt ancient. For me this would imply wattle and daub heavy timber construction along compacted dirt/cobblestone streets in the merchant and residential quarters and stone veneer and paving in the governmental and wealthier class quarters of the city a-la Europe of the 1500-1600's.


Option two: The Malifaux side of the Breach represents a fluid manifestation of the darker, more sinister side of human consciousness (for me best exemplified by the Dreamer). So the first time the Breach opens, it reflects the architecture of the 1700's but more sinister. The second time it opens, it now reflects the architecture of the late 1800's. Since it is continually inhabited it doesn't 'reset' and therefore evolves with the inhabitants. If that's the case, then I would read Dickens for desciptions of dirty London for inspiration. As new quarters are uncovered, they will in turn manifest to reflect the darker side of those who discover them.


Option three: The Malifaux timeline is completely independent but comparable to earthside time. If that's the case, then the sky's the limit. I tend to lean in this direction and get images of an organic city much in the vein of the "sung stone" found in Robert Jordan's descriptions of Aes Sedai buildings built by the Ogier in the Wheel of Time series. The architecture would seem familiar, but the lines and proportions would have an unnerving effect due to the un-earthly means of construction. "Elegant horror" is the way I describe it to myself.


The fluff describes humanity scabbing onto the existing vernacular, making due, reshaping, or completely gutting what's there to make way for what's needed. The terrain possibilities are really exciting. 


I've been playing around with sketches for some city oriented terrain lately. My image library is a growing collection of the shanty towns of Mexico City and Brazil as well as black and whites from the Great Depression here in the U.S (which is roughly analogous to present day Malifaux give or take 10 years). There's an architect by the name of Lebius Woods who has a slew of concept sketches dealing with how a new civilization builds upon the infrastructure of the old. Granted, his stuff is very futuristic, but his idea about grafting onto and repurposing existing buildings and the juxtaposing of very disparate design aesthetics definitely has place in the Malifaux world.


What are your thoughts?

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As somewhat of a terrain enthusiast I tried my best to research the architecture of Malifaux but was a little disheartened when I couldn't find an official verdict.


However, as time's gone on I actually prefer the fact that there is no official era. I like the idea that you could use multiple styles and that nearly any type of building could represent the streets of Malifaux.


It kind of gives you free reign and justification to model buildings however the hell you want and imagine any crazy ideas you may have



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From a terrain standpoint specifically built for Malifaux I have seen people mostly use a Victorian looking aesthetic (ie the Plast Craft Games buildings) or Wild West themed. One of the coolest custom tables I have seen (but cannot for the life of me find it again) was what they described to be some kind of giant, soulstone eating worm that had been killed and was now flayed open to harvest soulstones from it; it had gigantic ribs sticking up, lights underneath, and some very cool resin work.

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