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Dealing with Ashes & Dust


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Right now 2/6 people in my meta play outcasts as their main faction.  Ashes and Dust seems to be a constant part of that.  How do you generally deal with this Swift, undying, hugely damaging, fast model?  The best I have done so far is to basically ignore him while he achieved breakthrough on his own while killing two smaller models, but even then by 5th turn he was amongst the rest of my crew putting a pounding on my mid-board models.

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Here's my theoryfaux answer.


The beast itself isn't bad, Df/Wp 6 is good, but it doesn't really have any defensive tech that we care about. And yes, it's fast, but it really doesn't wreck up the place any more than other 13 stone models - less I would argue than Howard Langston who's only 12.

Then the trick is making it stay dead. You know where the Ashen Core is going to drop so that's the natural target. With Df 1 you're going to be hitting it, you may even get a straight flip if you focus. If you have armor ignoring attacks then save them for the core, two AP should drop it if you're ignoring armor. That being said, we don't have much armor negating tech so... Conditions won't work on it, so rate of fire is the best solution I would normally have on the table to solve the ashen core problem. Two Guild Guard can probably kill it in a single activation apiece. Of course a smart player will keep it from getting too far from a valid placement for the Dust Storm, so that's something to watch for. If it dies near a table edge have a lawyer ready to charge the Dust Storm. Minimum damage 2 on a Ca attack targeting its weaker stat? That'll do.


TLDR: Figure out where the thing is going, meet it there, shoot the big guy dead - 2 rifleman should do - and then put any 4 AP worth of attacks into the Core. It may not be worth the effort.

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Ashes and Dust is a scary model! Really fast-moving, lots of damage, immune to many conditions and burial tricks, and he gets better when killed or sacrificed. He seems like a superfast indestructible superkiller. And he is, with some limitations.

There are two things an Ashes and Dust player is doing that an opponent might not notice to keep A+D alive. First, the A+D is staying close to the edge, so that the Dust Storm can get back to the Ashen Core quickly. He's like me in the swimming pool when I was first learning to swim: he clings to the edge for safety. If the A + D moves away from the edge he's really vulnerable. Second, A+D does way better when out-activating opponents. A + D really likes to do his cycle stuff when the opponent is out of models. Outcasts have a lot of tricks for winning activation (Rats, free Viktorias and Waifs, reactivating Tara, summons, etc.) so there's a lot of ways to do it, but it's important.

So, to beat an Ashes and Dust, you want to try to catch it closer to the middle if possible, and you want to kill the big A+D model early in the turn so you have more chances to kill the Ashen Core or the Dust Storm afterward.

Last thing to remember - the Ashes and Dust is immune to many tricks. Conditions won't work, bury won't work, and you can't charge it. It's only got Df 5 and 9 Wd, so it's not too hard to kill, but kill it early in the turn or else it will just reform and erase your efforts.

Hope that helps!

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Perdita shooting the core, Perdita charging the core. Perdita making the core dead with stuff and things.

Lady Jay charging the core. Lady jay cheating and burning stones to do 6(4) damage to it. Then hitting it again and declaring crit for 4(2) killing it.

McCabe Giving something a saber and wacking it a few times. McCabe whacking it a few times.

Lucious telling all of his minions to ping it for 1 till it dies.

Mcmourning charge it and beat on it.

Sonnia uhhh boned so kill the dust storm. It being df7 is trash when you are Ca 9

Hoffman use that soulstone torch. Machine puppet things that exploit design flaws.

If your master is off doing something else. Ping it to death. Mind you this will take 3 models that haven't activated.

Also hire Taelor. Drop the core in her charge range and burn a stone to ignore armor. Should be on a minimum straight flip. Most likely a :+fate.

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