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Waiting for Grandma Abuela


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Hi everybody,

I'm back on this side of the net to getting your help.


I'm waiting for the new concept miniature of the Grandma Abuela Ortega.

I think the concept is awesome.

But right now I have to proxy her and I'd like to find a model that could represent properly the old Shotgunner XD


Do you have any suggest for me?


Many thanks in advance to everybody and cheers!!!

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She already has an official Wyrd miniature out in metal, but that miniature doesn't have a wheelchair. Here's a thread by a guy who built his own wheelchair http://wyrd-games.net/community/topic/67093-abuela-ortega-in-a-steampunk-wheelchair/


I reckon it'll be a bit of a wait until the new plastic model comes out so it might be worth buying the metal model if you really want to use it.

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That's a really cool model. Are your greenstuff skills good enough to grandma-ify grandpa Andy?


Yes it is!!!

I can try to use some Green stuff to modify it :)


I just have to find the model in one of my usual shop :D


Many thanks to all guys!!!

If you have more ideas don't hesitate to post!


@Fetid Strumpet: I may wrote bad, my english an spanish are terrible.

Is intended as grandmother.

But Grandma sound more like "barrio" gangster ;)


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My question at the start of most crew selection is 'what reason do I have NOT to take her?'

So versatile. Listen up young'un has saved me on so many occasions. Her shotgun with the slug trigger can wreck havoc, especially if you give her 'hair trigger' upgrade. Roll me closer is great combined with her anti charge bubble. Protect your heavy hit from most potent forms of melee and then push her out of the way to charge people. The fact she can transfer damage and move people closer is just icing on the cake.

Granny love ! :)

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But as soon as you use the slug trigger you can't use the shotgun attack any more.


As Focus modifies all resulting damage flips, I always focus her Shotgun. Thus, Ahir Trigger is seldom on her. It's great on Santiago pushing Abuela around, though.

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