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Dave's leisurely pace painting Malifaux


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So I love me some malifaux figures, was playing a fair bit in 1st Ed but when second rolled round it threw me off for a while, not because I didn't like the rules but because I was waiting to see how everything panned out and once wave 2 landed I started to get interested again and finally a few of us in my local club (Bristol) got out models back on the table again.


2 games later and I'm back hooked again.  Love the new game (though I must get round to painting up markers for my scheme counters) and that got me back to painting up my figs again.


First off some history. M1e I had guild and Neverborn (yeah I know, everyone had them)








And here's the last model I painted before 2nd ed dropped.




So from that there was a break of about 18 months before I picked anything back up again.  which brings me to the last couple of weeks:








I've got 2 more guild hounds to do and then that's my (current) guild stuff completed, actually I'm forgetting the ltd ed death marshall whatever her name was.  Neverborn has a widow weaver and Nightmare teddy to go and then I've got a Leveticus crew in a box that I haven't touched plus the nightmare justice set.


Hmm wonder if I've made some bad choices, Zoraida & Leveticus.  I might as well just buy Marcus and then have to buy every single figure in the range!


I'm not rushing to get stuff painted up having plenty to learn with at present but I do find that malifaux models suck me in, so once I start painting I tend to end up finishing the entire thing in a single session.

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Man overall you have an impressive army of well painted, playable figures. Some of your color choices were a little bold for my taste (Criid and Justices crew) but it worked very well for you. I cant believe you haven't broken a guild guard sword, the judges sword, or that desperate mercs sword yet. Those are so fragile it's insane. Its the reason my judge is carrying the scathe, its not nearly as fragile. It's looks pretty rad too I guess.



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Thanks for the comments all.  Nighthater, I think I've just been lucky with the swords so far, several occassions have expected bits to shear off when I've snagged them on things but somehow it's not happened yet!


As for colour choices it's very much a personal thing, you're not a fan but spectrehorseman likes the bold red.  The Criid crew got some serious raving when I first posted it up going both ways.  Overall though I felt the guild should clearly split into divisions and I gave each a uniform for the respective section to make them all stand out. Neverborn are far more mish-mash for me so get a bit of everything going on depending on what takes my fancy.


Speaking of which I've now done my teddy (nighmare edition).  Man this was a joy to paint, really great texture and easy to get looking decent with just drybrushing then picking out a couple of details.



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Ok, I mentioned above that once I start working on Malifaux models I can’t put them down. Well, wow, that really has been the case, since I dug it all back out I’ve been smashing out figures at a furious pace. When I titled the blog it was because this year I’ve been painting far less than the last few years so no pressure to do anything quickly, seems that the love of these models has overtaken me!


Steampunk Abominations



Pretty simple little paintjobs, basically undead skintone which I’ve gone a bit greeny on, originally started out intending to be more grey but mid way through painting just went with a bit more colour to see how it would look. Tried to do denim style trousers on them and then a nice aged bronze/brass look to the metallics as didn’t want a steel finish. Tempted to go back and add a load of rust effect seeing as these guys are basically dead buried things that come out the ground in the stories.


Realised that since I too this picture I've added a bit more detail like picking out the tongues in purple and adding a little more depth to the skin with a purple wash in the recesses.





Another really fun guy to paint, did the skin the same tones as the SPAs because I’d imagine I’ll probably use him with that crew, but will also no doubt be seeing time in some of my others seeing as he’s such a lovely beater and a merc to boot. These old original sculpts of Wyrds have a certain something about them, you can tell that they were designed just as a model to sell and not something specifically for a game they all have a certain charm about them. Played about with blood and rust effects on him to add a bit of extra detail to what otherwise would be quite a plain model.


Widow Weaver



Such a fun model, decided to try a gloss finish to the skin to give it a really alien feel that I think suits the model, it’s just so out of place to have this weird spidery beast wearing a lovely dress. The dress itself was a pleasure to paint, lovely detail that was easy to pick out and show off, the colour worked wonderfully too so really happy with it.

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Painted a stompy robot with a grenade launcher gun for Levi crew I'm building up.

As Wayland games had a 50% sale on old stock I picked up a bunch of other stuff to bulk out some of my metal crews, picked up Avatar Sonnia (just cos it's cool), Ashes & Dust, Johan, Carrion and Arcane effigies to use with Collodi and Freikorps Specialist and Strongarm suit (50% off a plastic kit, win!),

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I always pictured my widow weaver in a pink dress same as the official artwork but yours have given me something to think about.


Proper amount of rust and gore on Killjoy.


I imagined my lazarus slightly more banged up but I belive he works for the freikorps in m2e so now he has access to proper maintenence.


good work all around mate

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Ok, it's been a while.  Truth is I've been off painting warhammer stuff so the 'faux figs have gone on the back burner.  That in itself is fine though as I've not played a single game of any system in about  2 months.


Anyway I finally got back to painting some stuff up and having picked up a few bargians in a 50% sale I've assembled a bunch of stuff ready to add to crews.


The work is still mostly on stuff for a levi crew, but still held off painting up the big man and his ladies.  So this addition- Ashes & Dust and component parts:




To be honest the paintjob is really simple (and basing obviously enough not done yet, you can see I used a red primer, all I had to hand).  This was a black wash over the red primer, 4-5 drybrushed layers of colour on the dust part, then the eyes picked out in the ethereal light colour thingy I've been using.  The skelly/zombie parts done with the usual basecoat and a couple of washes are also really fast to do. As it's a slightly ealier pic of progress I've not added the rust onto the metals at this point, but it's done now and with that they'll just need based up to be finished.


So levi now has:

4 SPAs

Des Engine





still to do:


3 waifs



and the new purchases included a friekorps strongarm suit and specialist that I could just drop into the crew not that they particularly go with it, the specialist will probably find a place with my criid stuff instead.

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Whoops well this got away from me again!  As you might guess I wandered away from painting malifaux again, but I'm now back at it again!


I got a stupidly good deal on a Lynch crew and couldn't turn it down.  It does appear to be one of the very early crews where the detail was a tad soft and it had been rather roughly treated with it's prior paintjob so I tested out stripper and it came out ok.




I painted one illuminated then became distrated again until last week where I did a second one:




Also because the new plastics came out I picked up Hoffers when I saw the box in my local store:



Build up pretty easily, most of the parts are well keyed to work out where they should go.  Slightly odd design of the jaws on the hunters but nothing particularly difficult.


Still not touched the rest of the Levi crew.  Really must do that!

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The waif in yellow reminds me a bit of the old TMNT cartoon version of April O'Neil.  That and The Waif in Yellow is a great literary reference.

Oh wow, totally know what you mean but hadn't considered it when I painted her.  No way that will not pop into my mind any time it hits the table!


Thanks zfiend, not a huge fan of the model but it was still ok to paint once I got beyond the basecoats.

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Realise I'd forgotten to put up rusty when she got finished.




This is one of those models that when you start it is a total nightmare, nothing jumped out at me and it all just looked bland.  it wasn't till I got the tartan skirt on that it began coming together, after that it was plain sailing.

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