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Guild guardsmen.

The Godlyness

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So have been using these guys recently and it seems they came out great. Or maybe really great.

Turning a 1/2/4 profile into 4/5/7 is a really nifty feat. Captain Daschle just compounds their ability to put out some serious damage. Range 14 is nice also.

5 stone model with no defensive abilities look really fragile but with 2-3 of them they can pot shot most things before they get into combat.

Now Captain Daschle giving out +flips to Hit and 0 action focuses make them really accurate and really killy. But what does he do beside that? Has a built in slow or critstrike on his baton of 1" which I guess if you burn a stone hit the ram he would do 5/5/6 but man he just supports select models. I. Guess he could on your feet a non guardsmen if he was taken outside of guardsmen list. He more or less has to lead guardsmen. Which I guess makes sense that he is a captain after all. Also How come his Collier does not have crit strike when the Seargent does that bugs me.

Guild guard are really good in pairs. Df 6 is nice. But if you kill one the other shortly following. Ml and sh of 4 don't see them hitting often but they might surprise. Having a walk of 4 makes them slow but they are cheap minions and do decent enough. Also having an auto halt trigger is a decent inconvenience for the enemy.

Guard Sergeant decent enough guy 6 wounds armor 1 has can get critstrike on his axe or Collier for 3/4/5 instead of the base 2/3/4 gives other Guardsmen writhing 3" +1walk which is nice and +Wp duels is nice also. And his schememarker movement helps aa lot. In certain situations.

Guild hounds quick objective grabbers whose attacks are more accurate than guild guards. Needs a friendly hound to make them not insignificant.

Guild path finders had blasts to their rifle and can be deployed from the shadows. Nice triggers and you might get a trap to annoy the enemy. Not to shabby df of 6 should help them survive a few attacks.

Warden he wants to go later to try and paralyze things decently quick on his feet and has grinding halt to survive

Austringers are good. No need to say why they just are. So because of this Dashel hates them as does lucious so they are loners mostly.

These models are cheap but slightly above resilient and can do some hurt.

What are your thoughts on Guardsmen

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Here are the ones I have used:


Guild Guard- love them as a speedbump, scheme runner and for volume of fire against low def/high armor targets, plus once I had one kill a snowstorm pretty much on his own.  It was beautiful.


Guild Riflemen- they get nasty really fast when used with Dashell.  almost an auto include in my lucius crew (though if they keep being worthless against NB, they will get benched)


Austringer- seems to generate more fear than they deserve, but that can be a useful thing all on its own.


Guild Sarge-  Love this guy.  His ability to stack scheme markers on themselves makes him amazing at ilne in the sand, protect territory and other scheme marker schemes.  Situational though.


I haven't used the rest, though I have a warden just waiting to get its chance to shine.

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From my experience,


Austringers Deliver Orders action is fantastic. It allows another model in a scoring position to take 2 or 3 AP and still place a marker. This can win a game if played well.


Riflemen are fantastic with Lucius and Dashel, but also work well with Sonnia and a witchling handler to give out burning. The syngeries here are fairly obvious.


I havent used the other guardsmen, except for hounds, which are amazing especially with McCabe and Luna to remove the insignificant without running in pairs. They also give cheap activations which means the opponent reveals more of their plans before you need to use key pieces.


I've got the pathfinder on order, looking forward to giving him a go. Deploy from shadows would maybe be nice with slower crews to get someone in a position to place markers.

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Riflemen work wonders with McCabe. You can activate one have it focus and fire. Black Flash him, Activate another Rifleman who gains the Rams and can focus for another. Then companion the first Rifleman who also gains an Ram and can focus for the 2nd. 


Saying that McCabe makes pretty much every minion better with Black Flash or any other upgrade for that matter!

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Why are you stacking them? It lets one model remove them in a single AP.

I don't have the rulebook with me, but none of us have realized that yet.  Can you really remove all scheme markers you are touching with one action?  damn. 


It hasn't really come up yet because noone has even removed the top one, though at least one game it was headed that way before the other guy had to leave.  I like to stack them because it means I have to control less of the board, and he can drop multiple in a turn that way.

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Stacking scheme markers also makes them quite vulnerable to things like Lucius' Legalesee and the Freikorps Specialist's Flammenwerfer as well as any other such ability that removes scheme markers in an AoE.

I guess it is just my meta.  It is the rare situation where people are removing scheme markers.   I am the only Lucius player, and we don't have anyone using the Specialist yet.  I have seen the peacekeeper, but the people who play him haven't used their scheme marker removal yet.

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Question with the warden. My understanding the only way he can paralyze things is attacking a model that has already activated, though aside from reactive is there a reason to try to paralyze a model that has already activated? 


Paralyze, Slow, and Fast don't go away at the end of the next turn.  They specifically go away on that model's next activation.

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Question with the warden. My understanding the only way he can paralyze things is attacking a model that has already activated, though aside from reactive is there a reason to try to paralyze a model that has already activated? 

The Paralyze condition carries over until next activation.

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