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  1. Acting models controller. Collodi is the acting models controller. you get to place the marker.
  2. What family movement shenanigans? perdita? and well his one action enfriente? or the additional upgrade Hermanos De Armas? Frank by himself does not just move around nor does the family besides perdita. they pay for that. So if you use his heal you are not using Finesse. and correct me if i am wrong but Finesse works only versus ML actions...so Shooting him in his Mustached face seems like easy mode being df 5 and all. and that heal a Suited 8. SS help but that all depends if you have them or need to use them on other things like prevention. or are you using hermanos (0). but df 5 8 wounds, not hard to get rid of. Now this is coming from a guy who just picked up Frank and in the 3 games i have played him i have not used his melee attack once. But i have used his gun a few times. he has died in 2 of the 3 games. hannah did him in once, and this last game gremlins were dumb lucking the hell out of him. so many shots. being in hard cover did not matter when walk focus shoot. me be sad. I am Trying to Find out why he is "OP" but for the life of me i cant find it. maybe i should run him up and hit them with his sword but then i am not using el mayor. (i dont play perdita)
  3. So any person who plays Frank is a noob and can't win with out him as guild? Trying to follow how he such negatively impacts the game so much. Have you looked at papa loco. Fives out to damage flips and it stays just like el mayor. And one could say it impacts the game s Heck of a lot more than +2 df and +wp. But no el mayor is super cheese and every one who uses it doesn't know what they are doing when playing guild. I disagree I see him as a model that dies like any other henchman. Not very quickly. But most assuredly not impossible to kill. But wait he gives a passive buff. But only if he is hugging that person when he activates. So he can't very well walk off on his own if he is trying to abuse this "op" ability. Next you will tell me how summoning is a crutch and how all summoners are op and break the game. Then you will tell me things drop scheme markers with out using a (1) is op and breaks the game. After that you will say anything that impacts the opponent breaks the game. Or change how you play the game. Adapt crush and conquer. Or don't lose and say Mech rider, cisco, levy are just too good and should Winn all the time. Which reminds me. How often do you hear guild winning tournaments? No often I would say. And guild and only build can take this op model yet somehow they are never on top of well anything. So I guess I am confused how this model is so op. Good when used. Right yes. Op not even close.
  4. Well I am free till about 1930 eastern (that's 730pm for people who don't use a 24 hour clock)
  5. So do the new formats have any impact on adepticon? Mainly the team one.
  6. She would push first then the model would walk. Reasons. A disengaging strike is like any other duel. And like any other opposed duel it has a determined success step (step 5) this is when the push happens when. The model Declaring the walk action has not even moved yet. So mei would push then the model would walk.
  7. Levy does this thing that he makes what ever he brings a take all list. (Slight caveat when played with minimal or no mistakes and upgrades) So expanding is just something as a Malifaux player you are going to do. It happens. Things are shiny and you want them. @specter if you can find a hate list for "Mech ryler" I want to see it. Let me guess it involves Tara Taelor and some void wretches. Which means free aboms for levy and a dead not hard to kill Taelor. Also how do you know what your opponent is bringing? All you know is that it is outcasts. Super Mech ryler hate list doesn't look so great when facing Hamelin or Jack. So unless master is being announced (for what ever obtuse reason) you are never going to build a hate list. Or you can try and hope they play that crew. P.s. not playing to win is fine and dandy. I would rather joke around have a good time then crush my opponents spirit and drive them from the game. But if I know the person and they can take soul crushing defeat. Then game on.
  8. Uhh kill kang. From what I hear if some one is playing TT hears ressers they grab him for his super buff. I personally have never used him but I hear about him a lot. Most ten thunders have am model count of 7 some times less rarely more since TT anything is expensive. So as a Resser activation control and making more things than them goes a long way. Muwhahaha I find is great just to make them burn activations and maybe they might do damage. Maybe. 98% of TT is living so horror duels are actually generally effective and burn resources. But there is no one list to rule them all. Build to strategies and schemes and play your game. Hindering them is a bonus but end of the day vp is vp.
  9. And conversely black jokers. Its just more pronounced when a red joker is flipped and you are really sad or happy.
  10. All models are friendly to themselves. Its in the rule book page.......dammit let me go find it. Page 31 call out box. Also auras () affect the user unless other wise stated
  11. Attackers win ties. And in a simple horror duel who ever is taking it wins ties. So just needs to meat it.
  12. I am confused at why Pandora wasn't it smashing ironsides with her CA :close attacks. Or killing snow storm I don't know. But I did like the factory you had going on.
  13. True but free focus is free focus lol. Sh4 becomes pseudo ephemeral +2 to sh6. Some thread posted about it so. But it's a patrol and the guild guard will beat you into submission while they sick their dogs on you.
  14. Just played Frank with Sonnia. And he was her taxi. And she shot his gun. Multple times. Other wise didn't do much. But Df6 Sonnia was a thing she still got hit a lot. But ended the game at full wounds due to the brutal effigy. So I see his utility but at 10 stones (hda and wade in) he did not drove any of his points back. Maybe next time he will be in melee. So I can shoot him with Sonnia or something.
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