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  1. I like the idea of Wicked Dolls making schemes for the sow to summon off of lol
  2. Spawn mother converts to killing much better, IMO than the Sow. Stat 6 vs 5, Severe 6 vs 5 and the really, really big one 1" over 0". How bad 0" melee is cannot be understated, and the possibility that you have to end your activation on a Tome negates the amazing Grit ability, IMO. It should also be pointed out that the Sow is only suitless if you spend another AP on it while Spawn Mother's is a bonus.
  3. IR on Spawn Mother shouldn't be over looked. The ability to charge through models to smack something when they kill one of your guys is huge. Severe 6 is also no joke, especially on a model that can stone for Puncture.
  4. Not a Juju fan at all. Would much rather funnel AP through Emissary in NVB.
  5. Franc Toss (Bayou) Size: 50 - Pool: 10 Leader: Zoraida Hires: Gautraeux Bokor Gautraeux Bokor 2 Lucky Effigy Effigy of Fate Alphonse LeBlanc Two Gremlins in a Ghillie Suit Francois LaCroix References: Voodoo Doll Wanga Mojo Curse So this was my thought for a Z Bayou list. You can give Alphonse a huge stack of Glowy T1, give Franc fast and a walk with Burn Out Obey, then have Alphonse yeet him up the table. Franc is an absolute murder machine and being 15" from where he started and Fast is quite the threat, then he's backed up by Alphonse
  6. Wicked Doll giving the Bokors Adversary goes a long way there
  7. Bayou vs NVB hands down goes to NVB. This is from several nested synergies. Voodoo scrap gets turned into a Stitched by Vasilisa(requires 9Mask) Vasilisa can make a BBS grow on T1 Black Blood, from BBS, takes Bokors to the next level Bokors with Fast and tons of Glowy draw lots of cards (>=9Mask being the key). With the above youre pulsing Focus twice, replacing for a 4ss gain, and summoning a 6ss, likely undercosted, model and that doesn't cover what else Vasi or the Bokor do the rest of the game. Z allows for an amazing engine in NVB that doesn't have a parallel i
  8. In Dreamer he competes with Teddy, IMO, and in that there is no competition, Teddy is a hoss. Carver has a niche though. He has Ruthless which is only on one other NVB model (Titania and Luci can both access out of faction keyword models with Ruthless though), and anti Focus stack. He's probably worth it VS Daw and Hamelin, probably not in any other match ups. Model is lit though.
  9. Nah nah, I like the all dual faction box
  10. So Puppet, Chimera, Mimic... and Neph? Barbaros is Outcast after all
  11. IDK that I would call Neph or Woe popular, Nightmare and Fae certainly are as they're top 3 of NVB. Nightmare is already large in the faction and Fae got Rex from EXS release. Neph is missing a second hench and has no enforcers so I could see it.
  12. They could buff Luci via dope ass starter Mimic models
  13. I think more Mimic would be cool. Right now we just have Dopple and Changelings. A NVB Mimic hench would be an interesting design space to explore
  14. There's alot that makes 0" melee bad. Can't control an area to prevent interacts. Lose an AP to fight the thing that is engaging you already. Extremely limits charge angles(this is the biggest one IMO). Guy is just around the corner of some impassable? No charge. Another model? No charge. Base to base is almost as bad as having to go directly towards and to keep viable charge lanes you can't take advantage of cover or your own models to stop their charge in the event you need to activate the 0" melee guy first. Go into vassal and set up a couple models to see how big of a differ
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