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  1. Serena would be my number 1 add, followed by the Nephilim
  2. So I've used Serena a bunch since the nerf and I've found 2 things to be true 1. She still regularly heals the same model twice in an activation 2. Pulled Here and There is an amazing trigger that has allowed the scoring of points I wouldn't have otherwise scored
  3. 3 years from now there will titles for all the masters, probably a ton of new models and changes to existing models. The lists would need to be updated anyway
  4. New Zoraida Crew (Neverborn) Size: 50 - Pool: 5 Leader: Zoraida Hires: Black Blood Shaman Vasilisa Bayou Gator Bayou Gator 2 Bayou Gator 3 Wicked Doll Gautraeux Bokor Silurid References: Voodoo Doll Wanga Mojo Curse Mature Nephilim Stitched Together Wicked Doll Gators have Stealth, Unimpeded, and Ambush. Daw hates both Stealth and Concealing. So the Gators can hide in terrain, forcing him to spend AP on movement and Focus for straight flips to hit. Gators have Ruthless, Flurry, Execute, and Puncture. Vasi and the BBS lets you pulse 2 focus onto all the gators T1, turning them into little missiles with 2 relevant triggers. At the same time he'll have to discard to not gain stunned while he is engaged with them and Tormented really want their triggers. At the same time the BBS is growing into a Mature and Vasi is also summoning Stitched. The Bokor is your poke target for the BBS, getting Fast and a bunch of glowy to then turn into cards and heal the new Mature to full.
  5. 2e Z box has Silurids instead of Waldgeists 2e Dreamer has Alps+ all the 3e contents. Pretty sure both are still findable and Z Silurids are loads better than Waldgeists. Though if you were to suggest a 2 crew path Titania Box+New Z box+ Emissary Box is pretty golden, though after that they diverge heavily, wanting $50 purchases that are keyword locked. Oddly the easiest keyword to build out is the summoner. 2e box+Serena Madness Box+Teddy. This is all the summonable models and gives you a very solid list on the table
  6. Lyssa can clear your Staggered from 8" or 12" as long as they're out of 6" of Montressor. Dont relent and choose the lower card from the plus if you dont want to reposition/ for Startle. Rider is Mv 7 and alot of Tormented attacks target Mv so thats really nice. Also having him charge outside of his activation so he gets [+] to damage during his own does work on Def 4 models. WW making Stitched from Voodoo scrap is excellent, doesn't matter the matchup
  7. I was 100% ready for Nightmare to get nerfed. It, imo, is one of the most appealing crews in terms of aesthetics, theme, and mechanics. I enjoyed playing it, but hated dumping NPEs on my opponent to do it. I'd rather play a strong, but fair, keyword than one that is absurdly over the top. PS, if Dreamer has competition for #1 NVB it would be Z with hired WW becuase he can't summon Stitched anymore.
  8. Z is definitely a master that requires you to be very familiar with everything on the table to get the most out of her. Its also easy to get stuck in "Stat 7 Obey is always the best option" when she also has Hex with 2 very useful triggers. Z is a very strong second master due to the utility she brings. She can funnel AP through whatever model needs it and she refills your hand. If you're going the AP funnel route you only need 7s too so she only competes for severes if you want to offensively Obey.
  9. Thats a bigger nerf than what they did.
  10. She was better than very good. She was imbalanced. Def 6, can't be charged, 12wd model, that could potentially heal a single target 6 with a bonus action, had a Stat 6 2" 2/4/6, and a FF Arm ignoring gun with one of the strongest disruptive triggers in the game, Hole in the World. For 8ss. She lost a Def, 2wds, and has to target a different thing with her bonus trigger but now her attack stays stat 6 and can heal. Her healing potential actually went up and she still has a ridiculous gun. The nigh invulnerability and ease of her single target healing got nerfed *becuase they needed to be* The damage of her melee was nerfed while its utility was buffed. The fact that some players are saying her changes spell the end of Neverborn are indicative of their over reliance on her *becuase she was too good* I've played her in GG2, she is still very strong.
  11. I'd say Marcus is different enough. Z's outright strength though does rain on NVB's weaker masters' parades though.
  12. Cache kitties don't happen with NVB Marcus and that makes a world of difference. Not being able to stone for Onslaught means having to pitch an upgrade for it, and without the defensive upgrades they die. NVB Marcus runs a more schemey crew using Adze, Bandersnatch, and Wisps. It is a very different playstyle but so so fun.
  13. This 100%. She needed to be toned down. She is still playable and in keyword is the best way to play her, as it should be. People also need to realize that of the models that got touched, Serena got a rebalance, most got outright nerfed. Yan Lo, Schtook, Leve, Somer: they all got a firm shove down in power level. Does taking the suit off Necropunk Leap open up new list building options or table strategies? Lol no How bout an attack that can be Mimic'd that draws LoS through friendly models and has dope triggers? Yes, this is very cool, this is worth exploring.
  14. It also only heals Feed on Fear models, is Stat 5, requires engagement instead of 3" and is rng 8. If you Horrificing through Teddy it's 8"+50mm+1". There's alot of potential there, imo, its just going to take figuring out lists.
  15. 2" 2/4/6 was a bit strange on a model that was such a good healer. And yea, she'll totally see the table, just requires a bit more thought than it once did outside of the Nightmare keyword.
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