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  1. Wicked dolls are very good for 3 stones. I'm of the opinion you usually want 2 that way they can leap frog down a table edge to scheme. If you've got Vasilisa as well its a nice package as she can turn their scrap into more Dolls or Stitched with a high enough mask. And when compared to a pass token for activation control you can look at using the Dolls activation as a pass token because they are usually quite far from the action.
  2. I was looking for a good proxy for Kabuki warriors earlier today, thanks
  3. Copy of Euripidolls (Neverborn) Size: 50 - Pool: 10 Leader: Euripides Totem(s): Primordial Magic Hires: Thoon Doppleganger Cyclops Cyclops 2 Wicked Doll Wicked Doll 2 Wicked Doll 3 Just 2 games so far but holy cow, Rune-Etched Ice is capable of doing so much damage. You can get up to 6 TN14 better-than-shockwave placements that don't require line of sight and you only have to flip 6's. Future sight is beyond underrated when paired with The Old Ways. Intuition isn't crazy, just helps plan the activation. Doppleganger with Thoon is
  4. Thanks. My plan was to paint them yesterday, but it took 3 scavenged 12v adapters to find one that could overcome the resistance on the steel wire I was using for the hit wire cutter and that was after I slagged the first wire by going straight to the outlet on the first attempt lol.
  5. Used a freshly assembled Euripides crew for my first game of M3E last week after a 3.5 year break. During the game my opponent, also just back to Malifaux after years, attempted to draw LOS over an empty 30mm base, which was an Ice Pillar. When I pointed out that it was Ht 4 he said, "You really need to model those." I had already ordered the Litkos 😎
  6. After playing it last night I intend to have 10ss with Euripides going forward. Playing against an empty handed opponent is absolutely absurd, it is hard to quantify until you do it.
  7. Played against Lady J last night. Both our first game in 3rd, but we've been playing table top games for over a decade and played plenty M2E. Rune etched ice is absolutely insane even when I knew I'd only be able to use it twice due to having the Black Joker in my top 3, thanks Intuition. Caused 10 Mv duels, 14 total damage done. Lady J took the bait and came at Euripides, I had the 13, 11, and 10 of Tomes in hand. Future Sight+The Old Ways left him empty handed and Euripides only took 6 damage. Thoon promptly put Lady J in ice. My hand was the absolute nuts, no denying that, but I think
  8. I appreciate the response. Arcanist have 3 demolitionists and a couple December models, Gremlins have 1 Demolitionist, Lucky Emissary, and Pere, for Guild I'm just seeing Riotbreaker and Papa Loco with Blow it to Hell, as well as Basse, but his requires LoS to a model, a trigger, and that model to be within 3 inches of a pillar. I used the app and filtered for destructible so it's possible I'm missing something. The pillars are definitely worse against shooting crews, because LoS is harder to block than charge lanes. Is there something else I'm not seeing?
  9. Can you expand on this a bit? I haven't played a game since M2E and just finished putting together Euripides box, Cyclops, and Bultungin. Just looking at the cards Euripides and Thoon have a lot of cool tricks. Rune-Etched Ice is a shockwave that leaves behind impassable terrain that Euripides can teleport to, or push for more AoE damage, that can also disrupt the targets positioning. Thoon can bury models and move them around with his chain and Arctic Pull, Doppleganger with him seems nuts. The ice pillars themselves appear really powerful if put in in the right places, but I'm likely ignoran
  10. The Adze seems like a great model with alot of utility. The sculpt is soooo ugly though
  11. I had been giving thought to it and was thinking, as far as movement, treating the surface as open, 1" to move from table to boardwalk, no penalty to move down. Or have the table reduce movement by 25% and build more boardwalks lol. I want it to be playable in addition to good looking.
  12. I stopped working on this about 3 years ago but a friend of mine started making his own table so I'm getting back into the game and need to finish this. Probably need to make a few more walk ways and then make some fog banks using Polyfil that will count as dense w/o movement penalty. I just started adding moss today and have alot more to do. Any and all feedback and criticism welcome!
  13. What about Bultungin? SPD 6 with Deadly Pursuit and cost 6 outside of keyword. I haven't played in years, getting back into the game as a friend started building a table.
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