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  1. Parker barrow gives an interact with "Draw the attention". If my ally has already taken an interact, is this possible ? If he is engaged ? If he made a disengagement ?
  2. Hello, I have a question regarding terminology. I'm interested for example Drink blood from Killjoy when we speak damage suffered. Suppose I do moderate damage to an enemy so 4. My enemy has armor 2 and a shield. I heal from 1 or 4?
  3. Hello, I do an Obey on a model that has a Focus token. Can I use this focus for the action I'm going to make him do?
  4. Hello, I hit an enemy with Bad Juju, I trigger Quicksand. Does the trigger work if I kill the initial target?
  5. Hello, a question about the use of the Blood Hunter. It charge. After his push, he can use Stampede to make one point to the enemy. Knowing that Stampede's description says it works after charging (so out of action) and black blood is reacting to damage from an action, is that Black blood can be used in reaction to stampede ?
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