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  1. Of course! I used rattle cans to prime in matt black, and then build a pretty harsh zenithal highlight in white. I then drybrushed a couple of layers of citadel's runefang steel. I then picked out the details in citadel's gold Retribution Armour, before highlight both the steel and gold with more runefang. I then painted a no-brand black india ink into the recesses that had got any paint from the zenithal or drybrushing, just to tidy things up. I then ended up with a very shiny robot, and started to take it back with some diluted Strong Tone from The Army Painter - a couple of coats of that. L
  2. Coming from a Games Workshop background these things are super fiddly to put together, but well worth the effort. Here are my first ever malifaux minis!
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