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  1. Oh i was thinking maybe a once a month thing on a Thursday or friday?
  2. Okay so I started this thread and I might get a bit pushy if you guys are keen to actually try to get a regular game started I havce spoke with the United Services Club in Watt St and they will host us no no fee and we can have food and drinks and generally enjoy this hobby. Let me know.
  3. Not really I just spent ages gluing my fingerprints to those bloody Ice Gamin. I might be more inspired now with an idea that some games my happen. lol
  4. @Caedrus Ha ha actual pillars would help with line of sight arguments.
  5. Caedrus, I run and Arcanists with Rasputina at the head. Had a few goes with others but they all belong to my mates. Same applies re coffee and a game. I have my office in the CBD so shouldn;t be to far apart.
  6. G'day FabioMatt. I was introduced a couple of years ago but never really found time to delve into Malifaux further. I quite like the style and the mechanics. Having said that I play so infrequently that half of a session is taken up with relearning the game. Maybe we can try to get together for coffee at some stage and discuss a game.
  7. Hey good to hear from you. I am a slacker when it comes to painting but have had a few games with mates who are mad keen on their terrain and Mini's. I am keen to play more. If we can get a few together we should try to have a regular session.
  8. Always awesome see submissions to these comps. I can only dream of that level of skill.
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