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  1. I tried Lucius yesterday, he seemed to be a good addition to the minion-heavy guard. But he was quite disappointing. You waste 2-3 Master AP to obey your own guys. I rather have 2x 8 SS Henchmen or just another GuildRifle than 1x16 SS Lucius to have nearly the same effect. His bonusaction was only useful once and the extra card isn't worth it either.
  2. If you have Phiona in range of a scheme marker, you have all the punch you want.
  3. Ok thank you all, I think I understand it now. It is like the execute trigger but it doesn't matter. You are just forced to reveal the schemes as the consequense. So in the case of 2 schemes already revealed nothing hapoens. The discarding is just the condition not the consequense. With execute it's the same effect, but the consequenses matter. The consequenses are never discarding cards in talk! and execute.
  4. I noticed a delicate trigger on Alan Reid no one talks about, as far as I know. What about the talk! trigger, if the opponent has both schemes revealed? As I understand the wording and the nature of "or-triggers", the opponent is forced to discard two cards. What are your 2 cents about the topic, because if that's the case talk! would be very strong combined with all the execute possibilities.
  5. I have a quick question regarding the Exorcists abbility "barrier to the outer world". Is it possible to damage the Dreamers summons with this abbility or not? Technically they are summoned burried but when they first unburry maybe that's when "barrier to the outer world" kicks in?
  6. It was helpful, thank you. I even use the app and set up the game and the lists days before... But just unsing one crew over and over again could proof succesful. I switch beetween 3 crews (Dashel, Nellie and Titania) to justify having them, while building up a Lucius and a Lady J crew. On the other hand are my opponents also switching their crews like their clothes, so it's a completly new situation everytime we play. Sticking to one crew maybe for a month could cut down our gametime. Thank you
  7. I really like these battlereports. There is one question I have while reading. How long does a game of 5 turns take for you or in your meta? Because you are putting out games like crazy, in my german meta, people are slow and new players shy away because the game takes too long for them. So one or two games a week is the limit, if a game takes 4-5 hours for me at least.
  8. I need teaching in Titania related things, your first strike strat sounds very solid, for a "slow" (not exactly fast) crew. But I wraped my head around your statement, that a Rougarou could push Titania 16", how does he do it? The push is only 6". Is it 2 times plus obey? If that works it would be amazing, no one expects alpha strikes against Titania the moving tar pit crew
  9. Thank you, I'll try that, I could use a sarge model as proxie for queeg
  10. Ok I just propose another matchup, first I present what I have for the guild: Dashel, all guard keyword models exept for the Warden and Taggard Queeg. I have 2 Lawyers. Nellie, all available journalist models (Core Box+Allison) but I never played journalists. No versatile models, I plan on buying the steward and the pale rider, but at the moment they are hard to get. Match against Pandora I like to play with a list composed primarily of guard models. The question is how to win against Pandora with Dashel. Corner Deployment Plant explosives Schemes: Breakthrough
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