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  1. Consensus seems to be that it doesn't actually attach (other than through the telescope at the top). You *can* line it up such that it touches the back small wheel and glue it there for some added stability though.
  2. I think she's at a point where she could stand to get a small buff without unbalancing things. If she did get a defensive trigger I'd absolutely want it to be either enemy-only, or After Succeeding (potentially both, but a When Resolving, enemy-only could be interesting too). If the trigger had italtics to eat a scrap marker it'd make it somewhat situational (since she then couldn't declare it without spare scrap) but still interesting. If it were a small effect I think it could work. Honestly though I'd rather see buffs to Neil and Willie, and maybe a small one to Kang before Mei herself. If she did get anything, my first wishlist item would be lowering the TN on her bonus by 1-2. Since her crew doesn't draw cards at all, cheating the 6/8 you need for that to go off can actually be somewhat painful.
  3. I don't think she needs it, but dang that'd be a fun addition to her card.
  4. You can't choose to fail a shockwave duel, but you can choose not to ignore the shockwave (since friendly Oni *may* ignore it) and then either fail or cheat to fail the flip. If she's got the mask trigger that'll let you teleport an Oni up to a different marker durng Asami's activation, yeah. You could also potentially trigger it if you put Masked Agent on Asami, but that's going to be pretty limited utility.
  5. It's any one card, yeah. Definitely don't get multiples.
  6. That'll be unfortunate if that's how it shakes out, given that those three are already my least taken Foundry models with OG Mei.
  7. Okay, but consider this: Tanuki can help stack Poison and lets the Corpse Curator do a (*very* watered down) version of its MCM-trick to go btb with someone and deal unresisted damage at EOT. Is it a *good* synergy? Almost certainly not. Is it a fun/funny one? Absolutely!
  8. I think this is the first time I've seen someone actually recommend Yas post-nerf!
  9. Idk, is there anything about her that stands out as Synergy with the Statue?
  10. Not sure why you'd want Nightsilk over Damned or Sandworm though, and you probably don't want to be taking multiple OOK Beasts. Likely if you think the ability to apply ranged Stunned and Staggered will be relevant? Or could combo with Mr. Ngaatoro for a mini Poison subtheme, but that seems really niche.
  11. I think that's both a weakness and a strength. It allows them to play into more pools, which is great for newer players, or those who just want to focus on one keyword at a time.
  12. That should be from the stories in the upcoming Malifaux Burns book.
  13. Most tournaments would be fine with this, but this wouldn't be allowed at any that follow Gaining Grounds completely (aka 'official' ones like Adepticon). The rules include that any conversions must be based on the actual models they represent. It's pretty restrictive.
  14. Yeah, he turns an area about the size of a full apartment block into a glassed crater the second the mask comes off. And Sonnia's new title is 'Unmasked', implying that that's the power level she should be wielding. So it's, uh, a little inconsistent.
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