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  1. V&W being Size 2 has to be one of: a) a typo b) a holdover that got missed from when the statline represented a different model or before they got a model c) someone's pet obsession with allowing them to be targetted by Ride with Me
  2. An upgrade with Regen, Black Blood, and maybe a trigger that makes them suffer damage for fun and profit would be neat, and a cool Neverborn nod. Unfortunately it looks like the only trigger like that that already exists is Necrotic Decay, which would be absolutely gross.
  3. As a software tester, definitely agree. Another relevant takeaway from my job is that users see the few issues that make it into the released product, but they don't see the hundreds more that were fixed and iterated out along the way. This makes it easy to think "hey, what are they doing / isn't anyone testing this / what are they even spending time on / etc" without realizing all the effort that goes into making it as good as it is.
  4. I've seen this approach taken in various ways with some of the dead GW games (namely, Mordheim, BFG, and Epic Armageddon). It has...mixed results. Mordheim is a mess of conflicting house rule lists and some very, very broken warbands. BFG has a pretty big schism between people who think the original Eldar fleet is broken and unfun, and people who think the new community version is weird, unintuitive, underpowered, or unnecessary. Epic has different sets of "official" army lists in the US, UK, France, and Australia, has lists or units constantly being complained about or comapred between t
  5. Can't imagine it'd be worth it as he doesn't otherwise synergize with Wastrel, but Harata's Echoes of the Ocean is cute with False Claim to get around the 'remove a scheme marker' effect.
  6. Now that you put it like that, no, its not just you 😢😢😢
  7. That seems legit for guarding Symbols/Evidence markers from anything that doesn't have Don't Mind Me
  8. For the ice board get some Christmas decoration icicles and cut them to varying heights as icy stalagmites.
  9. I just picked up Frontier (planning to play them in ES though), and without going through this thread there's a 100% chance that I wouldn't have noticed that Paul doesn't have Favorable Terrain until an opponent who's familiar with his card pointed out my mistake during a game (probably at a very inconvenient time for me).
  10. So if you're an ES player, there are obviously reasons and situations when you'd want to pick Basse. But if you're a Basse player, what would make you want to declare ES over Guild? Rex is an obvious answer for the beast-gimmick list (and/or possibly Ullr or The Damned). Anything else? Any upgrades, versatiles, or OOK picks that seem exciting?
  11. Haha, no worries, it's easy to miss things. I only found the reference with Ctrl+F
  12. You are correct. PDF Errata'd Rulebook, pg28, section on Markers :
  13. Can you use this to get a + to an attack that doesn't have a damage flip? Or do both the + and - need to apply in order for it to go off?
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