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  1. Briefly thought about it, but the worm doesn't ignore Hazardous, so it's going to take damage and Injured for popping up from Pit Traps, then again when it acts. That's a lot of self-inflicted pain for not a huge payoff (the Vatagi aren't the most mobile, so you're not getting traps super deep in the enemy side).
  2. Those are all GG1 strats. OP specified GG0.
  3. It's a holdover from before the FAQ. Since it turned out to actually be an errata, and they didn't make any changes to Pigapult to go with it, probably another unintended side effect like Ricochet.
  4. I've played against them twice, and I think on his slowest turn between both games he drew 3 cards. Most turns were 5+ (although I don't think he ever got quite to 10). I agree though that adding draw to everyone isn't the solution. I've mostly played Foundry, a keyword with no draw, and find it to be an interesting limitation.
  5. It's really interesting to me that everyone has included Misaki, and yet other than Minako I've literally never heard a single complaint about her. She's certainly mentioned as being strong, but doesn't have the salt-levels that the other masters on these lists get. My impression from chatter about her and playing with and against her once each was that she's good but not great, more like the lower end of A-tier. Has she been tearing up the Vassal World Series recently and I haven't noticed? Is she a sleeper hit that most of the community hasn't cracked yet?
  6. Totally missed that part of the ability. Carry on, nothing to see here, just failing to read cards 😅
  7. It's a pretty common rule in most other skirmish wargames, so pretty reasonable to get mixed up.
  8. Climbing isn't half speed even if you don't ignore the terrain trait (just did a Ctrl+F through the rulebook to verify)
  9. After last year's errata, it won't help for climbable terrain at all unless you have enough movement to get all the way through it. They added the last sentence at the end, which tells you how to treat the vertical distance if you ignore the terrain. Notice that it has the exact same wording as the normal effects of that terrain: So ignoring it doesn't have any effect other than allowing you to move through it. Basically it'll help with ice pillars, small barrel piles, etc. As mentioned above though, if only part of that terrain is within 4" of the goat or it's wider than the movin
  10. That's...not a sentence I was expecting to see. She's got a really solid attack for a 6ss model, but it's not spectacular, and she's not exactly built to take hits back. Compared to her amazing scheming potential it seems a waste to have her attacking. How are you using her? Hunting low-end scheme runners, or getting mixed up in bigger fights? And I almost tried the mechagoat in my game, until I realized that it actually doesn't help with/bypass big climbable hills, which were a big percentage of our board. The robot designed to help climb mountains just...doesn't. Maybe it's too busy scr
  11. I started with Foundry, and they quite fun and flexible in most pools. That said, they have some crews they come up against that will just wreck their day. When your rail lines are being eaten by the opponent for value it just feels bad.
  12. I've only played a couple of games since the errata, and used Swarms with Diesel Engines against Parker (using Ramos, though, so not exactly a normal Arcanist list). They still did great work there, and I've been considering trying them out in Mei along with Rail Workers to toss them upfield for some real alphastrike potential (or just the ability to opperate effectively off the rail lines).
  13. Had my first real game with Apex last night vs. Von Schill. Standard Symbols with Hidden Martyrs, Sabotage, Claim Jump, Breakthrough, and Leave Your Mark. My list was: Cooper 3 Runaways Model 9 Artemis Ullr Bellhop Porter Crypsis Corps Vatagi Huntsman Hopeful Prospect 5ss We both picked Sabotage, and I took Hidden Martyrs on the dogs while he took Claim Jump on a Drachen Trooper. We were playing over TTS for the first time, and were both a bit rusty, so we ended up calling it at the top of T3 due to time. Apex had 2 points for strat and 1 for Martyrs (RIP Artemi
  14. Cooper probably isn't going to love corner deployment most of the time, so you probably want someone who doesn't mind those pools. McCabe is schemy and can really cover ground, so seems to be a perfect compliment (I'm also starting ES currently with Cooper, McCabe, and Basse). If you don't like book keeping and moving parts you should probably avoid Nexus and Jedza, as both those keywords are pretty heavy on lots of little interactions stacked up together. Ivan would have less moving parts, but definitely needs to keep up at least a little with shadow markers and balancing the DUA/Umbra p
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