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  1. As a master I always say about limits of camaign. I have from 8 to 15 sessions around one group and one story. Sometimes I have 3-4 sessions, but I allow my Fated to stard with 3 levels in one persuit. Then, if players want his character to see this Fated later in the story, I ask him for character sheet. For Fated character in my games I have one rule -- They Flip Cards. I take my regular deck that I play in Malifaux and take starting hand equal to the number of Fated in the scene. And they don't want to cross the way of 15 lvl character. Feels great. As Fated characters are those who ar
  2. Well, surprisingly zer0 times. Pale Rider went solo to one flank, in the middle steward was clearing it all. With extra focus. Some Obey helped a bit. Scales was hurt with wp duel with Anna, so i had to hide him or give free reckoning kill. He is just too slow to be put in the middle of the storm. Steward was nice, as he was killed and dealt cheated 7 dmg to Anna.
  3. Few days ago i tried Justice list. It was reckoning, corner; hold up their forces, search the ruins, outflank, vendetta, dig their graves. My crew was: Justice with llc, scales, guild steward, pale rider, emissary with llc, Jury and domador. 4 ss My opponents crew: McMourning, doggy totem, Sebastian, Rafkin, 2 nurses, effigy with upgrade, Anna Lovlace. 5 ss Game was kinda hard to win, still managed. I took Vendetta Domador for Rafkin blasting my living models. Emissary is tank of the game. Jury and domador was supporting with Obey and other things. Cannot undertand ho
  4. I had an idea of trying Basse crew. When i played against Titania (with Dashel), main problem was the amount of severe and consealment.
  5. Also mimic replaces stat with its own (6 for Agent, 7 for Doppel). In general, Lucius seems really good at hiring second matser for using pass tokens. I had an idea to use one or two False Witness for Basse's Claim Bounty. Not sure, but wanna try Hoffman with Luc. Giving hunters or guardians fast and giving them extra actions.
  6. Watchers are really great at their price, and I enjoy giving them fast with Hoffman. But with Sonnia I do prefer totem, since it has losf insignificant, has incorporeal and can make additional move with bonus action. Watcher needed in that crew, where we don't have great in-keyword schemerunners. I'd take it for Basse (as his crew loves terrain and watchers can ignore it), for Dita (dislike pistolyero and their reckless for scheming) and etc.
  7. There is chance, that your Fated is Stitched character. Or he became, with brain surgery talent or Raise Undead. And new body or new host could use Flash Construct rules. Kinda interesting to make fated searching new limbs instead of the rotten ones
  8. I'd like to add some. In compaign Stich in Time one of suggested characters is Construct with two swords. Could be reached via Into The Steam creation. Above the Law sais, that Elite Division can contain neverborn, like Doppelgangers. So, I suggest creating Elite Division character with possible copycat or forgotten persuits. Also some comaigns give possibility to get closer to this faction. Like Nythera or Northern Agression. With my group I've managed to tell story, how they were charmed with Zoraida and about their place in her Fate Changing Games
  9. I liked trying No Prisoners on Rifleman. So they able to charge and shoot. And spend focus on shockwave in 18 range with no LoS. My Lucius likes that
  10. So, I've been playing full Crossroads list. My effigy got his evolution upgrade. On turn 2 Effigy (surprisingly) buried opponent's minion, that already activated. Then, on turn 3 he was replaced. The confusion is: the buried model doesn't has to unbury due to replace, does it? Furthermore, will it use Pine Box rules to unbury?
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