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  1. I'd be interested to know. It seems like an easy thing to hire boars and make them into War Pigs--though that's at the expense of bringing some of the named pigs? Seems a bit hard to get up to three quickly--though over the course of a game I could see it happening, maybe. This is, of course, based off my one game playing against Ulix, tbh.
  2. I could be wrong in my order of operations, but I think Solkan and I come to same conclusion, that Philip would get the benefit of anyone he's in range of when they discard their card, prior to their push or their Fading ability, no? Even if you did each card before doing all of the subsequent fading abilities.
  3. I think you measure for when the card discards. Philip's ability is focused on the act of discarding. So Molly does her ability; three models discard cards. These trigger their Fading. Philip gets his ability from to go off, and then everyone who discarded pushed. Then fading happens, and it seems like Philip would get the fading buffs as you trigger those fading buffs. So if you discard a card for a rabble-rouser, a Crooligan, and Archie, if you do it in that order, I think Philip--if he's in range of all three, gets all three. However, the R.R. gets his bonus, then Philip does, then the Crooligan does theirs, and Philip does as well, and then Archie does his, followed again by Philip. But Philip is based off of discarding the card itself--and less about the ability happening. So I think as long as they're in range when they discard, he gets the benefit even if they are pushed out of range after the discard happens.
  4. I think they've done some good work for me maybe thrice; usually right after Youko has given someone a lot of distracted and then they charged in and dealt some real damage. But other than that, I don't think they do too much. XD
  5. Ha! Maybe I should get the dragon back onto the table and try them out again! It's been a minute. Yeah, Kunoichi while once in a blue moon will do something, but mostly just meander across the board without making it worth it. I personally love Ruffians, but you need two for them to be good, so at that point I suppose you could just get something else that's more efficient for the cost--they're probably my "favorite bad model" XD Yeah, Graves, I suppose does less than I'd like--but occasionally he hits something really hard for me, and that makes up for it I suppose?
  6. Oh Ponies for sure--which is why I'm slightly hesitant to hop in--but with the current promotions going on I feel like I need to take a leap and get in before I miss the chance to grab all these cuties XD What's the opinion on Slop-Haulers vs Hog Whisperers? In the game I played in they both didn't do too much against me. Seems like Whisperers are slightly better summoners while Slops are healers? What's more useful? Having piglets or healing the reckless pigs I've got?
  7. Hey all! I'm mostly a TT player, so other than whacking gremlins with katanas and the Brewmaster in 2e, I haven't touched too many Bayou models myself. I just played a game against Ulix and the crew looked like a lot of fun. I'm usually not a fan of this type of playstyle, but I like the goofiness of the pigs, so I'm considering going in! I've been looking over their cards and color me intrigued. What do people think about Ulix's keywords, and what models are auto-takes, and what gets left behind a lot?
  8. For Philip his ability states "after", so I think you would do Molly's ability, everyone who is going to discard discards, focuses, and pushes, and then Philip does his ability. In the rules it says if the ability has the word after in it, it happens after the other ability resolves. So I take that to mean all of Molly's ability resolves, and then Philip gets to do his thing. Edit to say: though if Philip is w/in range of multiple Fading triggers, he might get to do them in whatever order he wants--it just all happens after the other ones happen.
  9. TTB are one of the great workhorse models of the TT. I don't always bring them (certainly a bit less than I used to in 2e), but they are still a solid model that's fun to play with. However, I feel like Youko has a lot of tech already that the TTB runs parallel to. As Jesy says, you want pass tokens, and you want to have models that can use those tokens. The TTB can't, and that's tough. I feel if I was going to splurge and get out of keyword models for a Youko crew, I would bring more killy models that really can protect the Brunraku/Geisha/Chiyo who will be running schemes for me. That being said, I think Youko has a pretty solid keyword set with a number of killy models and a number of schemey models that make her very well rounded as is. As to what they're good for; the main reason I run them is to protect my scheme markers--giving them shielded (if I can) and just having them camp within range of one or two markers ensures I'm protecting my VP. Then the rest of the crew can tackle the opponent's threats while the TTB just brings in the money. They can also be a diversion piece to try and bog down a small bubble of opponents models--provided it's not the biggest and the baddest. But having misdirection and the ability to buff up on protections is very nice.
  10. To be honest, I think part of it is a playstyle thing; I personally would rather spend that SS on either another model, or save it for my cache--as I use my cache pretty heavily. I think all of the upgrades for our faction are worthwhile to take if the circumstances are right. I just generally would rather get an extra model. That being said, yeah, adding Trained Ninja into a Last-Blossom list is hilarious. I think one of the greatest strengths of TTs is their ability to accomplish any task because they have all the tools they need. The upgrades are a tool that can be used, quite effectively, to accomplish schemes and strategies. However, if it's not a tool you want to use, don't use it.
  11. Hey! In one of the other groups, we were talking about updating models that need a little love. I think Ten Thunders has been pretty fortunate in that most of the thematic crews are pretty solid--and we have a wide range of versatile models that fit in good with thematic crews, or serve crucial roles that we want filled. Are there any models that you can think of that need a little love? Maybe they just never leave your minis case, or maybe you never picked them up because they couldn't compete with other models in the faction/keyword? Here are some of the models that come to mind when looking through our faction: Thunder Archer--I love Archers--they're one of the models that actually got me into the game. But they just never seem worth it to take in a Last-Blossom list as there just seem to be better options. Meanwhile, as the main "fire-line" for Shenlong, you'd think I'd want to take them--but I never do. They just don't seem to mesh as well with Shenlong's crew that well. Shadow Emissary--this might be a controversial one. I don't think he's worth 10ss. I have a gorgeous looking model a friend of mine painted and sculpted that I long to put on the table--but the few times I have, it's been underwhelming at best. Yamaziko--we all remember the glory days of late 2e when she was in every single list that declared TT or Misaki. While she's the cheapest of the Henchmen that Misaki can bring in-keyword, she just never seems to make it too the table, as she's competing with two henchmen that seem better even if they are more expensive, or elite minions that do a lot for me scheme/strat-wise. I kind of wish her damage track was 3/3/4 again. Or that something was slightly different in a good way for her--as she too is one of my oldest and more favorite models. Kunoichi--I love the sculpts, I love the models, I even like them on paper. I bring them a lot when I take Youko--but they never really hold their weight for a 6ss model. They definitely have more going on than Geisha, but they seem less useful than both Geisha and Bunraku. Usually after a turn or two I'm wishing I could trade out these ladies for the other gals or the puppets. Kang--I never was really in love with Kang. Don't get me wrong; Mei Fang's one of my gals. She's so solid. But I'd rather take Sparks, or the Golem, or just a swarm of Gaimin and Rail Workers and Survivors. I just don't know what Kang needs--but it's something to compete with the plethora of options that Mei has at her disposal. Low River Monks--I actually haven't really used these guys that much in 3e. I miss them not doing any damage and having Ml 7. I'm not sure I'll ever be in love with them again unless they go back to that. But they just don't seem to be worth it considering the other options at Shenlong's disposal. Neil Henry--Okay, okay--I know, Henry isn't TT, but he is in Keyword, so let me say my piece. Like Kang, Henry is just meh compared to everything else. He's kind of expensive and is designed to kill stuff--but I have multiple other options that also kill things, and that I think kill things better. While there are a few other models I generally don't take, that's generally because they aren't a part of my play-style--though I can clearly see that they function at what they do. I usually just don't do that. So the above models are models I *want* to take, but don't. All that being said; I think TT is very fortunate. We have a lot of playable models and a lot of playable crews that can be thematic and still competitive or fun. All in all, I really love this faction, and am super glad that Misaki's crew and those Ten Thunder Archers looked as cool as they did when I decided to grab the boxes and give this game a go!
  12. So, I had initially though this game was impossible to min-max, and yet, now, as I stand looking on the ruined bodies of a Malisaurus Rex, multiple Mature Nephilim, and pretty much every other hard hitter in the rules, I have to admit that I don't know what to do to actually challenge my players. Two of my players are very OP in combat--the other two are decent, but not broken, they're just pretty good. My main problem is that they seem to enjoy combat more than other types of situations, so the campaign has become very combat focused. That being said, when I create combat encounters regardless of what it is, they can take it down in a round of comba, unless it's swarms of little guys, but then it's just a grind to get through them as they knock them down. While I normally would just make other types of encounters, they get frustrated if they can't bring their weapons to bear and quickly get disillusioned. Plus, it's hard to say 'you can't use your gun here' when they've literally mowed down multiple Peace-Keepers and a battalion of Guild Guard XD I've had them run into a master level character once or twice-but that was frustrating for the two non-min-maxed characters since they had a very hard time doing anything. I may have just painted myself into a wall on this one--but what do people think?
  13. Did any of you play mage knights with the large monsters that had four different click-y portions to attack? That's what this needs. Four different stat cards depending on what side of it you're facing.
  14. I think it's hard to define a core team when the strategies and schemes are changing depending on the game. If I take Misaki I almost always take Katanaka Crime Bosses--usually just one--but at least one. I also think that Minako Rei is important to the crew. So those two more than the other models usually come along. Wokou Raiders and Torakage can be rotated out as needed. The Archers and snipers can be used for specific pools, but I generally don't bring either of them that often. I like Yamaziko, but she's usually the last henchman I pick out of the 3 she has in keyword. If I take Mei, I want to have stuff that drops scrap for her to bounce off of, so I usually bring some Metal Gaimin, but I think the Golem is amazing. I also personally love the gremlin additions to her crew: Sparks, Mech Porkchop, and Survivors. I don't bring Neil Henry or Willie that often. I also like taking the Obsidian Statue sometimes since it synergizes with her scrap markers. McCabe only has one other box currently, so just get that. I sometimes take a samurai to offer fire support to his crew in a kill-y-er game. I usually run a pair of Ruffians, both hechmen and then a huckster as the base. Lynch I think is also only one other box. But I bring pretty much all of his models each game; especially since he can summon depleted, beckoners, or illuminated off models he kills. His enforcers and henchmen are good enough to come along almost every game. I usually bring the named people and beckoners, then fill in with illuminated/depleted as I see fit based off the pool. I like all of Youko's models--I would highly recommend getting the Hinamatsu. Kunoichi and Bunraku offer different abilities. I think Bunraku are probably slightly more versatily, but both are good. I think you can put off on the Charm Warders unless you end up playing against a lot of summoner masters in your meta. Asami--as the main summoner of the faction kind of needs a lot of oni--that's what she does--and having a wide breadth makes her more versatile and powerful. However, Akaname and Jorogumo are the two last ones to buy in my opinion. But that being said, Jorogumo are pretty good--so it's a toss-up. But with summoners you want to have everything they can summon since that's part of what they do. I haven't played that much Shenlong, but I would focus on the monks that benefit from his switching disciplines--so the Low, High, Wandering, and Fermented River monks first. And again, pick the monks you want in your list; Fermented are a goofier choice, but can be deadly. Wandering give you good runners, while Low River offers support and High River are combat oriented. As for versatiles, I think Samurai are really good and worth having. People really love Tanuki--I never hopped on that bandwagon, but they are good cheap models. Dawn Serpent is also fun, but more niche. The Emissary is pretty decent, but I haven't brought him along in a while. What masters interest you? And what is your play-style? Those impact how you play--I'm a more scheme-oriented player who prefers to avoid direct fights when I can and just focus on getting VP. If you're a more aggressive player you might want different models that the ones I normally select.
  15. Hey! Cool cool--yeah, Torrance is probably a bit of a hike for most of my group--though I do want to get down there to play you guys someday! XD Yeah--for some reason I just had in my head that you needed to have a printed copy. Thanks!
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