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  1. Drowsheep

    Should I buy new stuff or will I never use it?

    Well, the more important question is what will you be doing? if you're just playing to win in a very competitive meta, you'll have to look at what works in your meta and what doesn't. I personally prefer playing a bit more of a laid-back game and like playing with different models--even if they aren't the *best*. Investigators and Monster Hunters look like fun models. Get the models that you want to get! I find that in the right list most models can be competitive, so get one or two, try them out and see if you like them!
  2. Drowsheep

    Gwyneth Maddox Question

    Mostly so you can tell players with counterspell that they got rid of a suit without cramping your style. But it's not uncommon, I know Chiaki had a spare suit on either her card or her upgrade. A few other models sprinkled throughout the game have them. Either they're there for interactions that haven't come out yet, or left over from playtest concepts that just didn't get removed.
  3. Drowsheep

    Feign Weakness Summon Interact

    At least in a TT player's defense, we don't do that much summoning XD
  4. Drowsheep

    Sanctioned spellcasters and jury

    Are the spellcasters something that Lucius might like working with? I usually run TT, but since my McCabe guardsmen purchases are going to keep building up, I figured I might as well get the other master that really likes those Guild Minions...
  5. While I haven't finished the storylines, as of now, with what I've read, they don't appear much. But I do think that there are several figures who might be linked to it. Ironsides might be technically a part of it. I figure it's all of the non-mage arcanists who are fighting the Guild. Or maybe the elites of the organization.
  6. Necro-posting--sorry! Anyone have good conversions for some of the named characters? I'm more interested in some of our favorite people showing up in my TTB campaign than I am running a game of Malifaux with TTB Characters. Although, if I were less lazy, I could just make the conversions myself...
  7. Drowsheep

    Katanaka Crime Boss help

    Crime Bosses have only worked favorably for me so far. They have a lot of benefits, many of which have been mentioned: min 3 dmg, card draw, scheme marker control. Fragile is a great ability to work with and they work well with other models around. However, what I've found is that they are a mind-game piece. Frequently, people worry about giving me another card, so they delay activating models near them, or use resources to push and move models out of disengagement just so they don't give me a card. With the ability to give out fragile, and a min 3 dmg, they also can be a threatening piece just sitting on the table. Obviously, it depends on the scheme and strategy of the game. But I find that in many ways, the Crime Boss is a great representation of what the TTs are: a model that you play to focus on winning the game.
  8. Drowsheep

    New Ten Thunders Player

    I agree that Bisento Misaki is a good, fun, and competitive way to run her. It's the way I just run her normally. I generally run her with Yamaziko, Crime Bosses, Wokou Raider. Tengu are a great model to smoke and shadows another minion off of. While a lot of people hate on the Archers, I have to say that they're good--maybe not in the most competitive games, but they can be good, they just need to be run very well in very specific ways. You need someone like Yu, or another tougher model, to hang around it for them to get the benefit of their upgrade. If you can give them reactivate or fast they can be good too--something that Misaki herself can't do. They're a fun model, but not the *best* model.
  9. Drowsheep

    Starting Asami, What To Buy.

    My new two always-take models have become Yamaziko and a Crime Boss. If you are taking a Tengu with Yamaziko, taking a torakage makes a fun rush up the board if you take smoke and shadows. I've done this many times where I move Yamaziko, drop a scheme and move again, the Tengu hops up to that, then just runs forward. The Torakage just shadow walks off of the Tengu and has moved over 20" forward to either drop schemes or interact. It's a fun little ploy. With Jorogomu being able to use smoke and shadows too, having them shadow walk away, even if summoned, dropping them in a completely new position always fun.
  10. Drowsheep

    Yan Lo: TT or Ressur?

    Ten Thunders is one of the more difficult factions to get into--and Yan Lo is one of the most complicated masters to play right on top of that. Generally, Yan Lo is a support master, I use him to buff up my Ancestors and Retainers. He can deal some damage when he needs to but for the most part, it's his other models that do the heavy lifting, usually Toshiro, Chiaki, and Izamu. Komainu are a good pick as they get better and better when around the family. Not to mention, taking Punk Zombies with Toshiro is pretty good. Lightning Dance can be a key ability depending on the strategy and schemes. I have always used him as TT, though. Being a little weird of a master, maybe try running him without his normal synergy? The synergies of the some of the masters can be a trap. I'd try him with just some of the better TT models, maybe Crime Bosses or Lone swordsmen, any model than ar 2 would really help with, from Transcendence.
  11. Drowsheep

    New to Malifaux

    I hope you're still playing! Well, the beauty of TT is that so much of our faction is dual-faction. If Guild is interesting to you, I recommend getting the McCabe box. While the Wastrels are not the best model, McCabe is a lot of fun, as is Alchibal, his henchman. With Misaki, from The Thunder, you'll get access to the Outcasts. Currently, I run her with the Katanake Crime Bosses, Wokou Raiders, and Yamaziko. All good models. The fun part of Ten Thunders is they are so diverse it feels--sometimes--like you're playing five different armies.
  12. Drowsheep

    I want a lot of things...

    Delayed edit.
  13. Hey, So, I can't find my rule book at present, but last night a friend and I both had manipulative characters and wanted to know what the verdict was on attack actions that are either part of a charge and/or part of a trigger for a previous attack. Our thinking was that, ultimately, each is its own action, so you'd have to flip multiple times, once for each attack with a flurry, a charge, a rapid shot, or triggers off a previous attack. I just wanted to make sure that is accurate.
  14. Drowsheep

    Adding a box to a ragtag collection of random models

    Stitched together are okay, I think I've maybe run them once with him. my main problem with them is I just always have the worst luck, I usually end up almost killing them, getting them reactivate and then my opponent killing them before they go again, but I've also seen them do great things against me. With their card draw, they could be berry good with Lynch. I like tengu, but you often need to have them working in conjunction with another model (or at least two tengu together), so they aren't that great alone. But I've had fun. I'd probably not take them with Lunch though. but maybe take the katanaka snipers, they're a good model that can flip a lot of cards in their turn.
  15. Drowsheep

    Fermented monks

    I saw their card and I'm very excited to try the little fella out. that being said, I think they are pretty good for a 5 stone model, but I've yet to actually use them. speaking of Oni, I finally got to play Asami last night! I was massacred (though my amanjaku did 7 damage to Howard in 1 activation making Howard run away, so it was all worth it).