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  1. I main Misaki, but Mei Fang is probably my second favorite master. They have somewhat similar playstyles (aggressive masters that can quickly move across the board to support a somewhat independent crew. I usually run my master as a distraction so my crews can secure the schemes and strats). Here are my vague thoughts... The main difference between the two, in my experience, is that Mei Fang is a bit tankier, usually doing a bit less damage (unless I'm bringing the Porkchop and the Golem). Mei's crew is far more mobile in that after turn one or two, you probably have enough scrap spre
  2. Same here--I made a note that I'd lika a Miss Guided model if there are any left.
  3. It's saying they're out of stock for me as well. Any chance there will be more in stock at another time? Or should I just check-out as is and I'll still get one? yeah, it just keeps removing it from my cart.
  4. No worries! I'm just glad I've got good friends--and I love the paint job he did for me! That is rough--but I'm almost back to where I was now! Just a few TT models away!
  5. all my malifaux got stolen towards the end of 2e and some of my friends helped me re-buy most of what I had (Still working on it tbh, I had a lot). And one of my buddies painted a wicked awesome looking Lynch crew that he gave me. Some of the most splendid looking models I own. So I'm not going to be playing Lynch with any other models than the ones he painted for me! XD I'll probably commission him to paint Kitty up when I do get her!
  6. Quick question--more about the sale, than the events--is Kitty going to be available to special order through gencon, or just in the Lynch box?
  7. I'd like Moon Shinobi back in TT please; I miss running all of my ninjas together But really, I think for me, it's mostly just models I lost access to in the new edition; I liked being able to bring Stitched Together with Lynch, or some of the Guild Guard options McCabe no longer has access to.
  8. I'd be interested to know. It seems like an easy thing to hire boars and make them into War Pigs--though that's at the expense of bringing some of the named pigs? Seems a bit hard to get up to three quickly--though over the course of a game I could see it happening, maybe. This is, of course, based off my one game playing against Ulix, tbh.
  9. I could be wrong in my order of operations, but I think Solkan and I come to same conclusion, that Philip would get the benefit of anyone he's in range of when they discard their card, prior to their push or their Fading ability, no? Even if you did each card before doing all of the subsequent fading abilities.
  10. I think you measure for when the card discards. Philip's ability is focused on the act of discarding. So Molly does her ability; three models discard cards. These trigger their Fading. Philip gets his ability from to go off, and then everyone who discarded pushed. Then fading happens, and it seems like Philip would get the fading buffs as you trigger those fading buffs. So if you discard a card for a rabble-rouser, a Crooligan, and Archie, if you do it in that order, I think Philip--if he's in range of all three, gets all three. However, the R.R. gets his bonus, then Philip does
  11. I think they've done some good work for me maybe thrice; usually right after Youko has given someone a lot of distracted and then they charged in and dealt some real damage. But other than that, I don't think they do too much. XD
  12. Ha! Maybe I should get the dragon back onto the table and try them out again! It's been a minute. Yeah, Kunoichi while once in a blue moon will do something, but mostly just meander across the board without making it worth it. I personally love Ruffians, but you need two for them to be good, so at that point I suppose you could just get something else that's more efficient for the cost--they're probably my "favorite bad model" XD Yeah, Graves, I suppose does less than I'd like--but occasionally he hits something really hard for me, and that makes up for it I suppose?
  13. Oh Ponies for sure--which is why I'm slightly hesitant to hop in--but with the current promotions going on I feel like I need to take a leap and get in before I miss the chance to grab all these cuties XD What's the opinion on Slop-Haulers vs Hog Whisperers? In the game I played in they both didn't do too much against me. Seems like Whisperers are slightly better summoners while Slops are healers? What's more useful? Having piglets or healing the reckless pigs I've got?
  14. Hey all! I'm mostly a TT player, so other than whacking gremlins with katanas and the Brewmaster in 2e, I haven't touched too many Bayou models myself. I just played a game against Ulix and the crew looked like a lot of fun. I'm usually not a fan of this type of playstyle, but I like the goofiness of the pigs, so I'm considering going in! I've been looking over their cards and color me intrigued. What do people think about Ulix's keywords, and what models are auto-takes, and what gets left behind a lot?
  15. For Philip his ability states "after", so I think you would do Molly's ability, everyone who is going to discard discards, focuses, and pushes, and then Philip does his ability. In the rules it says if the ability has the word after in it, it happens after the other ability resolves. So I take that to mean all of Molly's ability resolves, and then Philip gets to do his thing. Edit to say: though if Philip is w/in range of multiple Fading triggers, he might get to do them in whatever order he wants--it just all happens after the other ones happen.
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