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  1. Upcoming page now has Faction decks with card lists, this is the neverborn box as an example.
  2. I am soooooooooo happy that there is a good functioning app, which for me makes any and all cards and card related issues obsolete.
  3. Yeah dreamer.... i so hope for an alternate card that brings back a bit of old dreamer. The new rules fit the new model, Teenage brat with cricket bat ... but i want old dreamer, a small child that tries his hardest to stay awake, and when he fails booom Chompytime. That special spark that made me pick him up in the first place ...
  4. You do realize cards are at the printer, and they wont change anything anymore unless its really broken? Whatever you think where they should be at, they are what they are.
  5. Archangle


    So its a deliberate decision that nekima and lilith now work together? Im very interested to read that fluff, that explains this ...
  6. Archangle


    https://www.wyrd-games.net/news/2018/12/12/waldos-weekly-i-am-the-keyword-master This makes sense, so Nekima/Lilith cant be in the same list. Still this is not on the actual Lilith Card?!? And from the same Page: This should be "cannot be hired into Neverborn UNLESS Lilith"?
  7. So you cant take Barbaros with Nekima, but a Crew with Nekima and Lilith works just fine? This really intentional?
  8. That sounds like the best solution, have the Rotenburg rule be a 12" effekt and she can have them stuble on the board from the edges all day without it breaking the game ...
  9. If any Sheme/Strategie involves sheme tokens that do not need to ly on the centre of the board you take Asura and score full points, and the enemy can do pretty much nothing against it, because catching zombies that can spawn everywhere on the board edge would take a more than rediciolus ammont of action points. I havent played against her yet, but please tell me what makes her not entirely breaking the game?
  10. Marcus has a special rule that all Beasts in the selected Faction become Versatile. Needs to be added.
  11. Ist been months since july … this shouldn`t be an issue anymore ...
  12. I demod the game with nekima. I wanted to give her to my Opponent but he insisted to Play the cool sniperlady and the Teddy. Teddy died on turn 1, Angel Eyes on turn 2 and then he concedes. Do not demo the game with Nekima. And if you are desperate enough to do, under no circumstances Play her yourself. Bad Things happend.
  13. We had schemes, but his crew was desintegrating so fast, that he couldn´t see himself scoring neither scenario nor shemes, while my Madness was already on his way towards his deployment zone to lay down the markers. McMounrning never had any Tots in his LOS, he ran up turn one, was teleported in the Neverborn backfield on top of 2 tried to melee Lilith a bit, found some aces in his deck and then died to Teddy and BabyKade. As long as lilith uses (abuses?) her LOS shenanigans she should be well out of reach of the nurse? Still i watched battle reports where peaple played her agressivly and it seemd like perfektly normal games, but i can´t see much reason not to abuse her LOS shenanigans. On the other hand, I dont like that so couldn`t care less for her to become dead mans hand. His third game was against the C.Hoffman Crew Box, he took the advice here to heart, used his poison more efficently, McMourning survived the game this time around, still he lost hard on VP. 30SS this time, McMourning really seams to want the full 50 to flesh out his poison engine.
  14. So in our club we just started to try out Malifaux. Were still on Crew boxes with Little changes here and there on 35 Stones. So the first two games of Ressers vs my Neverborn where totally onesided. First game Lilith, standing behind LOS Blocking Terrain teleporting terrortots in Exchange for his key models, so he killed some tots and i killed McMourning and Sebastian and still had all my big bad beaters. Second Game was Pandora/Box, Strategy Turf War. Pandora and her Sorrows, Poltergeist took the Center of the board. To stay relevant in the Strategy he charged his melee models in, killed one sorrow. Pandora started bombing away killing McMourning and damaging 4 other models at the same time. Mood Swing + Candy permaparalysed his Flesh Construkt. He had Nothing he could do an conceded on the end of turn 2. This onesinded games are no fun for either Player, so the Question is how to bring the Fun to the game. Is McMourning just bad as a starting Master? He is right now considering to switch to Nicodem as a new master, that any better? Is McMourning just very bad against Neverborn wo seem to beat him at his own game? Is 35 Stones not enough and we should hurry to get to full 50 Stone games? His list was: McMourning (Moonlightting) Cashe 6 Sebastian (Those are not ours) Chihuahua Flesh Construct Nurse Crooked Man Necropunk Seemed allright to me but on the table it just didn´t wort out. So please help us to get fun into this game, we really want to love it, but it is hard this way.
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