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  1. Hi everybody, I am a long time lurker, first time poster in these forums. Although I discovered Malifaux already some years ago - and have been thrilled by the fantastic miniatures as well as the unique fluff/background ever since - my gaming experience is very limited, in particular since third edition has been released. Now, since I finally could convince my wife to give Malifaux a try, I thought to introduce her to the game with the help of "Tricksy McGee's Malifaux Mayhem" which I have found here at a different subforum some time ago. My wife chose the Mah Tucket
  2. Where: Game Shoppe 4014 N 144th st Omaha, Ne 68116 402-991-8699 When: Jan 6th to Jan 27th Time: Classes start at 6:30pm Tuition fee: $10 Are you confused by the term “double negative flip”? Are you unsure how much damage you take if you have Burning +5? If you opponent declares Shenlong, do you think you will have an enjoyable game? If you said yes to any of these questions, then you need to join The Malifaux University for higher learning to gain the knowledge needed for today's games of M3e. Learn about crew selection, scheme choices, and about your opponent's
  3. I am totally new to Malifaux and looking for advice how to approach the game as a beginner and also how to approach it from a Mollys crew perspective. What are the main bits of advice you’d give to a beginner about the game and also about Mollys crew, their synergy and strengths and weaknesses? I have purchased the pirate themed Molly crew, Rogue Necro, Effigy, Crooligans and the Death rider – I will be proxying Archie until I can get a hold of one as he’s hard to find!. I like the idea of playing a small elite crew but not sure how realist
  4. Last question for now 🙂 I have no mini's at the moment and am looking for two crews so my daughter and I can learn the game. I want Molly - Resurrectionists and she would like to be Mei Feng - The Ten Thunders. The question is can we get the box sets and play or do we need more mini's to be able to play properly. We will be getting more mini's over time but looking for the bare minimum to get started and then we can work on loading up on options. I also have to paint everything so getting stuff over time helps a lot with my sanity
  5. I have read the 3e rule book PDF and was looking at some website making a what i need to buy list and i noticed Faction Packs which are not listed. I just want to double check on if i need these. My understanding is that the faction packs are the upgraded stats, ect. for the new rules for each faction if you are using old models. So if i am buying the models in the next week or so, do i need the corresponding pack for each faction i decide to get? or will they come with the new ones in the box? Just want to make sure i have what i need to play without spending too much to start
  6. I have nothing and am looking for a good place to start. I read on another post that for a 3 x 3 game area you should cover a 3rd with terrain, is this a default amount or is there advantages/disadvantages to less/more. Going to get a cobblestone mat with the 3e markings because i am going to need all the help i can get but where do i start on buildings and such. Is there guide line of "must haves" and then "nice to haves" to make the game playable or can i just wing it? I will be making some bits no idea how far my skills will take me but crates, walls and such should be w
  7. Hi all, Malifaux made its way to the very southern Germany, not far from the border to Austria. After growing the community a bit i decided to take part in the henchmen Programm and here we are. If you are interested in the game, let me know it: Write an email rtc.verein@gmail.com or contact me via pn and we will find some time where i can Show you the game. We have some very nice Club rooms in Georg-Aicher-Straße 4 in 83026 Rosenheim where i usually play but im very flexible with the location cause of own Terrain and gaming mats. I usually Play during the week from 8-17 bu
  8. So in our club we just started to try out Malifaux. Were still on Crew boxes with Little changes here and there on 35 Stones. So the first two games of Ressers vs my Neverborn where totally onesided. First game Lilith, standing behind LOS Blocking Terrain teleporting terrortots in Exchange for his key models, so he killed some tots and i killed McMourning and Sebastian and still had all my big bad beaters. Second Game was Pandora/Box, Strategy Turf War. Pandora and her Sorrows, Poltergeist took the Center of the board. To stay relevant in the Strategy he charged his mel
  9. My fiancee just finished painting her Collette crew (looks amazing btw) and she's excited to get her first game of malifaux in. She's worried about being destroyed in her first match. Mainly because it's with me and we tend to get really competitive when we play games together. Any advice for what she can play to do well? Ill be playing gremlins (I'm soloing Ophelia) so if you have any advice against them that would be good also.
  10. Servus, Am 01.02.18 starten wir unsere erste Malifaux-Liga. Diese richtet sich an Anfänger und Profis. Gespielt werden 3 Runden in 3 Monaten mit steigender Punktezahl. Es gibt keine festen Pairings, jeder kann so oft mit jedem spielen wie er will. Die Details findet ihr hier Wenn ihr Interesse habt schreibt mir einfach eine PN oder schaut einfach im Playground vorbei Ich seit herzlich eingeladen und ich freue mich auf eure Teilnahme Euer, Space_Monkey
  11. Starting on Saturday January 20th at 12pm, Knight Watch Games (https://www.knightwatchgames.com/) will be hosting a Malifaux beginner friendly Rapid Growth League. Per the rules (as shown in the Organized Play pdf in Wyrd's resource section), the league will run 4 weeks, with each week starting on Saturday afternoon. If you can't make it to League Night (day?) you have the rest of the week to get in your game. This is an achievement based league, so you get points for playing, points for painting, even points for buying stuff at the store. So, you don't have to win a lot to be victorious,
  12. Hallo zusammen, unser Club die Feldfürsten startet am 10.06.17 eine einsteigerfreundliche Kampagne. Ihr könnt natürlich auch noch nachträglich einsteigen, ihr seid jeder Zeit willkommen Wenn Ihr Interesse habt, gebt uns hier bescheid. Weitere Infos: http://forum.feldfuersten.de/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=201 Die Highlights: http://forum.feldfuersten.de/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=260 Unser Club: http://www.feldfuersten.de/ueber-die-feldfuersten-e-v/
  13. New to Malifaux, and new to this forum! And that of course means I'm full of questions! But first some background: I have managed to rope some friends into playing both Malifaux and Infinity with me, if I supply both sides of the fight. I see this as a win-win, as I get an excuse for some hobby expenditure with the added motivation that I'll have an opponent ready once the figures are ready! Recently, I got to actually play a few games of Malifaux using the starter box and its two 4-man crews. I was hooked, and I want more. While I do want to just grab whichever Crew looks the
  14. First off, I want to say that I'm not all-knowing and I'm writing this to help out some friends who are having a bit of trouble with the difference between Malifaux and other wargames. If you want to offer some insight, I'd be glad to read it! Second, I know that @Rathnard put an article similar to this in Wyrd #8, but it was... well... it's obsolete now, and I'm not here to heckle another man's writing, particularly when it served as a foundation for my own work. I just felt as though a more organized method of evaluating a model would help players understand what category it fits into a
  15. Hello Wyrd fans! I will be running my first tournament for a new but growing Kansas City area Malifaux scene on Saturday, July 17 at Tabletop Game and Hobby in Overland Park, KS. As most of the expected players are new, we will be using a few changes to the gaining grounds document to make it a more friendly and casual event. The Details: 35ss hiring pool Fixed faction and master 3 rounds with strats and schemes taken from the core m2e rulebook All rules will follow the m2e main book and the official FAQ/errata Painting not required, but highly encourage
  16. The Armoury in is New Bedford is hosting a 4 week slow-grow league to help some of our new players get better acquainted with the game (veterans equally welcome!). Where: Games to be played at The Armoury When: Starting Wednesday, January 20th, until February 17th. New week begins each Wednesday. $$$?: entry fee is $10 Loot: Prizes based on participation! There will be store credit, weekly bingo prizes, and if I'm able to acquire one, prizes from the official tournament kits. Sportsmanship and best painted crew box will also win stuff! Structure: Week 1 is to be play
  17. I'd like to get some advice about two masters that have the following characteristics: 1st: Cover the Strategies between them very well (for example: I read that Tara is very good at reconnoiter but struggles with Reckoning, which master would cover that weakness?) 2nd: Use the most shared models (for example: Collette has a lot of showgirls but no one else in arcanists really uses them, that would be a strike against) 3rd: Decently competetive I am looking to build a compact 2 crew travel collection that I can use to get games in wherever I find myself. I am on the road a lo
  18. Hello again everyone. The blog is a day late this week but I wanted to spend some time talking about what to do when your game gets away from you. How do you recoup? Whats your counter plan? As always comments and suggestions are appreciated. http://malifolks.blogspot.com/2015/02/best-laid-plans.html
  19. Hi all, I have yet to have my first game of malifaux, but it looks really interesting and I love the models. What faction would you recommend for a first crew, and what box set would be the best first buy? I would personally like to pick a starter set from either the Guild or Neverborn, but I'd like a second opinion on this.
  20. Hi ! The month of May begins the beginners league of Malifaux at The Drobbit Hobby Store in Barcelona, C/ Melcior de Palau 147, Barcelona (Spain) If you want more info, please sent me a pm
  21. Hi all This is my first post on the forums, and i'm (as the title suggests) quite new to malifaux. I purchased two crews for The Guild faction, Lady J and her Death Marshals and Criid and her Witchling Stalkers (purely based on looks, i mean, cowboy Ghost Riders? who could pass them up!). I go into the game with my older brother, who bought various crews for various factions (Lilith, Mei-Feng, Rasputina and soon to be getting Freikorps). I've played roughly 6 games, a few with him, and a few at my games club that roped me into the game. I've got most of the rules down, and can play full g
  22. Hey Malifolks! A beginner's question. I have Seamus, and he has the "Terrifying" ability. I'm reading the mini-rulebook, and am still confused how this process works. Could someone clarify for me? This is how I understand it so far... "enemy models must pass a TN 12 horror duel..." - which means they use their WP stat, and then flip a card, and add the WP to the flip, and if they hit a 12 or higher, then they PASS the Terrifying and don't suffer any penalties. - If they get an 11 of less, then they become "paralyzed"? Once paralyzed, they would loose any remaining action points, and
  23. Hello all. I started Malifaux recently and have been devouring everything available on Pull my finger and the forums. I'm considering a Pandora list, but I'm having trouble wrapping my head around the right balance between support models and models that get things done. Sorrows seem great. Negative twists for wp duels? Sure! Insidious madness? Moar duelzzz! Negative wp flips! Bwahahaha! Doppelganger? Twice the trauma! Those models all cost a decent amount of soul stones, especially in multiples. But then what do you get to actually accomplish things for you? It seems like
  24. First game - all proxies - Lady J v Seamus. Really enjoyed it, so i'm converted! took a while to get a hang of some rules - got no rulebook and the PDF isn't clear on some things, and has some things in funny places. Played half of game getting hard to wound wrong (bad for me - lost all me belles!) Didn't work out you only get one (0) actions per turn until near end. Game still felt very quick despite constant checking of rules, cards and internet. biggest query by end was this: why on the stat cards for some spells and triggers are some suit symbols greyed out, and some bla
  25. Hello, I'm interested in getting into Malifaux, I've never played it before and I'm about to buy my first models. Are there any open groups that operate in Auckland, NZ? I'd like to find some people who I could learn off and play with. Cheers, arachan.
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