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  1. Quick question about Zoraida's Vodoo Pins attack and attacking the Vodoo doll. If Zoraida attacks the vodoo doll with and hits the Doll with enough damage to kill it, does the Injured condition apply to the doll before it dies and therefore give injured an enemy model with the Mojo upgrade? Or does it die before the injured is applied?
  2. The wording of Full load and Wong are exactly the same. One gives the option for Wong to choose a model to center the shockwave on. The other, the action must center the shockwave on the target model. You're trying to make a distinction that doesn't exist. The only difference between the two is that Wong has a choice to not center the shockwave on a WIzz-bang model and therefore not receive the benefits of doing so. Nowhere in Wong's ability does it say "The model may count as the shockwave marker or Wong may treat the model as a shockwave marker. Also, neither of these say the shockwave is generated by the model, they just say that the shockwave in centered on the model. The shockwave is generated by the Pigapult or Wong. The abilities of the other models you listed: Shang as far as I can tell has no interaction with Shadow Markers. It's abilities reference Misaki herself, so you'll need to clarify your reference there. Walking Dead: When declaring or resolving friendly actions or abilities, this model may count as a corpse marker. If the corpse marker would be removed, this model is killed and does not drop a corpse marker. Dispatcher: Friendly Guard models may treat this model as a scheme marker. If an effect would remove the scheme marker, this model suffers one damage. In those examples, it explicitly states that the model itself is treated as the object (corpse/scheme marker) No where in Wong's ability does it state that the model is ever treated as the actual shockwave marker. It only states that the shockwave must be centered on the model to gain the bonus from the ability. The fact that the shockwave is "Centered" on the model and not actually generated by the model, makes the model itself subject to the Shockwaves effects.
  3. I completely agree with Ogid that I think the intent is for the Shockwave in these cases to be the same size as the base of the model targeted. However the rules state that a Shockwave marker is 30mm and none of these actions actively change the size of the shockwave marker, they only dictate that the marker must be centered on the model (adding benefits if you're willing to risk your own model in the center of the action), so it still leaves some room to question how exactly the actions/abilities should interact with models of larger sizes. Again, I fully agree the intent is for the pulse to be created 2 inches from the base of the model the shockwave is centered on (the shockwave still being a separate marker and the center model still being affected by the shockwave), but there is room to argue either way.
  4. Uncontrollable Magic: When this model would drop a shockwave marker, it may instead CENTER that shockwave on a friendly Wizz-Bang model within range. If it does so, the friendly model suffers 1 damage, and the TN of the Shockwave's resist is increased by +2. Full Load: .....Shockwave 2, Mv 15, Damage 2 CENTERED on the chosen model. The only difference I see between the 2, is one is allowing you to choose whether or not you want to center it on a model and the other you must. Where in those actions does it state that the model itself becomes the Shockwave marker? I just says the shockwave must be centered on the target model. It's just dictating where you must place the marker. In some cases it breaks the general rules, like allowing you to drop the markers under objects like Ice Pillars. Also, Page 31 in the Rule book. "When the Shockwave action is fully resolved, the Marker is removed." If your model becomes the shockwave marker, are you going to remove it at the end of the action? There's nothing in those actions that says the shockwave marker gets to stay on the table and the rules state the marker is removed after the action is fully resolved. This brings up another question. Shockwave markers are 30mm, if you choose to center that shockwave on a model with a 40mm base, will it block line of sight to the surrounding models......
  5. But the rules for shockwaves don't require Base contact. If the model the shockwave is centered on isn't affected, it would make the wording on the Pigapults trigger sort of point less. "If the chosen model was a stuffed piglet and it was not killed by this action, it may take the Bacon bomb......" The trigger would have no need to say if the model was not killed by the action, as the only damage done by the action is a shockwave. If the piglet itself was never affected by the shockwave it could never possibly be killed by it. Also the abilities above just say the shockwave is centered on the model, it doesn't say the model replaces the shockwave. So I'd say the model is still touching the shockwave for sure.
  6. I would argue that the model still has to take the Shockwaves effects. The Shockwave section of the rules states, "Any model that the marker touches or that is affected by the (x) must pass the simple duel......" pg 31 . Since you're just substituting the model as the marker the model is definitely touching "the marker".
  7. Awesome, we resolved it somewhat right then. The only questionable part being when Hayreddins Black Blood timing would go off. Because that would have allowed him to still Kill the Squealer by declaring +2 damage off the trigger if the Black Blood pulses before the damage flip is applied. Just need a clear ruling on when the Black Blood would happen now to fully sort it out. Though now I'm leaning towards the Black Blood pulses first as it's a cost of the trigger and then the damage flip occurs. Which needs to be sorted PDQ because this issue will come up against Hard to Kill models down the road. Great that's another headache to think about in our Meta.
  8. We ran into an interesting interaction in a game last night between Nekima and Ulix. Hayreddin charged a Squealer ending the charge withing 1" of the squealer and 1" of a Hog Whisperer. The Hog Whisperer had 1 wound remaining. He then took a melee attack against the Squealer declaring his Necrotic Decay trigger dealing 4 damage and triggering Black Blood splash damage. This would take the last wound off of the Squealer and the Hog Whisperer simultaneously. The Hog Whisperer has Demise (Raw Meat): After this model is Killed, a friendly beast within 3" may heal 2. So the Hog Whisperer and the Squealer are both on 0 wounds, what is the proper way to resolve the interaction between the Hog Whisperers Demise (Raw Meat) and the Squealer being killed at the same time? Please include the rules on how the interaction plays out as we weren't 100% sure.
  9. For some odd reason this popped into my head. What is the proper timing on deciding which card to add to the conflict in a duel where you have a + modifier. Out of a sense of fairness I always picked my card before knowing what my opponent flipped. Which usually meant taking the higher card regardless of suit. What is the consensus on the actual timing of adding the cards to the conflict? Are all cards revealed simultaneously and then you choose? (i.e. both cards are higher than your opponent but your lower card has the suit you want) Or do you play it like I do and pick prior to knowing your opponents flip?
  10. Don't overlook the Cyclops for scheme heavy pools, they can do detonate themselves pop a pillar next to a model drop a marker and bonus action another marker off the pillar. This is also a big leg up for Harness and can easily get you some points for Search, especially if you have a Gigant throw them across the table. Also for Dig, don't count out the Blackblood shamans carving corpse markers off living models on the field, granted it's not as easy as the blood hunter, but they can still leave a trail of corpses.
  11. I disagree and the guys in my Meta would also. They hate when I take the Savage crew. I do think they can feel just a little squishy but they are sure as shit far from slow. There are a number of ways to bounce from Pillar to pillar on bonus actions or to send one up the table with a swing from Gigant.. Where you're going to send each model is so unpredictable. And if your opponent wants to spend the Actions to walk up to a pillar and destroy it, so be it. That's 2 less actions they've spent scheming or attacking your models. The old ways is an insane ability, especially for def flips as you can cheat a high card against the first attack and then just use it again the 2nd time around. Usually turn one I have about 6 pillars minimum up to set up my following turns. You use Euripides pillars to drain your opponents hand and/or filter high cards from their deck, I rarely use him to actually melee unless I see a sweet target near a pillar, then I'll pop him out of it and tee off. It's a potential 9 inches of movement from a bonus action and then you can still charge and take 3 attacks off of it. Him dropping 2 pillars per action with a 2 inch pulse just outside of 1 inch of a bunch of models is awesome and the Old Ways on the 2nd use to guarantee the trigger again you can usually hit at least 3 models per cast and you're clogging up their movement lanes. The pillars are also a tactical action, so they ignore most def tech, with the exception of armor/shielded. Tons of Min 3 damage all over the keyword and the Cyclops can easily drop your scheme markers from 6 inches off of pillars. Hell they can drop one with an interact next to a pillar, drop another off the pillars right next to it with a bonus action and still charge with a 2" reach. I think they're a pretty solid crew who can be squishy against heavy hitters, but then you just send Thoon through a pillar to take them off the table for at least a turn and eat another models actions to try and save it. Sorry if this was a bit random and incoherent, I get excited about my boys!! The Bultungan are seriously lacking though. They've never done much for me on the table.
  12. Yup that's what I thought, but can't blame me for trying.
  13. False Witness and Union Miner question. During the end phase, if the false claim ability was used more than once during a turn, do you have to remove one scheme marker for each use? I'm pretty sure what the answer is, but the wording on the ability says to, "remove A friendly scheme marker from play." Can you claim the cheese that it doesn't say per use that just one scheme marker satisfies multiple uses of the ability?
  14. Quick question about Obey and it's once per activation limit..... Obey states: This action may not target the same model more than once per activation. Is that targeting limitation fixed to the model it's on or does it apply across the board? For example a Lucius crew of Agent 46 and 2 Guild Lawyers. If Lucius uses his Issue Command ability to make guild Lawyer A use an obey on Agent 46, can he then use Issue Command on Guild Lawyer B to use and obey on Agent 46 again? Or is that once per activation limit hit once he obeys guild Lawyer A?
  15. No, the rules won't let it work that way. Page 22 of the rules Manual has a call out box about bonus action's. A model can only take one bonus action per Activation, unless the action was generated by the trigger. Shenlong's bonus action makes another model take an interact or bonus action and the trigger then gives the focus. He couldn't force himself to take a 2nd bonus action with it. He would only be able to take an interact action
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