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  1. I just finished these as a commission for a local client here in New Jersey. He asked for a custom dreamer model, older than the child model currently available as he's now a teen in the fluff, styled after Alex from A Clockwork Orange. I used a wastrel model to start but he needed to be shorter, so I cut out quite a bit from his long legs and resculpted a portion of the pants. I also replaced his pick axe with a cricket bat. Now he's ready to take his monsters out for some of the good old ultra-violence. I hope you guys like them, and make sure to check out my other work at the links below. facebook.com/theartofwargamingminiatures www.theartofwargamingminiatures.com
  2. I saw this made the front page of CMON today! Congrats. Great piece!
  3. Gorgeous piece. That's going to be tough to beat, the judges have their work cut our for them! Well done and good luck!
  4. Figure is a hero from the Arcadia Quest board game. I don't do Chibis very often but I had a blast with this guy. The base is sculpted from oven bake sculpy with some woodland scenics water effects for the ice pool, and melted clear sprue plastic for icicles. He is removable from the base so I can still use him in my games. I love the pose with the windswept hair and cape. It's like he's facing the next leg of his quest with determination in spite of the biting cold.
  5. Beautiful. I love how the light shows through the bricks and creates shadow.
  6. Brilliant! Pretty solid work on the new techniques as well. Keep at it!
  7. Well that's not going to end well..... Strong work.
  8. There's nothing worse than getting drunk, trying to show off for your buddies and lighting all the booze, and maybe your kin, on fire. I took some of the feedback I was given last round regarding lighting and tried to apply it here. I also wanted to add a bit of a taste of the previous rounds using some OSL, some water effect, and the strangeness of a living barrel monster. I'm very happy with the results here and I hope you all like it. Cheers!
  9. NICE! This is one of my favorite old school troll models. I love the pallet you used. It feels cold. Well done sir, and good luck!
  10. I love this! The scene by itself is good, but the birthday theme paired with the awkward smiles makes this an instant classic. It's like a bad family photo that was almost, but not quite, candid.
  11. The monster is the Privateer Press Grymkin Frightmare. The boyscouts are from Chronoscope. I sculpted the pumpkins myself. **This is a Silver bracket entry, but the forums will not allow me to post there. I didn't want to miss the deadline so I'm posting here. ADMINS: Please move this or make sure it gets allocated appropriately. Thank you!
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