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  1. Heavy


    It is a chameleon car paint Indian summer, covered with gradient of green candy paint, to make shadowed areas always green. Video description on youtube contains link to the manufacturer site. But keep in mind, that it is not water based paints, so the smell is quite intense.
  2. Heavy


    I don't know what it is, but colour scheme is really nice :3
  3. Heavy


    Yep, I'll try make him climbing out though a wall.
  4. Nice interpretation of the classic Girl and tentacles scene :3 Wave and ripples are great too.
  5. It have a great dark atmosphere, good work.
  6. This one was tough. No water-themed miniature, no water-effect, so I had to improvise. And with a scrap wire, spare face from my first garage kit and silicone glue, the story of an old elven warrior and a sea-spirit was born :3
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